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A somewhat deranged author who likes science and writing stories with way too much dialogue. Recently got it through her thick skull that she was a girl.


Applejack has gone through a lot in her life. She's lost family, been a primary caregiver, even had a few massive shifts in her identity... And she's still standing. She's still here.

But is that enough?

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Interesting concept, will look forward to seeing where this goes.


You know, it's odd. I hadn't even noticed that this was listed as incomplete, but now that I think about it, yeah. I could update this.

I'd read it. I felt as though this was a little incomplete, but who knows? For all I know, that was your intent this whole time.

Ooooh. I reaaaaaly like this! It's pretty dang cool! Have a favorite and a like.

I want some more of this too!

Definitely interesting, but lets wait and see where this will lead us.

Oh, I can certainly dig into more of this.
As you grow, you lose things and gain others.
Either can have both things you love and things you hate, but you mustn't let your hatred overcome your love.

Good start, have a fav.

I really like this story and I do hope to see more soon.

AJ needs to experience the things she wanted to and wants to experience.
Oh, this story is so good!

I kinda expected Twilight to pepper her with questions and zone out. And that acknowledgement to the elephant in the room seemed rather brief and odd even figuring those outside family usually accept faster than family about the big things.

I admit, it's sort of an odd thing to talk about, Twilight isn't over the revelation per-se, but she is an educated pony from Canterlot in Equestria which is pretty accepting as a rule.

You are correct though, Twilight is still a little anxious about AJ's revelation. If you want to know how that will affect her, you'll just have to wait and see... :ajsmug:

I'm crying a bit form this.
Thank you for writing this.
I can really relate to Twilight's situation with her uncle.

Pain, pain!
Twi and AJ need to have a little heart to heart cause I don't jive with the "miscommunication".
Those girls don't deserve it.
(This story is really good, and I love it.)

Ahh, TwiJack. Not a bad pairing, I'll admit. Though while I'm being honest, I prefer SpikeDash and SpikeJack a bit more lol.

Pinkie the party pony promotes positive pie productions proving profits.

This story is better then I expected.

I kinda wish there was a little more build up, it just seems a little fast.

I get aj asking her out the moment she realized but I had no idea she had any feelings for her at all in the past chapters.


Its complicated honestly, there were little hints, like how she wanted to make Twilight happy in the first chapter, and the physical moments they shared comforting each other after the support group, but I agree it could have used a bit more buildup. It does make sense though right?

It does make sense the way you've done it. On thinking back Aj has had or made little time for herself or doing what she likes. That combined with twilights obvious care and efforts to help her and I can see it come together like this.

I think I just read the hints as friendship but I can see what you mean.

Also I loved spikes reaction to ajs past.

The whole Transmorphers part was both hilarious, and adorable.

Gotta have those cross brand promotions.

Spike blinked. "You... You can turn into a car?"

Shodn't it be a cart ?
p.s. What would a transmorpher be ? Books, a play made by Michael-Bail
f.y.i. bail as in a bail of hay

being normal is so over rated

I jest love this part

I guess he meant train car :scootangel:.

Dammit, Granny.
I didn't need to hear that last bit.
I could,ve, I fact, gone my entire life without knowing that.

Well... At least she's trying you know?

I thank you for this amazing chapter.


The road to Hell is paved in good intentions.

She shrugged. "I mean, Discord's in the details.

That. That turn of phrase is perfectly done. I'm going to use that.

Oh, and I'm really enjoying this. Applejack's been my favorite character from day one, and the detail of her being transsexual, as I am myself, is very interesting to me. How she deals with having lost her parents is needed; since they haven't touched that subject matter in the show, we must turn to fics like this to explore her character in that way. I'm intrigued by the direction you're taking.
And now, in the future, I'll be very careful about what photo albums I let my friends see. That method of outing oneself didn't even occur to me.

Well, I bet Rarity is feeling great about herself right now, what with two of her friends both running to her for advice at the same time.


Glad you're enjoying it!

It's always fun to bump into more trans bronies :pinkiehappy:

Sadly ego stroking is less effective at stupid o'clock in the morning. :ajsmug:

Oh... I'm already caught up... Damn. Well I like it!
Now I'll be waiting for an update... Oh well.

Keep up the great work!

Well ... If the story were to end here, I'd be satisfied. Unless you want to get into their romance further, or possible have Applejack come out to the rest of the Mane 6, I'd say all your suspense debts have been paid off by this point. But this story is still listed as Incomplete. I'm interested in where the story might go from here (largely because I can't think of anything).

I love this story, I'm not sure it's the best story to read while being as emotionally screwed up as I am right now, but it's cute and feelsy and happy, and I just love these gays horses!

I have some plans, and I don't want to spoil anything, but there are still some things to cover in terms of Applejack seeking to accomplish things and get comfortable with herself, and a few things that were brushed over that deserve more attention where it comes to Twilight's coming out and the acceptance of her relatives.

I'm glad you like it! I should warn you there are a few pitfalls to come, but I think you can handle it. After all, you have discovered the power of baby bats. The cutest things in the universe!

6543365 Amen, baby bats may have more power than they should... :rainbowderp:
Naw, it'll be fine. :scootangel:

"Let's save that for later sugarcube. We haven't even kissed yet."

Um... they did, though... A few chapters back.

"How do you feel about kissing on the first date?" She asked with a blush.
I smiled. "I'm easy."
Twilight leaped on me and our lips met. We had no idea what we were doing, but skies above did it feel nice...




be right back, revising.

EDIT: Now it is prench kissing...

Not quite the same impact, but it kind of works...

I'm going to go hide under a rock for a while.

Not sure I can buy that AJ is younger than Twi even with a 'faked' birth certificate. Talent to be recognized by two more famous musicians in other subgenres isn't something that happens so easily even if it was 'years ago.' There's been enough time for no one else to recognize her time in the limelight. I wonder what's going on?


AJ still plays at town gatherings and such, she's just not very serious about it.

As for her being younger... That's a bit more complex.

It's easy to picture AJ as the oldest of the Mane 6, but honestly? I've always seen her as someone who had to mature very fast and didn't get much time to have a childhood. I could easily see her spending her childhood years picking up Applebloom from soccer practice instead of going there herself.


I see that as well, but Granny Smith has pretty much passed the responsibilities to Applejack and she runs the farm. Much like Rarity runs her own boutique. I see Rarity as the oldest and Applejack not far behind. The other two have their own jobs/places, etc. Twi the youngest as she was granted most of her responsibilities and has the least experience with living on her own.


I can definitely see what you're saying.

The show hasn't really touched on it honestly, except that we know that Fluttershy is older than Pinkie Pie.

But... I'll admit it, part of the reason I like the idea of Applejack being the youngest of the Mane 6 is it's just so deliciously tragic.

Think about it. Think about her mannerisms and sense of personal responsibility. On an older mare those mannerisms would seem sensible and wise, but on a young mare? If Applejack's the youngest, it means that she just didn't get to have a childhood. She didn't get to have the adjustment period and careful guidance that others had. She's hardened, but brittle... And there's some spark of childish joy that she never quite got to touch.

Basically I'm saying that I see AJ as the youngest because she would be the most tragic pony to be the youngest and I am a massive sadist. :pinkiehappy:


It's worse if she's older. More years where she has had to repress doing things for herself. Time that can't be given back. Years she does everything she can to make sure Applebloom doesn't go through the same thing. If she were younger, she wouldn't have been able to hold the farm as long as she has and even Granny Smith wouldn't have been able to keep the farm even with Mac's help.

While she did have to grow leaps and bounds at a younger age, she holds all that a little more comfortably now being older.

Even if you keep her young, Twi seems a lot younger and inexperienced than Applejack.

Short, but well written. Eager for more. :twilightsmile:

I would just like to thank you for what you write because it is one of the few things that helped me realize that i am also transgender. YOU GO GIRL!

Aww... I'm glad I could help. If you need anything let me know!

Same to you ^_^ If you just want to chat or something send me a message.

So far so good. One of my personal thoughts is that Applejack loves to read a lot.

Been on a date? Oh, my...
I think I see where this is going.

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I want to eat that pie Applejack made.

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