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Created in response to a prompt from Lordfrieza on the Humanized Ponies forum.

One usually looks like a real mess when they first get up in the morning. But what about waking up and nothing about yourself looks familiar? You're certain you're still the same pony you were when you went to sleep, but now, can you even call yourself a pony?

Kids are waking up all over Ponyville in strange looking bodies. What effect will this have on them? Their families? Their lives?

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Interesting, very. Anyway I'm available for some editing for yer next chapters so if you need an editor jus email me at lightningdash0@gmail.com when u have a draft I can look at. As earlier said, well done, continue writing.

With Twilight as one of the characters, I'm guessing this is her doing and I'm also guessing she's doing this to make other experience the same experience she did in the human world.

4656465 Close, but not quite. Just sit tight and you'll see. I would have added more characters, but five's the limit.

4656475 She was trying to perform a new magic trick, but it somehow failed

You're free to keep guessing, but I'm not telling. :raritywink:

4656503 Okay, but now I'm not guessing about what happen. With Sweetie Belle as one of the characters, I'm guessing she's a friend of Button Mash, might also add that he has a crush a Sweetie Belle since those two are usually paired up


Call it what you will, but I love those two together. I'm probably not going to have them interact in this until probably near the end. Since I wanted these all to happen in the same day, I'm keeping the incidents seperate from one another. But I am going to do Sweetie Belle next.

Fantastic job, and I'll see about getting the chapter I was doing finished and out before long.

I like how this turned out.


So.....is every colt and filly going to have the same problem or just button?

this is really good hope you will continue it please.

It does say, "children of Ponyville", so yes.

Oh. I should also mention right now that I will take suggestions for any filly or colt they want to see go through this experience, as my scope of knowledge on the foals of Ponyville is actually kind of small. I'll tell you if I'm already thinking of including them or if I don't know enough about them to produce a quality chapter.

Interesting premise, you have garnered my attention. I look forward to more. I would like to see pip's reaction if you plan on including him.

After the next chapter I'd like to see the rumored Princess Skyla.

I was planning on a chapter with him. I just don't know what to do with him.

Don't know enough, except that she's probably Shining's kid. I might keep this just localized to Ponyville, idk yet.

Keep in mind. If you do scootaloo you'll have to choose between the orphan scoots or the parents are never metioned scoots

I was actually thinking of a middle ground and have the "parents are rarely home" scoots. She seems like a latchkey kid.

4661868 yes yes, very nice. I wonder... Spike isn't a filly. But he is a child. I wonder if there's a loop hole there...

Do they have some clothes? you know our parts are more visible than in most animals

apart from that this is gonna be fun

*innocent whistle*
Seriously, though, I'm still trying to figure out whether I want Spike to change or not. If I did, he'd have the easiest time adjusting, being bipedal and digital already. I'd have to think of how I want his design to be as a human, too, but I have a few good references.

See, I felt that it would be weirder for them to wake up as a human with clothes on, because it would be like, "Where the hell did these come from?" I also felt it would be lazy if I did, since I wanted to challenge myself in this story by making the descriptions of their human bodies as vague as possible using terminology that the characters themselves would be familiar with. Since the citizens of Ponyville don't seem to have a nudity taboo, I didn't really see the kids being all that freaked out about being naked. Hell, even for humans, kids don't really care about being naked; Ask any parent. Not being a pony anymore would take more precedence, I believe. So long as it's tasteful, what's the harm?

4662677 the biggest thing that would happen if it happened to spike would be Twilight 'cause we all know what she can be like when there's no explanation.:pinkiecrazy: Mhahahahahahaha *cough cough!* swallowed a fly.

4662549 and they'd all notice how cold it would get.

You know what? I think that just might have pushed me towards doing a Spike chapter. I did want Twilight to get involved, after all.

4662722 your welcome my good sir. *tips the top hat*

Please continue, good sir.

Be interesting to see Sweetie Belle meet with Button Mash!

Oooh, I hope you do Diamond Tiara at some point! Or Pipsqueak; he'd be cool!

I knew Rarity would act like that.

I'm guessing Scootaloo's next.

I am planning on both DT and Pip. And I might have some interaction with the kids.

Rarity just can't help it when she gets an idea. Lordfrieza's chapter with Applebloom is next, then Scootaloo.

Marvelous! Simply Marvelous!:raritystarry:

After all the wake ups you could make them all meet in the main plaza. Also do Dinky please.

Plaza. That sounds much better than the library. And yes, I do plan to include Dinky.

I admire this story. Never seen anyone do any story like this.... so far. Me likey, but I do have one question Is she wearing clothes?

If she was, I would have described them in the story. I already disscussed that in this post:
Again, it's tasteful, and it passed mods, so it's good.

So is this phenomenon happening JUST in Ponyville, or to ALL foals, everywhere?

What about little unborn foals still inside their mothers? How're they gonna come out in the maternity ward?

And speaking of little foals… this is happening to Pound and Pumpkin Cake too, isn't it?

I wanna keep it localized to Ponyville because of the reason why it's happening. I actually didn't think about what might be happening in a maternity ward in a hospital, so I think I'll give it a mention in a future chapter. Same with Pound and Pumpkin, since a full chapter on them would be a waste of time, imo.

It is so good I cant wait to read the other chapters.:twilightsmile:

No surprise here good to see rainbow could keep scoots calm .. er

Gah, get some clothes on them already! It's bad enough that my OCD imagination won't imagine them with even a shred of cloth on because it hasn't been rectified in this story yet!

Gah, get some clothes on them already! It's bad enough that my OCD imagination won't imagine them with even a shred of cloth on because it hasn't been rectified in this story yet!

Hello, your "Editie" here. I think that you should make chapters called:
Connor - Button's Human Counterpart.
Jade - Sweetie Belle's human counterpart
Sara - Apple Bloom's human counterpart.
Maxine - Scootaloo's human counterpart.
in that order. Just use the names, please.
The chapters would be about the filly's human counterparts, and how they cope with being turned into ponies.

Sorry about your imagination, dude. The clothes issue will be resolved in time once Rarity gets going. For now, you might just have to put up with it because it just makes sense to me. Plus, why would naked children bug you? :rainbowhuh:

Eh, that would make sense if they were switched with themselves from a human universe. But that is not the case. You're more than free to write that out yourself, though. I think it would be an interesting read.

Thank you. I hope I can keep up the quality as I go, if not get better.

Yeah, let's face it. If Dash saw something like this happen, she'd be more stoked than scared. If it happened to her, however, I think the reaction would be a little different.

Okay, and for everypony, let's get a vote on the next chapter I write. I'm deciding if I should do Dinky and Pip's next (yes, I'm putting their stories together) or do the chapter on Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Either way, after I do both, I'm gonna have the CMC meet up and finally get some clothes from Rarity.

Dinky and Pip

Welp. That settles it. Dinky and Pip's chapter is up next! Once I finish it, of course.

Awesome addition, but you SHOULD, no you NEED to put in chapters for their human counterparts. Please? :fluttershysad: Pretty please? :fluttercry:


Actually, I was thinking about it, and I might just put it as a seperate story entirely. Call it "The Other Side". The reactions would be different, and I'd have to make a different cause, but I think I'm up to that challenge.

I can't wait to for the next chapter!

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