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StormLuna's my name, shipping lesbians is my game.


When Princess Celestia falls ill, she summons Starlight Glimmer to Canterlot to take over her duties for a few days. Celestia is confident in her protege's abilities but Luna has her doubts. Can Starlight put those doubts to bed or will she anger Luna and let Celestia down?

A Glimmerverse story.

Chapters (4)
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Curious as to how long you project this story to be (Chapters, words, etc)



It won't be long until Starlight's time filling in will be over given that she just took care of the most stressful part of Celestia's schedule. It may just be one or two more chapters.


Filling In is completed now.

Nice story!

What's "Glimmerverse?"

Also, how does a Patreon giver become a bronze or gold sponsor?


The Glimmerverse is an alternate universe I created where Starlight Glimmer represents the Element of Magic. You would have to read the alternate ending of "An Unlikely Love: The Tale of Two Friendship Students" to see how it came to be. Sorry I can't provide a direct link because it is rated M. After that, read the stories that I have under the banner that reads "Welcome to the Glimmerverse" on my user page. Those are linear ones that go through Starlight's life right after the events in the alternate ending of "An Unlikely Love."

Ok, to be a Patreon supporter, click on where it says Bronze Patreon Supporter under my username and it will take you to the page that has a link that will take you to Patreon where you can pledge support for FimFiction. For bronze, it is $ 5 per month.

Oh! Glimmerverse sounds cool!

Oh, so you support FImfiction to become a status Patreon supporter! I might become one someday! :3


Well I use Paypal to support them, you don't have to pledge much, $ 5/month helps plus you get access to the FimFiction Discord server.

you love this glimmerverse


Of course I do! It is my creation.

Oh, cool! I might just do that sometime. :) :rainbowdetermined2:

8560781 i know i have my own series that i love

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