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Unofficial continuation of @HopeFox's Dash's Secret

Trigger Warning: Discussion of suicide

Rainbow Dash's world came crashing down on her. All of a sudden, all of her friends knew her secret. It went well -- mostly... Everything worked out in the end. But... Rainbow shouldn't have needed to go through all of that pain to get here.

It could've gone better. And Fluttershy blames herself for it all.

Poor Fluttershy.

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Comments ( 6 )

I LOVE it! At first I thought it was a sequal [even if the first isn't finished] and I was surprised when I realized it wasn't! There weren't to many errors that I found but I was mostly into the story so I might've not cared much or at all for once.... :twilightsheepish: It's a great story and I like that you had Discord at the end. ^u^

8017205 You're very welcome! ^U^

This was great! :pinkiehappy:
Unexpected twists but you pulled them off. :twilightsmile:

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