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Princess Luna has always been the stoic princess. With a few exceptions she has always tried to appear strong and unbreakable yet something has been troubling her heart recently. After raising the moon one night she decides to visit Twilight for some advice.

Here is the youtube reading by Agent Fluffy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsNA9VTa17w

Link to cover art: https://www.deviantart.com/90sigma/art/Princess-Luna-and-Twilight-Sparkle-Stargazing-319122041

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Adorable, this was just what I needed after reading some frankly rather horrible fics earlier.

7257787 I'm glad you liked it. This was the first TwiLuna story I have ever done and it was quite enjoyable to write.

:trollestia: Took you two long enough...
:twilightoops: Wh-what do you mean?
:trollestia: I have pictures.
:facehoof: And what now?
:trollestia: Now, I remind Lulu about a 1500 year old bet...
:twilightoops: Lulu?
:trollestia: You can call her that too. In fact, I insist.
:facehoof: I am so bucked...

7257821 You must have been reading my mind regarding Twily calling Luna Lulu because I do plan on doing a sequel and developing their relationship further. I have a couple other projects ahead of it but it will happen.

7257821 I decided to go with the whole Lulu thing and your 1,500 year old bet thing gave me an idea....an extremely odd idea that involves the loser having to pay up in a way that only the closest of sisters would do.

Cool, this oughtta be good. :pinkiesmile:
(gets popcorn!):yay:

7276319 It will be. The real fun part will be in a side story that will focus specifically on what happened because Luna lost the bet.


Well, it's nice and cute. But I think it's a bit rushed. Of course, I'm going to read the sequel right away. Still, not bad. Not bad at all.

It's been a while since I've read someone else's work besides Jacoboby1's Equestria Noir series so reading this I got really confused by the way the characters were speaking and such. Also I have to agree with Maexam, this story is very rushed, like very rushed. Normally, I'd shrug at the pacing and just brush it off since the fast-paced stories are normally one shots so it doesn't bother me as much, but I know this story isn't a one shot, so it irks me with the pacing of this story. I'm not hating on the content or you, dear author, I do apologize if my comment offends you though, but I'd recommend pacing your stories, it makes it more appealing and you'll have enough time in the story for your readers to gain interest in it. Just a recommendation though.
Jon signing off

7397406 No problem. I will admit, some of my stories are rushed. I'll take your advice and hopefully it will help me out.

This story is...in need of work. The idea felt very rushed, the indirect characterization of Celly and implications of what she would do were bizarre, and the premise and other elements with the characters (Luna and Twi's dialogue) was very cliche. This felt like the summary of a run of the mill TwiLuna story rather than a story I imagine you tried to put some work into. I'd suggest putting more complicated motivations behind character interactions and working on dialogue (by the way an ellipses is '...' nothing more, nothing less) as well as getting a proofreader or editor for a second opinion.

Hey, I really like the premise of the story (so far). I have had fun working on my Luna/Twi story and the two make a great pair.
Don't worry about anyone saying anything about being rushed. I get the same thing all the time. It is way we tell our stories. There is no reason to expect to read how Twilight likes her eggs and the way Luna washes her hooves after going to the little filly's room.
I am moving on to the next one. I'm sure it will be as good. :twilightsmile:

7670625 why downvote people why? it makes no sense this story is great. so why downvote

7742855 I have tried to figure that one as well. You got a thumbs up from me. Do what you like, forget the haters.

7743166 you know there is a person who got downvoted so much they decided to go to fanfiction! that is truely sad becuase they did this after they had a decant rep here.

7744601 That is sad. I tried using fanfiction first but then I heard about this site and I tell you, it is much more user friendly here and the fact that it is solely pony stories, makes it even better.

I personally wouldn't mind if they removed the whole like/dislike feature. I know I published a story with over 20,000 words. It had its first dislike in two minutes. I have found that there is a population of people who believe that we want them to be cruel and thoughtless as if it is doing us a favor. BS!

I write this stuff for me. If I like it, I share it. If the reader doesn't like it, they don't have to read it. Helpful hints on missed spelling is okay, telling me it steps on their head cannon; I DON'T care.

You write yours the way you like, I'll write mine the way I like. I'm sure reasonable people out there would agree.

Sorry for ranting.

This was awesome, but too short! Let me hope that there's a sequel... :yay: I really enjoyed it though, have an upvote and fave!

Very cute, very short though.
But it was enjoyable so totally worth the up vote from me.

Not bad, the grammar could perhaps use a little help here and there, especially the double 'arrived' in the first sentence should likely be taken care of, but I like the story itself even if it feels a bit fast, so I'll continue this by reading the sequel.


Double arrived? I am sorry but I am not seeing a double arrived in the first sentence.

'Another evening had arrived in Canterlot arrived and like always,'

The arrived is in front and behind the word Canterlot as you can see, but it should only be there in front of it to make sense.


Fixed. Thanks for noticing that.

No prob, we all make mistakes like that, I seem to make the mistake of typing a word that I didn't meant to type at times, luckily others pointed it out for me so I could alter it, I'm just paying it forward here.

How made the cover art?


I have no idea, I found it on Google.

Does this answer your question? The cover art is by 90Sigma. Link to Cover Art

Also I did a reading of your story! Enjoy! Youtube Reading It's premiering February 25th at 10:30 PM EST.


Well I am definitely looking forward to it!

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