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While Twilight was in her office making lesson plans, an insect manages to find its way in. While this would normally not bother Twilight, it was a ladybug that had found its way in. She then asks her guidance counselor to get it out.

Cover art source: https://www.deviantart.com/emeraldgalaxy/art/Ladybug-Horror-851665941

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A ladybug? Really? They’re not that scary.


I don't know if you've seen the short "Starlight the Hypnotist" but Twilight is confirmed to be scared of ladybugs in it because of a childhood experience.

I've seen it but it sounds ridiculous to me. What did they ever do to her?


It is brought up in the story and in the short. There was an infestation in her family's home when she was a filly and Shining Armor told her that the black spots were extra eyes and that they were always watching her.


He is the one to blame since he lied to her about the extra eyes.


As long as Twilight approves though. We certainly don't want the Princess of Friendship being mad at us!

Rats! Foiled by guilt conscious.

11720400 So the whole mess was brought about when Shiny decided to be a pain in the plot? Figures.


Yes, that is when it all happened. Kind of odd though how at the end of "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies" she had no issues with the ladybug at all even when they were still the size of breezies. I like the idea of her being afraid of ladybugs though.

Yeah, that makes the idea even more shaky.


Then again a lot of things in the show seemed to contradict one another. For instance, in "A Canterlot Wedding, Part 1" Cadence is shown as a teenager babysitting Twilight while in "Twilight's Kingdom" it is stated that Tirek doesn't know that there is a fourth Alicorn princess in Equestria. That would imply that Cadence is much older, old enough that Tirek would know about her existence. Yet in the same episode, Celestia brings up how Scorpan came to notify her and Luna, not her, Luna and Cadence.

Anyway I prefer the younger Cadence idea because it just makes more sense to me. Also, Cadence hooking up with a much, much younger Shining Armor seems kind of odd, something not really fit for a kids' show. That would be robbing the cradle on steroids.

There are a headache inducing number of inconsistencies in this show at times.


Tell me about it but the one involving Cadence's age is one of the most annoying ones for me. Of course it is one of the most obvious and easy to point out for anyone who pays even the slightest attention to things in the show.

It's funny in way too, the My Little Pony we grew up with was actually more consistent in some ways.

And it is pretty scattered for the most part. Even still, it never went back on anything that had been previously established.

You know, one could spend an entire week discovering all of the many plot holes that the show writers did to the main story arc. It just goes to show us that the writers were particularly lazy, and never actually thought-out things from previous episodes, unless it was important.


I know yet here is G4 going back and forth on the whole continuity thing. I think the writers for G1 cared more and actually took into account what had been done in the past.


I know. It would take a long time to go through all of it and I do think the change in who were the writers may have been part of it. When you have so many different writers, chances are nothing will be consistent.

While we can't really verify that, it is a distinct possibility at least.

I mainly think it was the benefits of a shorter overall run for this series.


Most likely because once you get to that many seasons, the happenings of earlier seasons may skip the minds of the writers.

Well that, and FiM had a lot of writers over its life. That is bound to cause a lot problems.


I love the show regardless it just has some times where it contradicts itself. I couldn't go on and name all of them but the one with Cadence's age is the primary one that crosses my mind.

Agreed. Consistency was rather problematic. But then again, the show was primarily developed for a young audience, not so much for adults, despite the fact that it soon was known that adults were tuning into the show by its second season. I would have liked to have seen the writing get better, but you know. With various writers, as you and others have indicated, consistency became less of an issue.
The quesadilla thing, however, was from the comics, not the show, if I recall correctly...


Where I live I never got access to the comics except for one, the one where Luna got Tiberius and took on Celestia's duties for the day. Sad, I know but when you live in what many would consider an isolated area, you don't have access to a lot of things.

And, at this point our lives we've both seen worse examples of this same problem.

Heh, Twilight sure got pranked there. Though I still hope she gets over her fear of ladybugs someday. Maybe Fluttershy could show her that there's no point of being terrified of ladybugs.

This gets a fave. That was a neat little story, and it sure gave me a laugh too. :twilightsmile:

This was Almost as good as the version where Ocelles revealed that ladybugs were actually changeling spies fro a rival hive so Twilight was right all along.


Changeling spies? Sounds interesting.

I'm glad you got a laugh out of it, that was what I was hoping for. Yes, Twilight got trolled big time but Starlight definitely was not happy about this.

True, very true.

Discord's at it again I see. Get him Starlight!


Kind of odd though how at the end of "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies" she had no issues with the ladybug at all even when they were still the size of breezies.

If what I heard about is right, what makes the whole oversight of Twilight not being scared of ladybugs in easier episodes go beyond being something the show just missed or forgot about to being more of an epic fail is that the short was originally going to be about Twilight's fear of quesadillas. But it was changed due to someone thinking using quesadillas was too random or silly, so ladybugs it become...and due to the continuity error it introduced, it ended it being even more silly,:rainbowlaugh:

I do like the idea of Twilight being scared of ladybugs in itself, though, like you do. it may seem ridiculous, but to me, it's not that much different then someone freaking out over seeing a cockroach. They can carry diseases, but most people that are scared of cockroaches would probably still freak out at the sight of them even if they are proven to be as safe as a bar of soap. And Twi is scared of far safer quesadillas, so she had already won the silliest fear award well before that short was made,

And as for I feel about cockroaches? I don't even flinch if I see one and have never been scared of them. Hell replace a roach with a ladybug and my reaction to laying eyes on it would barely be any different, as far as not feeling any fear goes anyway.


I can see why they would think the quesadilla would be sillier although ladybugs are living creatures too. We don't have cockroaches where I live but I probably would freak out at the sight of one. It wouldn't be so much the sight of it it would be the filth that they are and I'm pretty sure they do carry diseases.

No Starlight, Confrontation "therapy" does not work . .


I guess forget me ever being a psychiatrist because I thought it would when it came to harmless things like ladybugs.

a phobia, no matter the source, is not a rational thing.
show an arachnophobe even a picture of a spider and
you will set them off with it, despite the spider:
a.) not being able to harm them anyway
b.) in that case NOT EVEN BEING REAL.


My sister is terrified of spiders but I think she must be starting to get past it because she actually held a tarantula down at the butterfly pavilion down in Denver last April before her and I flew off to San Fran for BABSCon. I was a bit nervous myself too but when I learned that their tarantula was perfectly nice, I held her too.


I'm pretty sure they do carry diseases

They can. Several that they can carry and potentially transmit if I heard right, but I don't remember which ones.

To be fair, desensitization therapy for phobias do exist and, from what I can gather, can work so Starlight was at least onto something in this story, although it seems like they just take a long time to work and must be done slowly and with care. So you can't just drop someone with something they have a phobia and expect it to work right away. Sorta like how you don't teach someone to swim by dropping them in a lake as their very first lesson on how to swim.


Things like that are why I'm glad the damn things don't live in the area where I do. It is too arid for them out here.

Cute story. I wonder what would’ve happened if it wasn’t Discord.

I need to stop coming up with fanfic ideas in my comments. I got enough already 😂


That is something that never even crossed my mind given that I had decided in the very beginning that it would be Discord.

I like this


Thanks, I had a good time writing it. Twilight's fear of ladybugs comes from the short "Starlight the Hypnotist." The thing about her fear of quesadillas comes from the episode "Party Pooped" from when they discovered Pinkie's party planning cave and Fluttershy was reading Twilight's file out loud.

I understand, cool, if it’s ok, I might borrow your writing style along with a few others.

So from what I gather you use a lot of description.


Yeah, description is good. I know I'm not the best of it but you want to show and not just tell. Give descriptions so that readers can actually see in their minds what is going on rather than it just sounding like an audio recording.

Yeah, I will try and do that on the next few chapters of it’s a wonderful life.


You did a spectacular job on this!

Of course Twilight would be afraid of ladybugs!!!!!


And we have "Starlight the Hypnotist" to thank for that and this story.

Good old Starlight.

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