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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.


(An extended epilogue to "Grannies Gone Wild". Story idea suggested by HunterBrony101 who also served as proofreader.)

The Gold Horseshoe Gals have always enjoyed their trips to Las Pegasus, and this year was no exception. They even picked up a new member in the form of Rainbow Dash.

However, when the gals get back to Ponyville, Granny Smith decides she needs to have a talk with her granddaughter, Applejack. Of concern to the elderly mare, is what her granddaughter seems to think about the elderly gals, especially Granny Smith herself..

But is it really just Applejack underestimating a bunch of old mares, or is there something else afoot? And is there a reason why Granny Smith and the other Gold Horseshoe Gals didn't speak up sooner?

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This is an excellent story and it gets a fave and a thumbs-up from me... but I actually have a different interpretation of that episode. I like to think Applejack was deliberately trolling Rainbow Dash, as a kind of punishment for RD trying to shove her own responsibilities onto her. I think there are quite a few hints to this in the episode if you look close.

Great story!!!:twilightsmile:


While I don't feel the same way as you do about the episode or Applejack's motivations, I applaud you for not making this too cringy/too much of a mouthpiece.

Also, I feel like AJ saddled RD with Granny Smith as a joke.


This is one complaint about the episode that I never understood. It's also something I hate about "fix-fics".

How is what I said a complaint?


No, as in the complaint about AJ's behavior in the episode.

Applejack laughed and nodded. "I might just have to tag along with the Gold Horseshoe Gals the next time you go to Las Pegasus. Sounds like you all but paint the town."

Granny Smith just winked. "Funny you should mention that, Applejack. 'Cause there's this one time we actuallydid."

Applejack's eyes grew wide upon hearing such a statement! "What?! No way!"

Granny giggled, sitting back down in her rocking chair. "Oh believe me, it's one of many memories I don't think I'll ever forget. Same goes for Big Macintosh. It all started back when he first started chaperonin' us on our trips to Las Pegasus."

I’d LOVE to hear that story!:rainbowlaugh:

Also, I love nice job on this one! I love reading your fanfics!:twilightsmile:

Hm, the premise isn't bad and even the idea of AJ being overprotective of her family on account of paranoia about what happened to her parents is a good interpretation of her actions.

However, I think this story lacks a little in execution, I'm sorry to say. AJ goes into gross sobbing way too fast when Granny mentions per parents. It feels like this should have been dragged out a bit slower or have AJ deny that she did anything wrong or something. Either way, it took me a bit out of the story.

Not a bad effort, but consider slowing your pacing next time. :pinkiesmile:

"Wonder what we'll have to consider as a new rite of passage now that the coaster's closing."

I actually wondered the same thing. It'd be kind of silly if the Wonderbolts stopped accepting new members just because the roller coaster closed.

8875662 I don't think they're going to stop adding new members because the coaster is closing. It's more of an in ranks thing. They'll probably find something else to take the coaster's place.

Interesting. A more plot-driven epilogue than my interpretation, but one which ties in well with canon and contains some nice moments of character study, too. :twistnerd:

It's great to have such different accounts of what could've happened afterwards on the same site, it just goes to show that everyone has their own styles of writing and ways of implementing their ideas. :ajsmug:

Hmm, this came out pretty good. Some of the line breaks are awkwardly placed though. Line breaks usually indicate some kind of scene transition, and you've got breaks in places that don't transition into anything.

8875988 I wrote this primarily because until your story yesterday, I had yet to see a single accusation fic for the episode. And when someone suggested the idea to me, I decided to take it up.

It's like London buses: You wait for one to arrive, and two come at once. :moustache:

I hadn't done any fics or updates on this site for almost three months, so I thought 'what the heck, let's write a couple in a day, and one of them has to address Applejack's paranoia in the last episode'. It's true. :raritywink:

Nice work.

This had to be one of the sweetest, most touching stories I've ever read. Five stars to you, sir!

10/10. Well done!

9557170 Oops, I must've put it in the wrong folder by mistake.

She then rose from her rocking chair and commented. "I think I know why you do this, Applejack. It's cause of what happened with your folks."

Ohhh dang That's not far off from the truth I mean it makes sense and I don't really blame her

Dang Properly that's why Apple Jack is so overprotected I mean it makes sense as I said before but sometimes you can't protect Them forever they just have to learn how to protect themselves sometimes and learn and sometimes to have fun That's actually a pretty good call out about Apple jacks behavior

"Oh Granny Smith, I can't believe I was so foolish. What was I thinkin' tryin' to keep you and the gals on such a tight leash?" Hanging her head in shame she then remarked with a sigh. "I'm such a silly pony."

G1 Reference :rainbowlaugh:

Who knows Applejack has proven to overprotective on at least one occasion to the point where her sister ran off to the work Applejack was supposed to be doing. I liked the idea of her getting told to stop being overprotective. She keeps annoying everyone when she does that.

Agreed, the way she was acting was just shy of putting them in a prison cell "for their own good". But then again AJ has a tendency to believe that she is the ONLY one who can fix all of life's

I'm definitely gonna fave this!
That whole episode was basically a meme.

It's that moment when your girlfriend is your conscience πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Poor dashie. Comedy gold!!!

I get her reasons but Applejack's overprotectiveness is really annoying. She can be as bad as those overprotective mothers who freak if their kid gets a papercut

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