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Accept no substitutes.


Twilight wakes up one morning as a dog. Also, Spike is now a fish. Pretty self-explanatory, really. And believe it or not, the day is about to get even stranger.

Picture credit link is here

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Congrats! You get a like.

So I wonder what happened to the other citizens of Ponyville?

Thank you. :twistnerd:

Alas we never got to see the author of the story-within-the-story never got to finish his magnum opus... :fluttershysad:

'Come back later when I've finished volume VIIII of this advanced series on calculus'

The Roman numeral for nine is IX not VIIII.

'Roman' numerals shouldn't even really exist in Equestria, but I dare say you're right. Fixed. (although alternatively, this could be seen yet another 'embellishment' by the author-within-the-fic...) :scootangel:

What the hell did I just read?

Seeing as you added it to your 'Read It Again' folder, I'll take that as a compliment. :duck:

Comment posted by -TheStoryteller- deleted May 2nd, 2019

It was a compliment, but I have to note your mind takes some seriously odd turns when writing your stories. That's why I keep reading them.

Just to let everyone know, the previous comment wasn't deleted by me. Ask the guy why he removed it, because I have no idea. :rainbowderp:

9599189 I think most authors need a bit of craziness and imagination in their genes. Especially when writing off-the-wall stories like this... :moustache:

Somehow your story got posted to my feed, and I made a comment that wasn't relevant to it. Sorry for the confusion.

Agreed. I could use a bit of craziness in my writing if my present mental state isn't unbalanced enough. Why be normal?

I get it. Fish Spike goes with the flow.

One of many different aquatic puns that are contained therein, for anyone who wants to count. :twilightsheepish:

after 'celestia is a spider and nobody seems to notice' nothing much surprises me anymore
cute and funny thouhg

Indeed. Can you imagine anything more stifling to one's creativity that being 'normal'? How passe... :moustache:

Yep. On this site, it appears, anything goes... and often does. :twilightoops:

It's okay. There are far worst things one can do. :rainbowdetermined2:

There is no such thing as normal.
normal by definition is 'being the same as all others' however no two human beings are exactly alike, similar perhaps but never the same and thus it is by its nature, imposible to be 'normal' i prefer the term 'average' instead.
which ill also agree is rather a boreing state to be in, id rather be taged as 'unususal' or 'distinct' or if the stars will it 'unique'

I agree with you, that's why I put 'normal' in brackets. :ajsmug:

9599920 I am also termed 'unusual'... (you can be JUST LIKE ALONDRO... everyone rushes to be as average as possible) :trollestia:

9599331 Fluttershy feeds Spike to her animals.

No one cares.


And so, Spike became Darwin and went to live in a house with severely obese pink rabbit and two cats who didn't want to eat him. Also another, smaller, pink rabbit... but that was later.


hungrily-chewing-on-cud horned Scootaloo.

-10 zillion points for Scoots not being a chicken.

Let that be a lesson to you! OBEY THE MEMES!! :flutterrage:

If was hard to imagine the Princesses Bestial...

Ok, that can be interpreted as all kinds of wrong. And given this fandom, it certainly shall be! :trollestia:

(Alondro does some research..) Or already has been... :twilightoops:

Hmm, I don't fancy a brain bleach, so I don't think I'll be looking any further into this 'Celestia' thing you're referencing. :derpytongue2:

As for Scootaloo, I just went with the funniest misspelling I could come up with. Besides, nothing wrong with exploring the rest of the farmyard community. :rainbowwild:

9600518 Furries.

(nothing more need be typed) :fluttershbad:

Welp, that's surreal.

Well. That happened.

Remember, everyone. Someone has to live in the world you create. Please write responsibly.

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