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Super Bowl Picks · 4:44am February 4th

For those of you who are into football, who do you think will win and what do you think the score will be.

Naturally I'm picking the 49ers to win....I think the final score will be 31-28. Yes I'm picking a score that will likely stress a lot of Niners' Nation out but I see a close game.

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Final Story of 2023 · 8:25pm Dec 31st, 2023

I have just completed my final story for 2023. If you like sexy TwiShy stories, it might be up your alley.

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I Would Love to See This · 1:36pm Oct 29th, 2023

This is something I would love to see because then Flurry Heart will never be parted from her father and Cadence will never lose her husband.

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Something Consistent in My Work · 11:41pm Oct 17th, 2023

For those of you who read my works, you probably notice that I still use two spaces after a period or any other punctuation mark that is at the end of a sentence. I have had some people bring that up to me and I even got into a heated debate with my sister over it and she is only 1½ years younger than me. The reason I do this is because for my whole life, I was taught that it was two. That first started in my typing class back in 1992 and even once I started writing things such as papers

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A Blast from the Past · 3:03pm Oct 14th, 2023

It has been five years since the season 8 finale and since I wrote this adorable story. If you weren't around here back then, this could be your first chance to see it. If you were, chances are you probably saw it or if you didn't, this could be your first chance. If you choose to read it, I hope you like it.

ECozy Glow Drives Tirek Nuts
Cozy Glow has been locked away in Tartarus as punishment for her crimes. There she meets her pen pal and new neighbor, Lord Tirek. She then proceeds to drive him completely nuts.
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Cuteness Overload! · 5:52pm Oct 10th, 2023

If you like stories that are really cute, I'm sure you'll like this story.

EBut I Want Megan!
When Colgate takes her daughter to the Hayburger, Colgate thought everything would go fine. When they don't have the toy that Lyra needs though, she gets upset and does the unexpected to get her.
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Ready for Commitment (NSFW Version) Ready · 10:33pm Oct 8th, 2023

The mature version of my story "Ready for Commitment" is now available. In the original, it went straight from Fluttershy and Colgate arriving at her cottage after their big date where it is implied that they had a raunchy night before breaking the news of their engagement to Fluttershy's friends and Colgate's younger sister Lyra.

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An Alternate Unicornia · 4:10pm Aug 26th, 2023

If you like the idea of an alternate version of Unicornia compared to the G3 version, this story is for you. This is also a story I will be publishing one chapter at a time as opposed to the whole thing at once. Come join the adventure of Twilight and her friends as they have to meet with its leader. This meeting will lead to so much more than a mere meeting, many things Twilight never expected will happen.

EThe Return of Unicornia
It had been 1,500 years ago since Princess Celestia and Princess Luna attempted to defeat the queen of Unicornia but before they could, she cast a spell to cause it to disappear. Unicornia is back now and so is its queen.
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10 Years And Going Strong · 1:18pm Jul 21st, 2023

Well it was ten years ago to the day that I decided to join FimFiction. I had already started trying to write fan fiction over on fanfiction.net and I wasn't thrilled by the site. I then heard about this site and joined, I liked it a whole lot better and decided it would be where I write my stories. When I first joined, I thought I'd just write a few stories, hopefully get a few followers and do some reading on the site. I never once expected myself to still be here 10 years later, yet here

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The NSFW Version of "A Princess's Secret" · 11:18pm Jul 20th, 2023

A bit over five years ago I wrote a story called "A Princess's Secret" where Twilight admits her crush to Fluttershy on the night after her coronation as the fourth Alicorn princess of Equestria. In it it is implied that the two had a very erotic night together. Well here is the NSFW version with that erotic night in it! I hope you enjoy it!

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