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After the events of 'Grannies Gone Wild', a somewhat outraged Granny Smith disembarks to give her overprotective grandchild Applejack a piece of her mind. How will this encounter unfold? Well, that's what you're here to find out, isn't it?

And you've come to the right place!

Featured, albeit briefly, on 19/4/18

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I love it!

This was entertaining, and also rather sweet too.

And the very end of it was just amusing. Perfect way to conclude this little aftermath to the episode!

Excellent. I was just about to wonder why no one wrote any accusation fics for Applejack after "Grannies Gone Wild". :pinkiesmile:

Applejack was somewhat confused as to Granny Smith's distracted mood, but quickly thought she'd figured out why the old timer seemed a bit under the weather. "Hi there, Granny. I'm sure you and the ladies had a lovely time in Las Pegasus and are just itchin' to tell me 'bout it, but maybe it can wait. The long balloon ride back to town must've really taken it outta yer, huh? How's 'bout you go get some shuteye, then come back and tell us all the details? I have yer teeth waitin' for yer in water upstairs, and I can help yer up there if needs be..."



just couldn't resist throwing shade

Cheers. :twistnerd:

Thank you, that's all I wanted to achieve with this story. :pinkiehappy:

Wonder no more... someone has. :moustache:

If you look very carefully, you can just pinpoint the exact second everything kicks off.... :rainbowwild:

Hey, it was a private conversation... :raritywink:

I want to see Apple Bloom play and interact with Winona more often.

Also what kind of dance Granny Smith she just said?

Really wish Hasbro wrote this into the show!

The well-built stallion may have dressed as a mare for a brief period to enter a competition, and even had a girlfriend who lived on a rock farm

I hate to break it to you, but the last time we saw Big Mac's girlfriend, she still lived in Our Town.

Anyway, this was a cute story.

The wonders of the 'edit' button, am I right? Thanks for reading. :raritywink:

Hmm... you never know, but nah. :pinkiesad2:

Thank would be nice. A dog is a man's pony's best friend, after all. :ajsmug:

Excellent job as always deadpansnarker! A well done addiction to a much needed conclusion of "Grannies Gone Wild"! :twilightsmile:

This should've been in the actual episode.

It's about time, I was worried that no one was going to make a 'Grannies Gone Wild' aftermath story.

By the way, any luck trying to finish that 'a mother's love' story?

Yeah, I was wondering why no one had written a rebuttal for that episode. Great story!!!:twilightsmile:

"You'll find time. And you might even learn a thing or two about havin' a good time from these old gals."


I got the impression that it's possible that it wasn't exactly as straightforward as "Applejack is being overprotective" in the episode.

Thank you, as always. :scootangel:
'Someone' has, so you can stop worrying. As for your other question, as soon as there's news on that front, I'll let you know... :raritywink:

It's situations like this that head canons were invented :twistnerd:

Glad that you liked it. :raritystarry:

If it wasn't, then it wasn't explored much in the episode. Unless Applejack is the sun, now... I always thought that was just an encapsulations of Dash's thoughts and fears... :scootangel:

Seriously, though. Did Applejack not learn her lesson about Granny Smith's abilities back in season 4, with the whole Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic debacle? If she can paddle down a river with ease, a few nachos would be easy-peasie lemon breezie!

True. :applejackunsure: Anyway thanks for reading. :scootangel:


"You'll find time. And you might even learn a thing or two about havin' a good time from these old gals."

I think AJ was trolling Dashie with her list.

Considering Granny and her friends ran away from RD, and she once left her teeth on somepony's frying pan, I think AJ may have good reason to believe Granny needs to be watched so much.

Very sweet. A little heavy-handed with Applejack's thoughts, but very nice overall.

Just setting the scene, that's all. Glad you liked it. :scootangel:

It wouldn't surprise me at all. :moustache:

Excellent work!

Granny Smith is going to be a co-author of The Idiot's Guide to Aging, or: Age Ain't Always Just a Number, Whippersnapper!

"Yer cheeky little whippersnapper! I oughta tan yer hide for all that nonsense yer spout, makin' out I be some kind of helpless invalid! Come with me!" Without any further warning, Applejack found Granny's hoof firmly locked around her right earlobe, and she was pulled mercilessly back to where she'd been kicking trees earlier.

Dang!!! I thought I knew what was coming, only I didn't! Sheesh!

Really ticks me off that Applejack thinks she knows what's best for everypony when she really doesn't

"Oh Granny..." Applejack turned to face her cherished elder relation, and hugged her with a very real warmth and affection. "Believe me, it'll be a long time yet before we'll be readin' you your last rites. You're much too stubborn to go quietly, anyways. We'd have to drag you kickin' and screamin' into a pony-shaped box, with all the pent-up energy you've got! Not somethin' I'm looking forward to doing, for more than one reason..."

To quote the guy from irl
"Teddy (Roosevelt) died in his sleep because if death tried to take him awake there would have been a fight"
Granny you did well

Thanks for the comment… not just for readin’ the story, but also showin’ me I accidentally put a ‘g’ where there shouldn’t have been one in Applejack’s dialogue. Cheers, and mind how you go. :ajsmug:

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