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Cozy Glow has been locked away in Tartarus as punishment for her crimes. There she meets her pen pal and new neighbor, Lord Tirek. She then proceeds to drive him completely nuts.

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I'm still wondering what this little goofball will do next season.

This is hilarious. I wonder if this will open S9. Cozy Glow was too entertaining a character to simply throw away. And, FIRST COMMENT!


Oh I'm sure our adorable little villain will return. The ending of the season 8 finale would be all for naught if they simply end it there. I'm sure she and Tirek will be making plans in Tartarus, well when Cerberus isn't sitting right by them. I did laugh some while I wrote this and making this hilarious was exactly what I had planned here. Glad you liked it.


Oh we'll see! I do have a feeling that in the very end, she will learn her lesson the hard way, reform and perhaps even aid in saving Equestria FROM Tirek.

for some reason Cozy Glow remind me of the movie problem child


She kind of does but unlike the kid in Problem Child, Cozy is downright adorable.

Now THIS is the kind of follow up to the episode that I'd gladly read.

Cozy only got more hyper, "I know, right? You see, there is this idiot mail pony that delivers the mail and she obviously wasn't bright enough to see that I addressed things to you Mr. Tirek!" She then began to giggle, "Oh that stupid Derpy and her crossed eyes! No wonder she couldn't read where it was going!"

Oi! Don’t you dare insult Derpy CG:twilightangry2:!!! I don’t care how adorable you are, nopony insults the number one mailmare in Ponyville:flutterrage:!!!

"But what Mr. Tirek?" Cozy snickered, "And she was wasn't the only dumb one I had to put up with! The professors I had to put up with were just oblivious to me as the head mare and the dumb mail pony!" She again began to jump up and down, "And this one professor always brought her dumb animals in and tried to teach us all about kindness like it was actually going to help us in life! Can you believe it?"

Don’t insult Fluttershy or her animals either, or I’ll gove you a glare ten times worse then the Stare:flutterrage:!!!

All defense of Derpy and Fluttershy aside, this was a very funny chapter! I love how CG was driving Tirek up the wall! Absolutely hilariously adorable:rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss::heart:!!!

It was at that moment that things became much clearer to Cozy Glow. She realized that regardless of who it was, even her pen pal, that they did not care one bit that something truly terrible could have happened to her. After that, much to Tirek's relief, the cheerful filly had finally gone quiet. All that remained after that was the deafening silence of Tartarus, only interrupted by the occasional grunt from Cerberus when various creatures would stir in their cages.

Starting to regret trying to steal the artifacts, huh:pinkiecrazy:? Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be redeemed eventually:ajsmug:.

Woah, this is amazing, funny and cute! It's well-written and has a great feel, just like Deadpansnarker's story "The adventures of Cozy Glow and Tirek!" Nice job! :3

"All he got out of Cerberus were *threw* frowns and a growl."

- Do you mean "three"?

There should be a comma after the "well" for the sentence below:

"Cozy saw this and heard him, "What, you want to escape Mr. Tirek? Well, leave it to your buddy Cozy Glow!" She then turned towards Cerberus, batted her eyes at him and begged, "Please you cute doggy, would you let me and my pal out? We promise we'll be good!"

Like he did with Tirek, he let out a growl."

- Cozy Glow: DENIED.

"Cozy couldn't help but laugh, "You know Mr. Tirek, the bars on these cells are pretty far apart, I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner, I'll just squeeze my way out""

- You forgot a "." after the "out."

"Cozy began to squeeze her way out when Cerberus jumped right in front of her, growled and barked loudly. Cozy was terrified when she saw all three mouths of Cerberus open, open like he was going to have a tasty meal. "

- OOF, brutal! XD! Cerberus: "*Hungry Growl* You can chat all you want Cozy, but don't make me lose my job!"

"All that remained after that was the deafening silence of Tartarus, only interrupted by the occasional grunt from Cerberus when various creatures would stir in their cages."

- RIP. OUCH - pure silence. I'm guessing Tirek will finally want her to speak again next year, LOL. :')


I fixed the errors you pointed out. Thanks for pointing them out.

You're welcome. I really enjoyed the story. :)
Tirek to Cozy: "Get tiRECKED, Scrub!! Sweet silence!"

Poor Cozy. XD she annoyed him too long!

So, is Cozy's cunning plan to work Tirek into a towering rage so that he breaks free and while Cerberus is busy trying to control him she can escape? 'Cause if so, it's working, he, he. Cute story, we'll have to see what next season brings.


Cozy isn't necessarily trying to drive him into a rage. She is more like an overly enthusiastic child going on and on about her time at Twilight's school and of course bragging about her exploits regarding her stealing of magic. I wouldn't count on her foalish charm getting Cerberus to just let them free, or at least her free. Well that and then getting those doors open probably ain't going to happen.

Poor, poor, Tirek

Hmmmm...what if the reason for putting Cozy in Tartarus wasn't to punish her...but to punish Tirek? If so, then would be the perfect way to do it, I say.


Hmmmm...what if the reason for putting Cozy in Tartarus wasn't to punish her...but to punish Tirek? If so, then would be the perfect way to do it, I say.

I was actually thinking about that as I wrote this, about how this would add to Tirek's punishment. Let's face it, such a hyper, overly cheerful filly would drive him mad in minutes.

With her adorableness, it would be a very fitting punishment for Tirek right there:pinkiecrazy:.


That was my thought as I was writing this. What better way to punish Tirek than to place an overly hyper, overly joyful filly right next to him.

Cozy Glow forgot one itty bitty thing: she's only been in her cellblock a very short while. Tirek has been in his for a few years. And you really, really, really do not want to fuck with that three-headed beast, either. Not if you value your flank.

But at least he got back at the thorny little thing.


Well Cozy did learn rather quickly that one does not mess with or provoke Cerberus. I'm sure she will likely find a way to get past him in season nine though.

That was an interesting read. The ending really brings me back to that thought I keep having, that they basically locked a 10 year old in this horrible prison next to a brutal supervillain...


I'm going to admit, I think locking a filly in Tartarus was rather extreme. I think perhaps reform school would have been better for her, or at worst a couple days in Klugestown would have scared her into obedience.

I thought she was at a sort of reform school, she was at a school to make friends. And Kludgetown? She'd make her way to the top of that mafia in no time...


I suppose when I think of a reform school, I think of a very rigid place with a rigid routine....a place where she would never get the opportunities to pull what she did in Twilight's school. Regarding Klugetown, the fact that Twilight and company were nearly sold, I figured that a little filly such as her wouldn't stand a chance.

Okay, but ask yourself, how would rigid routines actually help her? As someone with a background in counseling, I find it really odd what people think will help what: Cozy is already disciplined, she's a super-driven sociopath. Reform school would just be a place where she was unhappy, with nothing to show her how to not be evil, only resentful.

As for Kludgetown, Cozy is pretty crafy, and already has the criminal background to con her way in to something. The main characters were preyed upon by Capper because they were naive to a lawless shithole. Cozy Glow? She'd fit in so well, you'd never be able to get her back out...

-shadowy figure leaves two bits and a thumbs up card and departs-

Still locking up a minor INV a max sucueoty prison seems really harsh. What ever happens to “ anyone can be reformed “


I do find it a bit harsh as well and putting her next to Tirek was a huge mistake. I do think she will be reformed but not until AFTER Tirek turns on her after they escape. (Yes I think they have escaped) After that, she will realize what she did was wrong and try to rectify her mistake.

I still can’t figure out if the princesses could still raise and lower the sun if all the magic was gone. Otherwise cosy was doming The entire planet just to be a leader and hearse in sane plan

LOL! This fanfic is great! Fantastic job! :D


Thanks. The whole time I was writing it I was hearing Cozy's voice in my head as I wrote her lines. It was by far the funnest I ever had writing a story.


Mostly like what you imagined? Cozy being obnoxious?

LOL! That's great to hear! ^^

And, to be fair, I realize that she's created a situation for herself where they can't really ever set her free: she's too dangerous. She has the power to create a civilization-ending event, and she's shown she neither has the judgement nor the ethical fortitude to be trusted with that. Letting her go would put the world in danger...

...Oh shit, she's the character from my Displaced fic. :twilightoops:

Great story you have here. Cozy is absolutely adorable!

Oh my god, this was so adorable! I could hear Cozy Glow saying all those things as I read it! Characterization to a T! I love it!


When I was writing this, I could hear her saying it as I wrote it. I think that is why this one did so good, I was able to get into her head as I wrote it. I'm glad you liked it.

Welp, looks like tirek is on Cozy’s shitlist


Everypony is on the adorable Cozy Glow's shit list!

The first thing I notice is the end half of the Nickelodeon logo in the upper left corner.


I wrote this not too long after the season finale and that was the best image I could find at the time.

It is just weird seeing the Nick logo on a Hasbro show.


Tell me about it. I think this was on Nickelodeon in Australia. To be honest, I thought Nickelodeon had died out before I saw foreign airings of the ponies with their logo on it. I haven't watched any Nick since the early 90s when it began to go downhill (well in my opinion anyway).

I watched Loud House before they killed it. So sad. Such potential could have brought the company back to glory... Sadly not to be...

Typical filly...... typical filly :facehoof:
This was a fun read. Was nice to read something like this after a stressful day :twilightsmile:


Well it was a hell of a lot of fun to write this one. The season 8 finale was still fresh in my mind when I did and I thought a story involving an overly hyper Cozy bragging about her exploits to her pen pal would make for a great story.

Oh, I bet! :yay: Description in the story matches the episode Cozy perfectly

As I was writing this story, I could hear both Cozy and Tirek in my head. It is the only time that ever happened to me too.

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