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When Rarity is overwhelmed with making designs for an agriculture exhibition, she turns to Applejack for advice. But when she gives Applejack a hair style treatment in return, the apple farmer lets her accent slip from southern drawl to sophisticated Manehattenite. The result? More fancy parties than you can shake a candy apple at!

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Always kinda hope that they'll do something with this little bit of AJ's childhood.... especially given the usual antagonism between her and Rarity. This wasn't too far off what I'd think of given those element. Nice.

(and hopefully this is going to the proper person now... hopefully)

Absolutely brilliant. 5-starred this for great justice.

Most. Epic. "EEYUP." EVA.

:pinkiehappy: That was absolutely FAN-TASTIC! Seriously, send this to Lauren Faust and see if t they could make story into a real MLP:FIM Episode one day. . Think about it. :raritystarry:

I love how well you nailed down Applejack's Ack-cent and the appearance of the entire Pie Family was awesome. Now if I could just figure out how to favorite these stories :facehoof: *continues to search for the magic 'favorite' button.

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Awwwwww.... fancy Applejack is so cute.


It has thus secured a spot as one of my favourite fics ever. :raritystarry:

This was absolutely one of the most brilliant fan fiction I have ever read.:rainbowkiss:
If I didn't know better I would say this was the framework for an episode.
Diffidently one of my top favorites. :pinkiehappy:

Eeeeeeeeyup... She ain't got no ack-cent h'all right, ah reckon. EEYUP!

This was a fun read :D Always loved the idea of high class hoity-toity Applejack, and it felt like it could easily be an actual episode.

Read this a while ago and just stumbled upon it again:
This is one of my all time favourite pony fics! :ajsmug::raritywink:

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That had me bent over laughin my face off. That was far better than I expected despite the fact it was by Conner. I will be savin this in my favorites folder.

Your characterization was excellent, and with the only problems I can see being how quickly rarity got AJ to talk like that to Mister Marmalade, and her use of the word mistah(which seems odd for her accent) this is still easily a 5 star story. Great story Conner.

Okay, can someone please upload this to Equestria Daily? It really should be there. And yes, the title was what drew me in.

The surprising thing is that I actually have no criticism for this story. There's nothing I can think of that needs improvement. Excellent work. You get a rare 5/5.

very nicely writen, keep it up :twilightsmile:

This is one of the better stories on here. :ajsmug::raritydespair:

This is an excellent story my friend! :raritywink:
Just to let you know.....I secretly ship RarityXApplejack. :twilightblush:
You know.....just in case RarityXFluttershy doesn't work.fd


1 Faust is not now in control
2 Copyright issues
3 Unlikely

However this story was awesome. Submit it to ED

I saw that this was on the Fanfic Recs Page for the show on TV Tropes - own page and everything - but I was hesitant to dive in because the plot wasn't one with immediate appeal to me. But now that I've sat down to read it, I have to say I loved it. I loved your characterization, both of Applejack and Rarity and of all the background players. It made it very easy to believe I could very well have been reading the transcript to an episode of the series proper.

After this and On a Cross and Arrow, I'm convinced you've got a knack for storytelling. Pulling off that level of awesome TWICE can't possibly be an accident.

It's a good and funny story. Nice little trick dropping Pinkie Pie's family in, too....

But I gotta play devil's advocate here. This story sends one hell of a bad message-- especially in the era of Ebonics.

Applejack may have had a point about "being herself", But Rarity has something of a point here too.
Even the deepest southern-fried farmhand knows that muddy coveralls and half-arsed grammar are fine for baling hay and slopping hogs, but you'd better clean up, dress nice and at least take a running start at proper English if you want to conduct business. People judge you by your behavior and appearance, and if you talk and dress and act like you just fell off a turnip truck they're not going to want to work with you. Is that "unfair?" Not hardly. If you can't expend the effort and show the courtesy to speak properly or groom yourself, why should they spend any effort on you in turn?

Why can't the English teach their children how to speak?
This verbal class distinction, by now,
Should be antique. If you spoke as she does, sir,
Instead of the way you do,
Why, you might be selling flowers, too!

4024 "EEeeeeee-YUP." Like a (Bic Macin)Tawsh.


Looking back over the story with your viewpoint in mind, I must say I can see where you're coming from with this. I'll be the first to admit, that was not the intention. But if I try to rewrite it now with said viewpoint in mind, I kinda feel that it would lose a bit of the current story in the process. It would still make for a good story "Probably involving Pinkie or Rainbow, or most likely AJ again,* but just not for this story.

As to the other person. I'd really prefer to not have any provoking of any sort. He DID say 'devil's advocate' after all. Everypony's entitled to an opinion, based off their own experiences.

So, can we please keep it calm in here?

This is a unique breed of awesome. So well-written and timed. The only possible thing missing from this in terms of an actual episode (Quite possibly not missing anything at all) is an ill-fated attempt at the CMC to be - Wait for it - Cutie Mark Crusaders concession stand salesponies!

Scootaloo: Wait, have we already done this?
Applebloom: Shewt, I dunno.

I love this one. :ajsmug: It could've been an episode, you've got them all perfectly. :pinkiesmile:

This was really good....though I was rather upset when you didn't pull a real surprise twist on poor Applejack by having Rarity talking like a country pony. The look on poor AJ's face if she heard Rarity talking like that....would have been priceless.:pinkiehappy: :ajsmug:

They all act as they would in an episode, and as has been mentioned on here already, it probably could have been an episode. (heck, if it weren't for potential copyright issues that'd possibly try to crawl up, I'd suggest you send this to hasbro and suggest they make it into an episode. If nothing else, someone should animate this.)

i actually kinda wish there was a sort of Epilogue thing to this, with AJ and Rarity heading back to Ponyville and telling Twilight and the others about what happened. AJ (and rarity) could even send Princess Celestia a letter telling her about what they've learned.

Anyways, I am now following you my good sir!

Too bad the Orange family also didn't teach AJ about a garden party would've helped in "Sweet and Elite" I agree about this looking like the script for a FiM episode and with the picture I can visualize the story in my mind. Off-topic anybody know how to report a bot user cause I think that's what Meixi is

128694 Gotta agree. I don't know why AJ would go back to a hat and improper grammar like that. I would have thought the end would have been a half way point with AJ acting like more of a Southern Belle than a Manehattan elitist or a Southern hillbilly by the end. XD

I can see this being the script of an actual episode. Bravo! :pinkiehappy:

The most coolest thing about your writing is that I can
the setting and all the elements of the story. I'm also agreeing with Hawkx1 by the fact that it would be hilarious to see :duck: talk country. :ajsmug: is best pony and the accent was spot-on!!!

Excellently done :D

Mister Marmalade said all there is to say. :twilightsmile:

This wins "fan-fiction that should most be made into a real episode".
But the story summary at the top is pretty misleading!

Anyone smell a bot posting links to stores?

When AJ cracked I was just waiting for Marmelade to out do her with a drawl but ohbooy I was way off.


Favorited this one, loved it!

This one is so much fun to read out loud, although for some bizarre reason I accidentally turned AJ's accent into Cape Cod at one point.

AJ without an accent... that'll be an interesting sight.

saw the ending comeing a mile away.
Still impressed the heck outta me. Superb story , i give you 10 out of 10 mustaches.:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

I am actually saddened that they didnt even mention to the sisters that pinkie was one of their best friends :pinkiehappy:

I say, yours is a marvellous work good sir!

Remember, no Russian.

The Pie family collective "Doozy" sense going off was probably the best part for me.:pinkiehappy:
Makes sense that Pinkie's 'Pinkie sense' be a genetic power passed down her family (assuming that there is any sense to be had around Pinkie)

553948 The bot is really stinkin up the place

Found this a long time ago in the EqD archives but was scared away by the length. Recently came back because I have AJ on the mind:ajsmug: (must have been those apple firtters that I ate recently and my bottle of AppleJack sitting out on the table)
Thumb and favorite!:ajsmug:

Read this on fanfiction first. Still fun to read here, weeks later.

This was the first fanfic I read on Fanfiction.net when I became a Brony, and I have found it again... My life is now complete.:pinkiehappy:

SEND THIS TO HASBRO NOW! (Or one of the writers):flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

This was an excellent one-shot and I had a lot of fun reading it. You can see the "build up" in AJ towards the end coming from a mile away, but the journey to get there is down right hilarious, and you made great use of the Pie family's normally neglected members.

One thing sticks out for me right at the end; at the after party where Rarity is apologizing to AJ and she confessed that the reason she had been pushing so hard for AJ to go along with her is that she thought she had found someone she could be "high-class" with, and it occurs to me that as much as AJ felt out of place trying to act against her nature, Rarity must be equally lonely and frustrated not having any close friends that actually relate to her love of style and high society. I thought that could be a very interesting angle to the story and I was a little sad that it wasn't explored.

this is the kind of thing that deserves to be an episode, but will never be an episode. :raritydespair:

I myself would also very much enjoy seeing that happen if this were sent to Jayson Theisson. Same with Past Sins as "MLP:FiM The Movie". It is a right shame it will never happen.

If (more like when :raritydespair:) it never gets made into an episode... there's always the neverending joy of fanimation!:pinkiecrazy:

Read this over on the other fanfic site, and I gotta say, it is a work of ART.

I wonder how that custom of uptightness started in the first place. Not bad especially since I don't usually care much for Applejack. Bear in mind I don't hate her I just don't find her interesting.

I remember listening to this story on youtube, I thought this was a pretty good story.:ajsmug: I kinda expected Applejack to be behaving more and more like Rarity throughout the story, and it would be almost impossible to bring her back to her normal, farm pony self.:pinkiehappy:

I saw this coming from a mile away. Great story, entertaining read. :ajsmug:

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