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Legendary Emerald

Hello everyone, my name is Legendary Emerald. I'm a comedy writer who's got a preference for ponies, and I aim to entertain.


Granny Smith has fallen in love with Twilight Sparkle, and now the librarian has to find out how to lose a mare in 10... scratch that, 1 day. Written for a 30 Minute Pony prompt. Please don't take this seriously in the slightest; I sure as heck didn't when I was writing it. Rated T for verbal innuendo.

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oh god what
that was just
I laughed, have an upvote

If you laughed, I have done my job.
*Flies off to home planet*

Comment posted by Regidar deleted Feb 14th, 2013
Comment posted by Legendary Emerald deleted Feb 14th, 2013

Dude, LOL! I just spit up my coke all over my keyboard. so you owe me a new one. got to say though i have the wierdest boner right now:eeyup:

Wouldn't it be easier to undo the spell?

2122033 So you're saying I put a smile on your face AND in your pants? :pinkiehappy:

Pretentious author excuse answer: Twlight isn't one to pass up a research opportunity. :trixieshiftright:
My actual answer: I didn't think of just undoing the spell because I didn't think that'd be funny. :derpytongue2:

Comment posted by Regidar deleted Feb 14th, 2013

2122042 Weeeeeell, maybe Twilight didn't have the time to do the research required to undo the spell with an old mare hanging off her tail. But anyway, Crack ships ahoy!

Oh my god

Glad you liked it! Be sure to traumatize tell your friends!


2124393 XD What can I say? I like a good mindscrew!

Well my mind just got screwed over. Yet I love this.

This fic=

You just bombed it at the end. I know this is like 3 years old and an comedy piece. But still man. It had potential.

6163650 *Shrugs* It was written on for a 30 Minute Pony Fic challenge blog and I only spent 30 minutes after that editing it for posting here. It's basically a crackfic, not worthy of the love and care I put into my longer fanfics. I recognize that it has an anti-climactic ending and some out-of-character dialogue, but I'm fine with it for what it is. I'm sorry it disappointed you, though. Perhaps you'll find what you're looking for if you check out "The Glowmelon Mystery" or "The Subordinate Six: The Ensemble."

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