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I'm a guy who loves Video Games and is a Brony. I get different ideas for the mane six and mostly into game crossovers.


Dan Phantom, the most powerful and dangerous ghost has escape from his Prison and discover about Equestria. He heads there and brings back a old foe know as Nightmare Moon! With two super strong beings casing terror where ever they go, no one is safe. But a light shine in the darkness as their good-selves, Danny Phantom and Princess Luna, stand up to fight them. Crossover with Danny Phantom. One of my favorite nicktoons shows and where my user name come from.

I'm not good with long descriptions, sorry. Feel free to add anything.

Cover belongs to littlewashu45

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3953749 Sorry, but what do you mean by that?:rainbowhuh: Never mind I think I fix it.

4018881 So that means what? You hate it? I did have this a romance earlier but remove it.

good story. I wonder why so many downvotes though? This story is pretty cool.

4111431 Looks like the other people don't think so. This story is one down vote away from being cancelled.

4111710 I use to have romance in this but remove it, because I had it as a DannyXLuna. I have nothing against DannyXSam but I see those way to much.

4111746 I see. interesting pairing. I'd have loved to see how that worked out. ^^

4111767 For now, I just making them friends. To save this story, I need the likes to out vote the dislikes.

Awesome chapter. Dash better take what Luna said to heart or he'll never get sleep. Nightmares, lots of nightmares, That's a clever threat she pulled. Heh and stealing his belt, classic. :twilightsmile: Also awesome that it's reached 8 likes now. It's getting closer to having more likes than dislikes finally.

4576723 The stealing belt idea is some I got from another cartoon. It was so funny, I had to add it in.

4576863 I see. Awesome. :twilightsmile: Will Dash do anything stupid by chance? After Luna's threat I kinda wanna see her give him nightmares. Maybe something involving the teddy bears he keeps in the closet and being kicked off the football team as well as other clever things.

4576973 Don't know yet. I need some time to plan out the next chapter.

4577078 ok then. ....XD I just imagined Luna threatening to destroy all the teddy bears in the world including Dash's if he doesn't stop bullying others in his nightmare. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

4577126 That is funny but I'm not sure what going on just yet in the next chapter.

Good chapters so far and I love the pacing of your story also. I cant wait to read the next chapter:)

I don't like how they keep using the term good self:unsuresweetie:

5051222 You understand why right? Luna was free from being evil and Danny prevent himself from becoming evil. Dan exist outside of time and brought Nightmare Moon back, so Danny and Luna are the good-selves of their evil-selves.

>>phanton fan 21 i know it just doesn't sound right

5051296 It ok. As long as you like the story, I'm fine with it.

... you need a grammar check bad .....then again I shouldn't be talking

3953994 no, no you didn't. If you Email this chapter to stewartbrian44@gmail.com I shall fix it. I also shall check my emails every Monday and Friday.

5051222 meh, could be worse, I cant stand the horrid grammar

Luna smile as her sister walk away. Once she disappear around the corner, her smile faded. The really reason she was so tried that it was because of nightmares she keeps having. She hasn't told anypony about it. She is the princess of the night and she get nightmares, she was afraid if the others found out, she maybe laugh at. She shook her head and started to head for her room.

Too late

"To tell you the truth, I really had a hard time making this form. And I can't get the hang of walking on two legs." Luna said and try to walk only to fall over.


Not bad pleasse update

9517473 I still plan on it, I just got busy with others stories. But that doesn't mean I'm quitting this story. The next chapter has been in works, I just never finished it.

Interesting story so far I hope one day there will be an update

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