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I like writing about the worst day of a character's life; it lets us see the mettle inside.


Apple Bloom is in the hospital, and the Apple Family tries to explain what led up to the accident.

An entry for the Feghoot Contest.

Spoilers in comments! Don't scroll down!

Made the feature box, 2019.06.21 to 23! Thanks, everypony!

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Jesus Christ all of that for a pun

That's.... the definition of a feghoot.


On the fifth time, her tail caught a rough patch of the used tire, some of the exposed steel wires, and Apple Bloom jerked to a stop, instead of flying into the lake, and as the tire swung back, back, back toward shore and the pecan tree she screamed and Granny gasped and Applejack's jaw dropped open and the tire swung, swung, swung past its lowest point then back up, up to an apex on the shore side of the tree, and her tail snapped free and she plummeted, plummeted, plummeted, and smacked into the hard dirt and water flew from her coat and mane as the sound of breaking bones echoed across the campsite.

Jack Kerouac reference?

Nope, never read him. Derived that from my Scootaorphan story I wrote in December.

Oh. The flow of the sentence just reminded me of his style, that's all.

This contest is testing my resolve for violence from the sheer volume of bad puns.

Take your like and upvote, GTFO, and good luck.

Don't take the first part seriously, this is groan-inducing good. Which is what you want.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Oh god, that ending.

You monster!

"It better not be another iPad," Granny said, wagging a hoof. "Them Facetubes and Twitbooks darn near broke up the Crusaders."

Well, there's a story...

Oof, that ending. Oof on multiple levels. Well done. Best of luck in the contest.


Thanks! I appreciate it.

That's a lot of trouble for a bad pun. XD

Stohhhp that...it's getting silleh.... :pinkiecrazy:


I liked it, but die.

Why is everyone suddenly writing stories just for the sake of setting up a punchline? In other news, very funny.

Hold on, I've got the perfect reaction image in mind...

Here we go:

Ah'm glad you asked! They're all for the FimFiction Feghoot Festival! Write one yourself, and you could win 100 dollars!

Poor Apple Bloom. I hope she doesn't have to be euthanized.

The glue factory will certainly hope so!

I am so glad to know that I’m not the only who will write an entire story to set up a single gag.

Yes, that's true.

Q: Why wont the ponyville doctors ever go to their local farm?

A: Granny Smith and the rest of her family are there every day.

All of that trouble...

Just for a pun--

Two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff.

Comment posted by Detsella Morningdew deleted Jun 22nd, 2019

Right. I shall correct that.




Take the like and favorite, for a job well "Pun"


This reminds me a lot of a Twiluna story I read once, where the last line was "read the first word of every paragraph," AND IT WAS A RICKROLL

You know what? I think I like feghoots. :twilightsmile:


Very nice Very nice

"Y'all gotta wait an hour to swim after y'eat."


I should've seen that punchline coming from a mile away, but I didn't.
You magnificent bastard.


Thanks! Much like "Scootaloo gets a Twilight lecture," I started with the final line, and worked backwards from there.

"So what you're saying," concluded Dr. Horse, "Is that instead of flying into the lake, the Apple didn't fall very far from the tree?"

Okay, that was funny!

Wow....just wow. Poor Applebloom. I would love to try this contest thing but have no idea how to make a story out of a pun! Best of luck!

"That's the truth," said Applejack. "Would we tell a tall tale about a tire tail wire tie-er?"


Oh god. That's why you have 30x more followers than me. Brilliant!

Since you mention it, I was curious and went and found it. It somewhat defeats the point having it linked from a discussion of the last line, but it's still fun: Nothing in the Way of Love

(But, uh, this fic was fun too! The subject matter was a little more painful than I like in my puns, but the quality of both the pun and the build-up is undeniable.)

Author Interviewer

Augh, dammit. :facehoof: Apple Bloom's not the only one who's in pain.

I wanna know how AJ fit that in her saddlebag though. c.c

This is the best one I've read yet :yay:


Thanks! There are definitely several good ones.

...well-played. Well-played :moustache:

The pun hurts :derpyderp1:

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