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It's Cider Season, and that means ponies wide and far come 'round to enjoy the Apple family's famously flavorful cider! But when something goes wrong with the recipe, it doesn't take long for things to go awry...

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Great story! :derpytongue2:

Poor Applebloom though...

Can I have some?

Unfortunately, it had to be burned in a fire. Sorry!

Yay! A new Applejack story!

This was cute. Though it's too bad about all those trees being debarked for nothing.

Oh, and the accidental underage drinking. :applecry: :trollestia:

Ponies learning about the glory of booze.

this was pretty cool!:applecry: poor apple bloom

This is honestly one of my favorite PonyThunder fics - it flows so smoothly and really has that charming, “Apple-family“ vibe to it. Characterization is top notch and I laughed a lot reading it! Think my favorite line is :

Applejack feigned agreement just so she could get back to working.

Because we’ve all been there:ajsmug::rainbowlaugh:

Thank you! I appreciate that. It's basically written to be an episode, except you know...it would never be allowed by Hasbro.

Well this was a pretty interesting story so apparently if the apples are not right or whatever they have like a certain alcohol into it interesting or at least something on it but this was a pretty good story everything just went crazy in the end lop

2 people have absolutely zero taste in humor. Philistines.

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