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After the 'Cutie Pox' incident, Applebloom's talent problems - including the French-speaking fleur-de-lys Cutie Mark - seemed to be solved, happy as ever to be blank. That is, until that fateful flower re-emerges on her flank one night, and the Apple filly slowly dissolves from a laid-back country girl into a flat-out, refined Frenchie, going as far as to be incapable of speaking English, and only the language of love. Join us in her wacky tale of discovering the pros and cons of French culture.

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My second story!:raritystarry:
Can't wait to hear your thoughts!
Rèpondez-vous s'il te plait!

xD I like how it ended. :twilightsmile:
Nice work

I like it I like it..... Could use more words but I like it, though of ya get approval from an experienced writer, then it would be amazing but not enough story yet to get a veterans approval........ Though so far its cool though I reserve my thumb but you have a tracker

414800 Hmm... That does seem to be a problem... Even after running through it almost half a dozen times, adding descriptive words here and there, and even adding whole paragraphs, my stories always seem to just limbo over the limit, whereas I've seen stories with no content, spelling, or grammar, go well over five thousand, just like that. What do I do?:pinkiecrazy:
414796 Thanks!:yay:

Looking good so far, can't wait to see where you go with this. :pinkiesmile:

But please for the love of Celestia INDENT YOUR PARAGRAPHS. I know this is nothing but a minor issue but it's one of my greatest pet-peeves to see stories that aren't indented. :pinkiecrazy: Also, pressing that Tab key really makes any story easier on the eyes.

414820 I do! It's just a habit of mine to double-space.:twilightangry2: *Sigh* I'll edit it...

I'm interested in this, especially since I have a loose grasp on the french language itself. I wish for you to continue this more, it intrigues me :ajsmug:

Wanderer D

Heh, that was amusing. I'll keep an eye out for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Gorsh, it seems this has gotten more attention than A Little Twist in 10 seconds flat.:rainbowhuh:
I'm having a writer's 'meh' when it comes to that story though... This one flows through my mind, possible outcomes... Whereas ALT seems kinda linear... I'm not sure. What do I do with ALT?

414812 just add another chapter is what id say about 1500 words at least, goin into the story because if the 1st is with little story I would have the 2nd chapter up with or a few secs after you publish the 1st but it's your choice on how you work with this story

It would've been funny if Applebloom started speaking ing Swahili instead of French in canon. That way only Zecora could understand her.

414856 Umm... Well, at least it's straightforward, but it's kinda the old "If it hurts when you go like this, don't go like this!" joke. I swear I could write what felt like a rendition of War and Peace ponified, and check up on it - 689 words.:fluttercry: Ironically, when I originally wrote the foreword, it was 250 words long.:pinkiegasp: FUUUU REALITY.

414863 Dafuq? Hell no.

Looks good. Waiting for more parts to come out. :yay::twilightsmile::raritywink::rainbowlaugh::ajsmug::pinkiehappy::moustache:

414866 ok ok, just do what ya do and keep on trucking ALSO do not let a guy named theworstwriter comment on this story........ His avatar is creepy as hell and scares the crap outa me

Please do more, I'm really enjoying this.:rainbowlaugh:

Gee willikers guys, I can't believe the responses I'm getting!:pinkiehappy:
At this rate, I'm thinking of leaving ALT as a prototype, a reject, a model... I can much more easily work with this tale. What do you guys think?:trixieshiftright:

Ha ha... nice concept amusingly executed thus far. :pinkiehappy:

Okay guys, here's the scoop.
This story is superior in every way to ALT. So, I've decided:
If this hits 50 likes by next Friday, I will devote all my writing time to this.
So, I guess, like, like, like!

EDIT: By likes I mean faves, not thumbs-up.

Alright, you got European French down, that's nice I guess...

Mais maudit je suis sur que tu connais pas les tournure de phrase québécoise pis les sacre québécois. Si tu serais assez 'smarte' pour aller plus moins, tu va voir la culture québécoise c'est crissement autre chose. Je sais pas de oú tu prend ton français, mais c'est pas mal vieux.

415372 What are you implying? That my French isn't up to date? Ironically, I'm actually from Quebec, so it's odd that you're telling me that my Quebecois French is off...

Ok, je l'ai pas vu venir celle-là:rainbowlaugh:

416051 Yeah, this next chapter kinda revolves around ponies' positive and negative reactions to AB's new personality (let's just say the call it the language of love for a reason...), and Rarity is a big factor, and counts as her translator until the Apples can find someone with a wider knowledge of French (An OC).

416181 mlpimgmacros.tumblr.com/post/14271292796/twilight-sparkle-oh-no-you-didnt-image-macro

EDIT: I am the world's worst liar! That's probably coming way later!

French OC eh??? Sorry lad but I got a scot one, just swing by if ya need one though, got a claymore for ya lads and it be thirstin for battle.....

Hey, easy! I was joking. Sheesh, you need to amp it down a few notches. Anyway great first chapter and looking forward to more.

417474 Sorry about that.:fluttercry: I've always been a bit "soupe au lait" :rainbowlaugh:

Way too short, but I still love the idea.

Please though, don't focus on the story's popularity, focus on the story itself.

And please take your time with this. You should not have to feel like you need to rush the story.:raritywink:

419185 Thanks!:twilightsmile:
419211 1. The story is nowhere near done. 2. Look at my profile. I'd be surprised to see someone of that age write a hundred-word poem (my class is pretty dumb, though.)
Also, I agree, and the popularity is just the nail in the coffin. People really only cared about ALT because of my age. This story is a lot easier to run with (I literally sat, thinking, for two hours, just trying to think of a story for ALT, whereas this one could easily be drawn out to a novella.) The popularity of this story simply proves its worth. Sorry if this came out cranky-ish - writing for a couple hours takes it outta ya.:rainbowkiss:


I have a serious lack of French metal, so have some Joe Satriani Live in Paris instead.

Surfing With The Alien - Joe Satriani

Coincidentally, the only French word I know is "fromage".

i had alot of laughs reading this:rainbowlaugh:, and it's not only because im english, superbly written.

Alright, Chapter 2 is UP!
It has over 2,000 words - I'm very happy about that!:scootangel:

I don't want to give out too much, but AB learns much of her condition...

Rarity is ivory not ebony. Ebony is black while ivory is white.

419820 FUUUUU-
Thanks.:twilightblush: Will change right away.

EDIT: And your name only makes it more ironic.

Ahaha, fantastic!
I'm surprised applebloom would know Prench. Still, it's a good, original idea.

I have shed tears for this story. Tears of joy!

420499 Did you watch "The Cutie Pox"? :rainbowhuh:
420716 Thanks!:rainbowkiss:
420502 Is that really necessary for the story?

Not really. Just wanted to help a fellow metalhead out.


Yes, it is entirely necessary. I cannot allow such a gap in my collection.


You were right to get a bit vexed. I should have read your profile before I commented.:twilightblush:

421880 No worries. Now all that's aside, does anyone have any notes for Chapter 2, or even a suggestion for 3? I'd love to hear 'em!

I just want to see more French Apple Bloom.:twistnerd:

422451 Hmm... That's a difficult request... I'll keep it in mind.:rainbowwild:

422997 Well, you should before seeing this story. It will make leaps and bounds more sense.

Loved it, can't wait for more!!!!!! :pinkiehappy:


*whispers* omelete du fromage.

I love this so far. :rainbowlaugh:

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