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Princess Luna is the best princess and Nightmare Moon is the best queen.


When Colgate takes her daughter to the Hayburger, Colgate thought everything would go fine. When they don't have the toy that Lyra needs though, she gets upset and does the unexpected to get her and in the process shows her mother that her magic is much better than she thought.

Tagged AU for mama Colgate and daughter Lyra.

Cover art source: https://www.deviantart.com/valadrem/art/Filly-Lyra-544194530

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As for the story, I can relate to this.

Get thee hence corporate fuck sock, we know not thee

Apparently to the G4 universe, G1 exists as kids toys at a fast-food restaurant.


In this story, it does!...and naturally Lyra's favorite characters are the humans. Had I been thinking, I would have brought in Scorpan's true form.....he was a human prince before Tirac used the rainbow of darkness on him.

I hope that the Megan toy that Lyra got has her in her cowgirl outfit and not in that romper suit that she wound up with later on.



I reported this user over this and I would advise you do the same. If we can get as many people as possible reporting him over this, we can be free of dealing with this.


It was of her in her original cowgirl outfit. What they did with Megan later on was strip her of who she really was.

great story mate keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

I wish they really did keep her in her cowgirl outfit, because I felt it really stated her background unlike the romper suit that she wound up with later on. It was one thing to have it on the doll, but another thing to have her wear it in the show itself especially when she looked old, and it felt pretty dated considering that this was from the late 1980s. At least she should be glad that the internet wasn't big in that day, because she would have been a viral video if she went in public with that especially when going to school. If she had to have overalls, then there was a design on Deviantart known as Modern Megan that looks more realistic. On a side note, I think her easter egg in Rollercoaster of Friendship wore it better than she did, but that's probably because she looks a lot younger than she does.


That's an interesting idea you got there


A story about Twilight taking Celestia to McDonald's is what inspired this story. It is kind of odd, never before I had a story inspire me to write something so quickly. Initially I was going to have Colgate be her big sister like she is in most of my stories that feature the two but I thought her being her mother would make the story cuter.

Sure did, Lyra is one of my Favorite ponies


I like both her and Colgate. In some of my stories I have her go by Minuette but in many of them I simply go with Colgate. Regarding Lyra, I think her as a cute little filly like that is adorable.

I go with colgate as i find its easier to write and on the mind

From my experience when it comes to getting toys as part of a kid's meal at a fast-food restaurant, beggars can't be choosers. A lot of times the toys are random and those working there will tell that it's tough love. Very rarely have I ever been able to collect them all and sometimes even got doubles of something I already had. The best you can do is trade with another kid who went there if you have a duplicate, which is something Lyra could have done instead of what she did in that fanfic.


Well Lyra is five years old in this fic so that is what her first instinct was. I have been able to get full sets of pony toys but then again I nicely ask the cashier if they have the others and if they do, they'll sell them to me. Plus the only other fillies Lyra knows at this point is Twilight and Twinkleshine and they aren't real big into G1 like Lyra is.


Yeah she is easier to write I notice. I tend to like to write Lyra as a fun loving pony and in some stories, human obsessed while I tend to write Colgate as a bit of a workaholic in some works. In my AU stories, I tend to write her as a sadist who delights in the suffering of others.....definitely not canon.

The very fact that somepony would talk to her daughter in such a manner did not sit well with Colgate. She glared at the clerk and asked, "Excuse me? Just who do you think you are to be talking to my daughter like that?"

My response to THAT would be "I think I'm the one about to call the cops and have your daughter arrested for petty theft. Who do you think I am?".



I never thought about that but that would have decreased the cuteness effect of this story, and Colgate is known as that mama bear you don't mess with.

There are reasons I got fired from my job as a cashier in a mini mart
Worked the night shift. (Less brass on your ass.) The company higher ups were due to inspect the store next day, so I had to wax the floor. Couldn't do it later, that's when the vendors deliver. So, I had to do it about midnight. Just when the 3-11 crowd showed up. Stuck a (home made) sign on the door " Closed. Waxing the floor. Well, customers would see me in there & pound on the door "Little clerk, little clerk let me come in" & keep it up until I went over & YELLED at them. "Closed! Waxing the floor!" After about 5 minutes I took that sign down & replaced it with "Hey Fool. DON'T pound on the door. If I was going to let you in I wouldn't have locked it in the first place now would I?" About 20 minutes latet the boss called. It did not go well.
So, that morning it was decided my talents lay elsewhere & the store would have to struggle on without me.



Damn, that is terrible. The stresses of working in customer service. You're doing your job yet you get fired over it. Sounds on par for a Walmart though. I have a friend who has worked at a Walmart for over 25 years. He must do a damn good job for them to keep him around that long.

Well, this wasn't an isolated incident, just the last straw.


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