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Diamond Tiara has had everything handed to her whole life, whether she asked for it or not; however, this all changes when her family suddenly goes bankrupt. While Filthy Rich tries to take care of the situation, he leaves his daughter with the only ponies in Ponyville he trusts: The Apple Family. Which means the spoiled filly is forced to get along with her greatest enemy.

Cover picture made by: Mudpony

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marked to read later/check!
Faved-followed/OH HECK, YEAH!:eeyup:

Green acres is the place for me. Farm livin.. blah blah blah.

I now declare this day to be "Diamond Day," because this is the only time I know of where two good Diamond Tiara stories popped up on the same day.

Awesome, here have a moustache :moustache:

This is very promising. The pacing is a little rushed but the premise is hopeful. I look forward to reading more of where this goes.


The pacing is a little rushed...

Yes, as I've seen lately, I am extremely prone to rushing things, lol. But thanks for your comment :pinkiehappy:

“Ya’ll think this is gonna work?”
Together, the two of them responded: “Nope.”

surprise surprise, things like this CAN make the bitterest blood enemies at least tolerate each other and with the way this is reading they'll be doingh more than tolerating each other

this is getting good! keep it up!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

huh, I seem to be the first one here, now to write something briliant... ... ... not to self: if making a comment, have something to actually say.

“Taking a dip in a nice, relaxing mud bath is largely different than having the stuff splattered all over you!”

not into the mudbath stuff but she is correct, there is a MAJOR difference between the two:pinkiesmile:

Somepony's got a crush on DT!

I was looking for a story to see if there were any AB ends up being forced to sleep over DT's place over the weekend and show off what DT's life is like, but this seems more than adequate for a nice setting to further develop a character like DT. I look forward to reading your take on it <3

good chapter only found two spots where Discord got you.

First one. You have Filthy Rich talking and he says he has to talk to Filthy Rich, I think you meant Fancy Pants.

Second one. Applejack is talking "The orange mare (surly) hoped" I think you meant [surely].
Even reformed he still causes problems.

Rich nodded. For once, things might have a chance of going his way. “Good, but first we’ll need to contact Filthy Rich for this to work.”

Just had to stop reading to point this out.
Based on your next sentence I think you meant to say Fancy Pants.


But don't worry, I already fixed it! A really embarrassing mistake, I see now.

Short chapters can be just as good as long ones. And this was a very good chapter, despite a couple of mistakes. :twilightblush::twilightsmile:

Still found a number of mistakes:
"His cutie mar"

"she could only silently thank Granny Smith for calming down"
Sentence just ends there...

"why don’t you assign us collage homework next"

And this one's not exactly a mistake, but using the same sentence twice directly after another::
"The counterfeiters, the ones whose products he had invested in, were nowhere to be found.

The counterfeiters, the ones whose products he had invested in, were nowhere to be found."

I'm glad Granny didn't let Applejack do whatever it was she wanted to do. Quite ironic that Applejack hates in other ponies what she herself epitomises...
In any case: If AJ truly believes she's entitled to dish out corporeal punishment, then Filthy (or somepony else) needs to go to Ponyville to politely inform her that, perhaps, she's overstepping her bounds... and that she should take on somepony her own size.

Also: If Granny Smith did beat her grandchildren... my appreciation of her just plummeted.


In any case: If AJ truly believes she's entitled to dish out corporeal punishment...

I never said anything about corporal punishment in that chapter. And I'm sure AJ wouldn't lay a hoof on her. She's a little too modest for that, don't you think?

If Granny Smith did beat her grandchildren... my appreciation of her just plummeted

I'm not her, nor am I a parent or a grandparent, so I have no idea what a guardian's mindset is lol

And thank you for exposing more mistakes I made. I was extremely exhausted and tired when writing this chapter.

I took "smacking around" too literal there, it seems.

Glad to see Applejack is above all that!

Sweetie belle doesn't like to sing. :facehoof:

2225910 In my opinion, depending on the circumstances, she'll sing, but depending on the situation, it wouldn't be very good. I mean, look at the episode, Sleepless in Ponyville. She literally jumped on a rock and burst out into a song.

I hate Diamond Tiara, so to read a story where she either gets her comeuppance or learns a lesson is always good. Hopefully here it will turn out to be the former. :twilightsmile:

I don't like to be critical, but whenever someone says she or he too much I sometimes have trouble figuring out who it is that's speaking.

2366874 I never realised that before

No wonder I didn't get any updates on this story... I forgot to bucking fav it! :facehoof:
And here I was thinking things were just taking extra long :pinkiesad2:

2623293 I am taking a break from the dubstep song I'm making, so you can guarantee I'm working on the next chapter

2624573 You just made my day! :heart:
Looking forward to more of this awesome fic!

2624573 when will the next chap be out I can't wait to keep reading

2850326 I'm actually half-done with the next chapter now. I should be done within the next few days if I can manage.

Discord got you.

“First mud, then flour, and how candy.”

Should be now.

Before she left the farm, she saw Applebloom carrying

Whatever the blank-flanks were planning, it wasn’t going to be good, that much was for sure.

I think you forgot some words between "carrying" and "Whatever". Anyways, nice chapter again. Why do I get the feeling that everything is not going to be fine?


I keep screwing up. Thanks, guys.

EDIT: Fixed the mistakes.

Well, glad to see this story is finally picked up, I do remember vaguely when I discovered this months ago and first read it all in one sitting/read more or less, and it caught my interest. Well, as I recall of the previous chapters, this did seem a little... less interesting than those, but that could just be me and my not remembering of the whole situations AB and DT have been in so far. And how long it's been since I last read any of this or little reading I do anymore at this time... :facehoof:

Something else that was kind of a major mistake (among all the other little ones) is this part between two paragraphs:

She got a bowl and a box of Bucky Charms cereal from the pantry and started eating.

She opened it, hoping to see Silver standing outside.

Feel like there was a small paragraph or sentence that got cut out or left off here, since it doesn't make much sense as it is now. From going to DT eating breakfast to opening the door without mentioning a knock at the door or anything else, like taking her food/dirty bowl back to where it should be.

And I feel like you're gonna jinx DT's hopes that things'll go back to normal soon, if we see another scene with Filthy Rich and things not quite working out as he and DT want them to be. Regardless, I will keep tracking and reading this and hope to indeed see more soon! :scootangel:

2868335 I have no idea how the hell I missed that. :facehoof:

Thanks for the notice. I used to rush chapter without noticing and now I seem to overlook things. This is not my day.

It seems to me that this story has the least amount of bias in relation to the Diamond/CMC rivalry than any other story I've read. It's a weighted rivalry, but I'll keep standing by to see where you go with it. Keep up the good storytelling!

By the way, at the beginning of chapter 5, you used this sentence twice:

The counterfeiters, the ones whose products he had invested in, were nowhere to be found.

Ninety-nine buckets of oat...

just waitin for the explosion. :eeyup:

“Remember, class,” Cheerilee called out, “Wee’ll be having a test on the materials we’ve learned this week. Make sure to study!”


“Are you three serious? Karaoke Singers…?” Diamond Tiara scoffed. “Can’t you do something a little more productive, and less


She arrived home to a manour in the northern part of Ponyville.


“Alright, I don’t care if ya’ll like each other ‘r not, she’s stay’n.


Thank you for being one of the few writers that use y'all properly that I've seen. Telaros sent me over to this fic, and other than the few mistakes here and there. This was a decent first chapter.

“So,” Applebloom started, “How’s everyth’n go’n between you two?” she asked them. The fillies glanced at each other.

Apple Jack

As much as she felt the urge to go over and these them,


Things are going nicely.

Looked like he wanted to be left along, too,


Decent fic so far. Nice chapter.

“I wouldn't go and jinx it, 'Tia. Your dad hasn't really found a solution, yet.”

I was going to say that Celestia isn't in this fic. But with Diamond's Ego, she'd probably use the Princess's nickname with how big her ego is.


I don't know about that head canon. I see DT as momless, or with a mother whose as distant as her father and as useless as a pet rock. If her mother was a nurse she'd have some compassion and humility.

3554935 Thanks for all the criticism. I doubt I'll be able to get to it as soon as possible because I'm working with really shitty hotel wifi connection, but when I return home tomorrow, I promise I'll fix all the errors you've found.

Once again, thanks.

This story is very interesting. I never thought something like that would happen

I sense a opportunity to form a friendship here between AB and DT...or they strangle each other to death.
Let´s see what happens first. :rainbowkiss:

Okay, just finished re-reading the whole story, even if I only had to mark off this latest chapter after skimming it last month sometime. I can't believe it's been a year since this story was started, even if you've probably got other stories in progress as well and also have other real situations, as most people tend to. :pinkiegasp:

Anyway, was wondering if the thing with Fancy Pants/Filthy Rich would be addressed, if it was skipped over in this chapter before I got to that point. And sorta being clear Diamond's time has lasted a little longer than intended, even if she seems to be warming up kinda to those not as fortunate as herself (though mainly her victim), but no clear clue yet on what makes her act like the colt from Granny Smith's story a few chapters back. But we'll see that addressed sooner or later, I imagine. Depending on how much longer this story may be.

Diamond going camping is a new one on me, even if she didn't warm up to it until her best friend talked to her, though I bet when Silver Spoon gave the nudge to accept the offer, she didn't expect her best friend would become lost by Apple Bloom. And now I wonder how long before Diamond blows up at Apple Bloom, if that'll happen while none of her family's around.

I hope to see more of this story soon, while all of this is still relatively fresh from re-reading it, or at least, it not to be another long wait like this one was, perhaps (the longest so far between chapters). Oh, and will send you a note with some edits to make in this chapter, if you're still looking on some things that would need to be fixed. :twilightsmile:

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