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But a lot of ponies seem to think I’m constantly floating on that figurative cloud in the sky. Cloud 9, or whatever. I’m sidekick to the Princess, the Element of Magic herself! Great, right? Wrong.

Nothing happening can be worse, on rare occasion, then something happening. Spike knows how this feels, and takes his feelings to the Elements' journal.


Based off of a prompt given to me by Titanium Dragon. "Sometimes, the worst thing that can happen is nothing at all."

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Now if only the show's writers would read that journal entry.

Too bad Spike gets nothing in the show

I'm glad I could help inspire you. I'm two for two on proposing story prompts to people in random blog entries. Apparently I have found my true calling. :raritywink:

Great work as always, Driz. :rainbowkiss:
I've always, personally, always wanted to read a Spike fic based around this concept... Now, here it is! :pinkiehappy:

When you said that you were proud of this piece, you had a reason. It's very good! :raritystarry:

Another great and touching Spike fic. :scootangel::heart: The ending is especially cute :twilightblush: Awesome job! :rainbowkiss:

JBL #8 · Apr 8th, 2014 · · ·

4201664 Yep, time to retire as a writer. :rainbowlaugh:

Amazing, simply amazing.

Is it me or does Spike look really ticked off in that pic?


No, he's wearing an eyepatch

Ah yes, I think I read that one. I think I did anyway. :trixieshiftleft:

Well sometimes when you're down you need a cute fic to make you smile and feel happy inside. This is one of those fics

Happy tears...I needed this, I really did.


4200402 I think the reason why they don't include Spike very often is because the unusual animation model isn't always in the budget. I imagine that's the same reason why they rarely use the Princesses except in short parts or during Season Finales. The hair must be a nightmare to animate both monetarily and logistically.

All of which is to say, the writers know how the fanbase feels about Spike (especially prevalent in the Season Three opener, Power Ponies and Equestria Girls), but have trouble including him regardless.

This is an absolutely adorable story. I really liked how you captured Spike's character, and Twilight's solution to the problem was also really nice. Overall, an awesome read. Have a like, fave and watch.

4206941 I really don't think it's a question of animation cost. They've got four years of Spike animations at this point; next to the standard pony body he's probably the character with the most art assets. If they can afford all new art for Twilicorn, I doubt Spike is going to break the bank.

Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 actually provides an interesting example. Spike appears early on playing the snare drum and directing the play - both of which seem like they would require lots of new art. Then he disappears from the final act - even though standing on the ground holding a flash card could easily be done with preexisting Spike art. It's like once we switched from the comedy to the drama the writers forgot Spike existed.

4207964 Ah, but you see, Spike doesn't sell the way Twilicorn does. Even though they do have a lot of stock animation built up for Spike, it's the getting him to interact with the other animated stuff that's a problem, I imagine. They could have him standing in the background in some of the scenes they usually don't show him in, but that would be one extra crowd animation they feel they don't need.

My theory is also backed up by the lack of foals in crowd shots not involving schools, despite there logically being some that would be there, the fact that only Dash is ever flying in groups not in Cloudsdale and the fact that we only see unnamed mules, minotaurs or goats when they are important to the plot. Griffons break the trend by having a singular appearance in a large crowd of flier during Rainbow Falls, but that's it.

4207992 Sorry, I just don't buy it. The CMC and Big Mac, who are also unique art assests, were used two different times in the flying over town scene from Testing Testing 1, 2, 3. They also took the effort to design background ponies wearing historical Wonderbolt uniforms. I don't know much about animation but I doubt all of that was cheaper than drawing Spike holding up a flash card.

No, I think the economics involved are exactly what you said at the beginning:

Spike doesn't sell the way Twilicorn does.

Spike isn't popular with most of the fandom nor the target demographic. And that's why he gets left out - because no one's pushing for him to be included.

4208118 He's actually hugely popular in the fandom, though he sells poorly, too. That said, the CMC and Big Mac have almost as many character appearances as Spike and don't necessarily need speaking roles. Besides which, it is easier to animate all bipeds or all quadripeds. I think it's a combination of his not selling very well and his having an awkward animation model to utilize. I mean, Cadance is in way more episodes than she needs to be (most of them written by Megan McCarthy...), but she also sells quite well. By contrast, despite selling quite well, Luna is in very few episodes (though almost as many as Celestia at this point) because her mane must be a nightmare to animate.

Huh, I could have sworn I've seen this cover picture used before for another slice of life story that's only eleven words longer... :rainbowlaugh:

Liked and faved. :twilightsmile:


Coincidentially, I saw your story a day or so after I posted this one. Weird! :twilightsheepish:

4201664 May I have a prompt pretty please? :fluttershysad:

I have opinions, but I guess I'll keep them to myself.

Spike needs more love.

Really great story, btw.

Cute, and aye. Spike needs more airtime.

Le :moustache:

Randomly stumbled across this, and glad I did. I've always though there needed to be more Spike. He's a great balance to Twilight and he's often smart enough to see what she can't. When Twilight was freaking out in lesson zero, who was it who just calmly went ahead and did the right thing? Also the pair of them snark so effectively at each other.

welp no one can complain after the Equestria game ep since Spike has a FREAKING empire thinks he the greatest thing since slice bread.

I love stories that address and rectify Spike's often sad situation. Aside from the awkwardness of Twilight resurrecting childhood role-playing and kicking it off in the split-second he wakes up, this was a nice one.

4337564 The episode was indeed more than most of us dared hope for, but much of the fandom's still too busy bitching about missing the sporting event to care. It's also probably the only satisfying Spike-support (or even mane seven) episode we're gonna get for a long while. He'll be part of the season finale, but how much compared to the other six, I wonder?

Love it. Love it love it love it. :heart: :twilightsmile: :rainbowkiss:

That ending was so cute and heartwarming just oh my god.

Been on read later list for months, finally read it.
Short and sweet. Spike deserves more.

D,aaw meter is officially broken!

Sometimes an empire at their feet isn't what someone wants or needs, but rather the love and compassion of the ones closest to them. If the ones you hold nearest and dearest to your heart don't care about you, it won't matter if the whole world loves you, because they don't, and they're the ones who're important to you.


i love it all of it

With Spike being my favorite character I can't help but love this story :heart:

Perfect. Exactly how Spike deserves to be treated!

Twilight needs to treat Spike just the littlest bit less like a servant and more like her adoptive son/brother. I wish the show would anyway. Spike and Twilight are easy to write good stories for. You think the show would do more of it. :\

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