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When Trixie accidentally opens a portal to Downtown City, insanity insues as Blythe and the seven pets enter the world of Equestria. With help from the Mane Six, can they ever get back home? And what do two mysterious figures want with the pets?

(Quite clearly a crossover between My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Littlest Pet Shop. Cover art belongs to rmsaun98722 and was made for this story, so permission to use was given.)

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And the world stood still...

I'm unsure if I should post more chapters now or wait until later...I do have 14 done, you know. Thoughts? (if you're nice enough to comment) :fluttershysad:


Don't upload multiple chapters at once. :fluttercry:

I'm not sure if you're new, if so let me be the first to say for some reason some people will dislike on impulse (I'm not one of those people) if you don't follow a certain set of silent guidelines lol. People I noticed tend to often get annoyed when someone uploads multiple chapters at once, I know it sounds weird but it happens. Also it's probably best for you to get some sort of cover photo, majority of the time anything is better than nothing.

Well either way I like this story. :pinkiehappy::pinkiesad2: I thought it was a really cool crossover.

Well, to answer your question, yes, I am new here. I just joined today, as a matter of fact. The reason I posted multiple chapters at once is that I was told by another commenter that it was okay, and I already have 14 written. I wonder why people are annoyed by that...:unsuresweetie: Suspicious. :ajsleepy: I was planning to upload the rest of the chapters tomorrow...this means I shouldn't, then?

And I would have a cover image, but my laptop doesn't allow me to put them on, hence no avatar. I'm going to try to fix it tomorrow, though. Thanks for your help.:twilightblush:

One every day or three might be good, that's what I try to do:twilightsmile:

I would recommend practicing your character development a bit more, as not everyone will have seen littlest pet shop. It also helps to describe each character, like you did with Trixie, rather than leave it to the imagination. Just my personal thoughts but great so far.

hmmm, ok, you have great world building skills and you're character building/descriptions have improved a lot. However in my opinion, the story has become unbelievable only for the reason that Blythe seems a little too eager to be a pony. I would have huge reservations and it would make me feel quite apprehensive. What if I couldn't change back, it didn't work properly, etc. Again this is just a personal opinion, the plot...... hehe, plot :eeyup: ...
Anyway, the plot is completely up to you. One last thing, and this is a problem I used to have; your story is too fast, slow down.

I'm enjoying the villains you created, as they are not some evil monsters like is seen in other crossovers. They can be selfish but not to an entirely unreasonable level.
I would not mind seeing how each pet interacts with the mane six and their thoughts on their extended stay in Equestria. Maybe a chapter dedicated to each pet? I kind of see how some people think that the plot is moving too quickly but I thought the chapters involving Z&B were very well paced.

This is by far the most popular LPS fan-fiction written. It is the number one fan-fiction on Pet Shop Daily, and I can't wait to see how big it becomes.

Seriously, people? Someone has already downvoted this? Just because it's an LPS crossover doesn't mean it's terrible. Please read it before you judge. I'm not saying you have to like it, but again, seriously?

awwww so cute fussing over a downvote. it wouldnt be a good story if it didnt attract haters, little word of advice


I'm sorry? I am brand new to this site, and a downvote may not offend other people, but it offends me. Please explain to me how this will attract haters - I would think haters just wouldn't read it. And I'd appreciate a nice comment for the story itself, not just what I've put in the Author's Note.

Comment posted by Dawn-Designs-Art deleted Jun 9th, 2013

finally, the shit is going to hit the fan! =3

All right! Poneh time, next stop on the tour of Equestria! :pinkiehappy:

I'm guessing lack of flight will be an issue between Blythe and Dash as I read on... :rainbowhuh: <What kinda pegasus cant fly?!)

nice to see you've updat6ed. =3

hint: replace ''xxx'' for ['hr'] (without the ' tags) This will create a nice line.

also, Equestria Girls good? seriously? Except for the animation and VA it was the worst movie I have ever seen - This includes G3. The amount of contradictions, out-of-characters, plot holes, lore breakers, etc etc is almost even worse than Mass Effect 3. It broke the principles behind FIM and the entire universe was rendered meaningless, especially the Elements of Harmony. Some substansiation: https://vimeo.com/69694950

Anyway, nice chapter! :twilightsmile:


Hey, it's my opinion. -shrug- :raritywink: Just saying what I thought.

Also, thanks! *goes to fix lines*

2882330 I agree with tha author one this one dude, Equestria Girls was good, its not even in my horrible movie list, an I know movies, most people look at movies for what they think they should be instead of for what they are and were meant to be. Thats why I dont trust others for telling me about movies, I loved After Earth, I loved Alien Resurrection, I liked Son of the Mask, and I hated a majority of the pokemon movies, and I loved Equestria Girls, it was suppose to be a good movie, meant to be, well, a movie, and it had some funny parts in it, I mean come on, who didn't laugh at the ridiculousness of the villain girl turning into a demoness. Look back it in the movie and you will laugh, its just hilarious. I mean, its so cliche that I cant help but laugh.

Remember what happened with Scout. You can be a spy.



Episode Eleven of Littlest Pet Shop: Books and Covers. :raritywink:

In spite of knowing next to nothing about Littlest Pet Shop, I find I'm actually enjoying myself, and not just by virtue of the Mane Six. Great read.

Can you show a link to a picture of what Blythe looks like as a pony? Or did you already? :derpytongue2:

Sweetie Belle is best Cutie Mark Crusader. 'nuff said.

NO!!! SCOOTALOO IS!!! :scootangel: Applebloom is worst :/

Something tells me that at the end of the story Blythe cannot return to human form because of Starswirl's ''fail safe'' in the spell. :rainbowderp:

Comment posted by SpyketheRAWRCat deleted Sep 15th, 2013

:ajsmug: Things I liked:
1. I could believe that Trixie would just leave the portal there unattended, which would lead to everything.

:ajbemused:Things to work on:
1. The scene with the Pets [I’ll call them that to save time] could’ve been a lot more deeper and had a lot more going on other than a short conversation. It just kind of felt rushed. You could’ve used this time to explain every one of the characters so the reader would feel more comfortable with them.

1. I could tell who was the focus from the very first sentence. Yay.
2. I personally don’t know Littlest Pet Shop, so this would be a perfect opportunity to see these new characters and try to pick up on their personalities uninterrupted.

All I see in this opening is a generic “whisk away to Equestria” opening, and I hope this won’t be the same, such as almost every single human-in-Equestria stories. It does explain how they got to Equestria, but other than that, there’s really nothing else to say. So pretty much this story is shifter foreword and all the hooks that draw in the readers will have to be in the next chapter.

I will safely give this a 7.6/10 for explaining the transportation but still having it feel unoriginal.


Review for My Littlest Pet Shop: Escape from Equestria Chapter 1: Where, What, Why?
:pinkiesmile:Things I liked:
1. You added a lot of setting of the surrounding, and this allows people to see what you want them to see.
2. Now that you have had more of the pets talk, I’m starting to get a feel for each of their personalities. This will help make the story seem more alive which is good to get people to read it through.

Things to work on:

1. If Blythe knew that Zoe doesn’t like to be hugged, why did you try to?
2. I certainly hope that this villain is not the generic villain but actually has a motivation and a reason. I’ll be watching for that.

This was a well written chapter, though small, but had so much information in it. We got the character’s personalities; their first time in Equestria, the meeting of Twilight, there was a lot to go through. On top of that, you added in some brilliant imagery. But I couldn’t really get a feel for Blythe yet, don’t know if that is just from the show or not, but I hope that I can see that later, it just felt awkward for me a little bit, but don’t worry about that. I’m sure that will be sorted out later.

I think this chapter deserves a 9.7/10 mainly for the character personalities and imagery.


Review for My Littlest Pet Shop: Escape from Equestria Chapter Two
Paranormal Activity

There really isn’t anything to talk or do about this since this is only the other side of the last chapter and was only redoing what was done with a different point of view.

1. Aww, why did Twilight thank Rainbow instead of Fluttershy?

Review for My Littlest Pet Shop: Escape from Equestria Chapter 3: The Library
:rainbowkiss:Things I liked:
1. You did well on going with Twilight’s canon personality. I could immediately identify this when had answered the math problem.
2. I like how you don't change everyone into ponies the minute they arrive in Equestria. It made this store stand so much more from the rest because of that.

:rainbowwild:Things to work on:
1. Blythe just feels so generic, it’s awkward for me whenever she speaks. She just sounds like the all-around nice, trusting, compassionate person with no flaws, and I hate that so much about certain characters.

1. Twilight is such an egghead from answering that math problem.
3. I’m so nervouscited about their adventures in Equestria.

I like to think of this chapter as one of the best so far in terms of what is going on, everyone’s personalities are starting to affect others in good and bad ways, and Twilight now has sowed the seeds of a new adventure to which I actually can’t wait to see. The biggest problem with this was Blythe, and I don’t know if this was because of show, I think it might be because it seems like you’re following canon all the way through. But not to worry about it and I will see you at the next review.



Once again, nothing really to talk about here other than Blythe wasn't very smart here because she accepted being a pony far far too quickly. The imagery was good, could've been a little better, but it still shows the world you want to show.

Please respond to these reviews so I at least know your thoughts on this and so I know that I'm going at this story in the right way. Thank you.


I have enjoyed reading your reviews so far, and I think that your problem with Blythe is that you haven't seen LPS. She's actually quite conflicted most of the time, and this will be shown in Chapters Seven and maybe Eight. :twilightsmile: But thank you for the reviews, you're doing an excellent job!

:raritywink:Things I liked:
1. A pony with a human name. At least you didn't change it to try and make it sound ponyish. I could go so far and say that this was one of the first true personalities shown by Blythe that she really didn't think much about telling Spike her real name. I kind of liked that as it makes her seem less Mary Sue as was kind of shown in the beginning of the story.

:raritydespair:Things to work on:
1. The only thing I can truly complain about is when Twilight was introducing Fluttershy and Rainbow. The dialog and the narration felt somewhat forced, like it didn't flow or have a rhythm to it, which would make it feel less awkward if it did.

:rainbowderp:Comments: Derp

:derpyderp1:All-in-All: It was an okay chapter, pushed things along and introduced more characters. What more could I really say without sounding like I'm pulling a rabbit out of a hat. I liked it.

:derpyderp2:Score: 9.2/10


:pinkiesmile:Things That I Liked:
1. I can believe that Twilight would tell her friends behind Blythe’s back due to the show’s episode of when she did the same thing.

:pinkiesad2:Things That Need Work:
1. It would’ve been a much more meaningful inner-conflict of Twilight if you had waited for her to start feeling guilty, because we would’ve gotten her not feeling so, and slowly it would begin to eat her away until it gets so bad that she would have to tell her friends. At the speed and almost randomness that this one was, it just didn’t feel as effective as it should’ve been.

1. I can’t wait to see what Minka and Pinkie would do together, that would would be like a match in heaven.

This chapter didn’t have as much of an effect as much as it should’ve been from the speed of which Twilight’s inner conflict seemed to go at an unbelievable speed. But other than that, it was still believable with personality of the characters and it still continued the plot of the story.

I think of this chapter to be a 7.6/10.


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