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After Starlight hypnotized her friends, Twilight goes out of her way to teach them how to control their own minds before someone else does.

It doesn't go too well.

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Wow, one swing of the watch and Flutters is under mind control, maybe Discord could make an Anti-mind control hair pin for Fluttershy to keep her safe.

How can TWILIGHT mind control Flutters when not even DISCORD could? She's SO resistant to mind control that not even a chaos god could do it without using his god powers. Also...how could STARLIGHT do it to her in that one episode? Weird plot hole...or perhaps different types of magic. Although, I seriously can't imagine Starlight being more powerful than Discord when it comes to mind control.:pinkiegasp:

They say smarter beings are easily hypnotized.
Twilight has a mind control fetish.

7765430 7765439

Fluttershy resisted his efforts to verbally soften her up before the subtle mind control could take hold. She did not resist the brute method.

Nice story!:pinkiehappy: I kinda agree with you, it was so easy for people to put the main cast under their will. With Discord, then Starlight...:facehoof: Can't wait to see what happens with Rarity!:raritywink:

Love the premise. You WOULD think they'd be at least a little resistant, but it always works every time.

lol Loving this. XD And considering that a pony fell to hypnosis from just spinning a bucket, I think ponies may overall be weak to hypnosis. XD

Maybe she should just ask Discord.

Actually, no, he'll probably get ticked off that she can control them so much better than he can.

...go on.

Seriously, I want more of this, do you accept cash thrown at my computer screen?

Next, Twilight needs to help them all learn not to get worfed offscreen by cherngelerngs. :trollestia:

7765473 They tell stupid people that to make them feel better. :trollestia:

:twilightoops: Methinks Twilight might accidentally all of Ponyville (again) if she's not careful.

Yeah, that's right, Twilight is the only one who gets to mind control ponies, she's not happy Starlight is moving in on her territory (given her experience with the want-it need-it spell :twilightangry2: ).

Huh, Discord shouldn't have bothered with the mind-whammy if they're that easy to handle. Then again, Discord preferred to corrupt and trick rather than directly control them. I love how Spike is snarking about the whole situation. Just hope he doesn't try anything with hypnotized Rarity (he's better than that).

There are so many places this can go:rainbowlaugh:. Tracking to find out what that certain area might be:pinkiehappy:.

:moustache:you are my slave!
:raritystarry: you are my slave
:moustache: I want a kiss
:raritystarry: you are my slave
:moustache: No I want a kiss
:raritystarry: you are my slave
:moustache: yes you are my slave
:duck: Spikey Wikey my precious scales
:moustache: wut?
:duck: you'll always be Mine
:facehoof: Spikakiss the slave

That is the extreme opposite of true.

Twilight took a deep breath, setting the books on her friend’s head. “This is gonna be a long day…”

I'm looking forward to it.

This will remain rated "Everyone", right?
I mean, with mind control like this the possibilities are endless...

By the way: The 100th like is by me.

This has so much potential, can´t wait for more :moustache:

Hey, not bad ! continue ! :raritywink:

This is funny.

It's paradoxical because even if her friends follow her directions to not follow her directions they are still following her directions to not follow her directions. :rainbowlaugh:

Also tell someone not to think about cats and it will take all the more self control not to think about cats, because whenever someone mentions something like cats, images of cat, objects surrounding cats, actions taken by cats and just anything related to cats involuntary pops to mind.


That, like anything that is counter intuitive, can be kinda hard to do.

The only means Twilight is giving them to not being controlled is to vehemently refuse, deny and disobey everything.
Which is a really stupid strategy, people can control you all the easier through reverse psychology that way.

I know this whole story is just for lulz; but I still feel like Twilight should acknowledge that free will is about more than refusing, if you always refuse a certain trigger then people can manipulate you with that just for being predictable.

Free will is all about choices, free will is about being able to choose to go against the current if one sees fit to do so, free will is about being able to hold ones resolve despite any incentives or adversities that may try to dissuade you to stray from the path you have chosen. True free will means to be both able to make mistakes and get things right.

Among many other things my dear Twilight. :twilightsheepish:


I once heard that if you press your tongue up against the roof of your mouth and focused on it, then it'd help you resist any type of mind control. Never been able to test it though to see if it works. Still, can't wait to see how this goes through.

Twilight might be at a disadvantage because I've been told by many that after the first time, it's much easier to hypnotize someone.

7765439 it because Fluttershy knew her flaws and discord always picked flaws.

I just can’t even imagine what kind of irresponsible things ponies could do to them if they're this easy.”

Don't worry, Twi. I'm pretty sure there are hundreds of fics on this very site to imagine it for you.:trollestia:

What is this witchery I went to add this to my favorites and noticed you updated while I was reading the first chapter. Nice work!

“Cause if I start seeing them in maid outfits, then I think I’d lose all hope.”

I think they'd look lovely.

There was also the parasprites, the fruit bats, she was GOING to use that reform spell on Discord...

7767905 I'm reasonably certain there is clop of that.

Well, let's hope Rainbow is as stubborn as always, or Twilight will get "lesson zero" mode soon...
I'm curious how it will work out.

Twilight's going to end up controlling all her friends one way or another trying to do this, isn't she?


If there is of them all in maid outfits, I've haven't found it.

Kaa would have to go on a diet after meeting these weak-willed ponies. :facehoof:

So... Rarity is an addict now. Great going Twi.

“NO SPELLS!” Twilight yelled. “I’m not using a trick so they can’t get tricked. I know they can do this on their own.”

There doesn't seem any logical reason to back that claim, or to not use magic for that matter...

“Too easy?” Rarity wasn’t sure if she should feel offended or concerned.

Why not both? :yay:


:twilightoops: Spike, stop that!
:moustache: Oh yeah...
:duck: ???

lol Loving this. Wonder if the next attempt at hypnosis will be mind change. And I wonder how it'd be like if Starlight started to 'watch the watch', disproving Twi's idea that it's a side effect from Starlight's spell. XDDDD

She hypnotized Rarity into a masochist!!!!!

Welp, now Rarity's an addict. *claps* Nice work, Twi, you screwed her up.

Real One: Aren't those ponies that like a little bit of pain?


I might suggest a little more in the way of quote tagging, and there are a few minor quibbles:

while their hypnotized.

while they're hypnotized.

hypnotized anyone because I

hypnotized anypony because I

A lama

A llama

rock in a building

rock into a building

She went eye to eye with her.

Twilight went eye to eye with her.
(since there are no other tags, and 3 mares in the room)

watching in confusion

watched in confusion

She put on a pleading face, but unlike her, Twilight could withstand the look.

I know what you are shooting for (that Twi can resist hypnosis, unlike Rarity) but it reads a little oddly.


Great story, more please! :twilightsmile:

Twilight needs to buy some mindshields from Xcom.

Come on! she's a freaking unicorn. I expect this from Fluttershy, maybe AJ. RD could just have too much ADD for mind control to even hold on to. And Pinkie... yeah. Trying to control Pinkie's mind would be like trying to catch a fishing pole with a fish. In a dessert.

Is she going to go around to all her friends hypnotizing each of them in a new and interesting way each time? Is one of them going to be bewbs?

Is this going to end with Twi having all of her friends under and griping about how weak-willed they are, only for Starlight to cast a tiny little spell and put Twi under? And then the epilogue is going to be Spike drugging Starlight's tea and bringing her under? Or maybe Twi will walk off screen, and Starlight and Spike will be left alone, then they try to hypnotize each other, but Starlight's spell and Spike's drugs take effect at the same time and they end up blankly staring at each other all weekend while Twi is away getting her friends hypno-proofed?

Wow. That went off on a LONG tangent.

Running with the XCOM thing, they have been in battles where they lost, so I could see them having the "shaken" condition, lowering their will, but on the other hand, I think they have been through enough battles that they would be damn near top rank at this point, and should have nigh-ironclad minds.

Oh great, at least Fluttershy is fine after the mind control, now Rarity is an addict. Even without the colors she's already susceptible to suggestion. Too bad Starlight hasn't really learned her lesson either (more magic to fix the mind control problem!). I don't expect much better from Rainbow Dash. She's stubborn, but doubt that would help much. Wonder what method Twilight will try next (some dark magic mind control amulet? Whatever happened to the alicorn amulet anyway, hm).

Why not just hypnotize them to be resistant to future hypnotizing attempts? Would that count as a spell?

If she trys to hypnotise Spike then could he be resistant? Maybe he could hypnotise Twilight somehow? Hmmm?

I doubt Twilight realizes it but using a color hypnotizing spell on a fashionista like Rarity, whose career DEPENDS on working with colors and paying attention to them is practically hitting her weakest point.

Starlight might be right about using magic to fix this problem, or at least make them more resistant to it until Twilight can raise there resistance to mind control naturally, out of all of Twilight's friends Pinkie would seem to be the one i would see as the most resistant since using mind based ability's on the crazy tend not to go well, then again that only gives more props to Discord and Starlight for managing to pull it off.

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