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Twilight decided to teach Starlight some friendship lessons, but Discord unexpectedly barges in and takes over.

Sweet Celestia, this is going to be one long ride.

Feedback is encouraged.

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Comments ( 24 )

Very funny. Good job! :twilightsmile:

Awesome, A sequel could definitely be produced

No seriously. Please

Well that fanfic from Discord was exactly what I was expecting. Completely random. Good work!

Here. All my "yes". Take it. Forge it into a pen and write more.


Do not fear! The sequel is on its way!

Oh my gosh! It was so awesomely random! I loved it! :heart:

Mmm... the framing story needs work and expansion. Ideally you want Discord's simplistic style (which makes some sense) to contrast with the frame story. As it is it kinda just looks like he wrote the whole thing.

Forgot to fave your stories that I read. Very well done, I love Discord stories! Please do one that's just his story, that would be hysterical!

Deep and complex. A masterpiece of our time.


Well it is technically from his point of view


I'll try.

7304149 Yes, but there's a difference between point-of-view and what the character writes (generally speaking). In other words, you could flesh out the set-up and the character interactions more. Keep it Discord's POV, but allow for more description both of the reactions of characters and of what Discord does in response to that.

It's just a suggestion, and I'm not exactly an expert writer myself, so take it as you will.

Commence Comment review!

Such a random story, but it fits Discord so well! I love the fact that there isn't a plot to it and the fact that everything is random, its nice to have a story to laugh to. Its also funny that they knew what was going on but kinda didn't.

I would tell others to read this!

This is a Commence Comments review.

Well, the humor was good, and the story seemed like something Discord would write. Also, you did a great job portraying the characters. All of their interactions were very accurate and in character. There were minor flaws, the main one being that the whole thing seems a bit rushed as far as pacing is concerned, which is fine in Discord's fic, but is a small issue in the rest of the story. Overall, a good story, and worthy of a sequel.

Marking this to read later after work. I guess if it works for the Ice King writing fanfic, Discord can do it to. Dear Celestia, this is going to be INSANE :trollestia::rainbowlaugh::facehoof:

7377321 I just have to know...DO you watch Adventure Time? Is that where you got the idea? :pinkiehappy:


Yes, I do. But I got this idea here from reading Peridot Writes Fanfiction.

A little bit short, but funny.

that was beautiful... :raritywink:

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