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It's that time of year where the snow is plentiful and ponies love to spend Hearth's Warming next to a warm fire. Twilight Sparkle has nothing planned for this Hearth Warming, nothing except a show and an evening filled with Applejack and her efforts to make sure she has a great time!

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Comments ( 43 )

This is great! :) Can't wait to read more, even though I don't ship TwiJack, lol xD

3409146 thnx! Means a lot cause im not very confident when writing romance fics.

3409236 -shrugs- Imma a sucker for sum flustered Twi.

I, as a purveyor of fine Twijack stories, must admit that you have quite the delicious story here. Not perfect or particularly innovative, but for a first attempt it's much better than most shipping stories I've read.

Nope, I now hate you and this story because you just said alot. Go cry in a corner you filthy grammar maggot!

(:heart: I still love you in a totally non creepy way. :heart:)

not bad. not bad at all. kinda fast paced, but other then that, i liked it.

Don't mind me just waiting for the NEXT DAMN CHAPTER!!!!!!

3612622 Don't mind me but I have SCHOOL AND BASKETBALL GOING ON! I'm getting to it as fast as I can! Patience my friend. Tell ya what, I'll release it Friday.

3615076 oh a challenge for yourself nice and also oooops didn't mean to hit a nerve :pinkiesad2:

3615364 It's fine. :twilightsmile: I'm trying my best to get it done but school and basketball take up my free time. But I'm getting it done asap. :twilightsmile:

This was just as good as the first one.Just wished the truth or dare went on a bit longer but whatever.

That was very sweet. :twilightsmile:

And so concludes one of the greatest Twijack/Applelight fic ever. Now all we need is a clopfic of this.:ajsmug::heart::twilightblush:

Finally an update! I've been waiting for this to update like forever!
Sweet chapter and perfect ending!:heart:

4223289 Yeah. Sorry about that :twilightblush: laziness and sports got the better of me.

Oh, it's ok,cuz you finished it, right?

4223341 Well I hadn't planned on a sequel so yes I would say it's done :yay:

I follow you know, because I obviously didn't ?!:pinkiegasp:
I couldn't even rember that you were the writer if the story, to be honest...:twilightblush:
But now I'll be following you so that I don't miss anything!:scootangel:

4223376 :rainbowlaugh: Well I was gone for a very long time. and thank you for the follow! :)

Yes, yes you was! Did you by any chance change your avatar?:trixieshiftright:

Explains it!:rainbowlaugh:
The one I remember was - crystal Rarity?:rainbowderp:

4223427 Yeah. Identity Crisis then an Avatar crisis

Oh, that explains it!:scootangel:

"Whatever happened next would determine the fate of Equestria. Ok not that serious"
I was worried for a sec....:twilightoops:

Its nice, but it does not feel complete due to Applejack revealing the problems with home. This needs a sequal, put off the complete list to complete or eliminate the section that Applejack is worried, suggesting Granny Smith will be alright with it and it would feel more complete.

4253947 Thanks for the input. Sadly there will not be a sequel. Sorry to disappoint. :eeyup:

So there will be no sequal, then will it be edited or be left as is to make the story feel more complete.

4254096 I don't see why it should be edited just so you can be satisfied. :ajsmug:

Don't have, just a suggestion. :applejackunsure:

4254179 I'll take note of it when writing other stories. This was just a contest entry that went rogue in a way :rainbowdetermined2:

So I'm about to start reading this story, and there is a chance this typo is on purpose, so sorry if I'm jumping the gun. Grammatically the title should read "An Honest Hearth".

It is a common misconception that a is used before a word beginning with a consonant and an is used before a word beginning with a vowel. In reality, a is used before a word beginning with a consonant sound and an is used before a word beginning with a vowel sound. Hence an hour, not a hour. Or a universal truth, not an universal truth.

I promise I will make up for this grammar comment with a story based comment when I finish reading what is posted.

5468945 It's ok :twilightsmile:

While AN honest hearth sounded better, A Honest Hearth is usually how I would associate grammar spelling. Looks like the education system hath failed me.

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