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Fluttershy and Coco Pommel are clearly head over hooves for each other, yet both are simply too shy to confess their true feelings. Rarity decides to fix this.

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Looking forward to reading this.

This was cute! I hadn't even considered CocoShy as a pairing before and now that you've written this, I find the pairing to be adorable!:raritystarry:

I need moar of this right now ;w; that was so cute :heart:

And adorableness ensued.

I love the idea of this ship it is the most adorable thing ever. I love you're you wrote Rarity her character was spot on and she made me smile as the over excited friend helping the two shy ponies come together like they were meant to be.
Great job :ajsmug:

I don't know how I didn't consider this before seeing your story. I also don't know why I waited for over a week to read this after finding it--that was a mistake. What beautiful writing. :twilightsmile:

I do have a couple of suggestions:

‘Well, duh, silly filly, I just made them by combining some of the words that I found outside of the forth –'

If this was meant to be an allusion to Pinkie's physics-breaking powers, I believe you meant "fourth" (number four) rather than "forth" (forward).

falling for another pony via means of letters and words is interesting, ...

You may want to rewrite this part of this sentence. It would be more correct to say "via exchange of letters," or even better, "by means of exchanging letters," but the way it's currently written feels wrong and probably is.

Other than that, the whole thing is virtually flawless! I don't say that lightly, either; I love the premise, the dual-timeline organization, and the voluptuous exposition. Your use of vocabulary is both intelligent and easy to understand, and all of the featured characters are well-represented. As would say the great Arin Hanson, "TEN OUTTA TEN!"

I extol and endorse this "fantabulous" work of literature. :raritywink: Good day to you.

Aww so cute :yay::heart::insertcocopommeliconhere:

I found your story after seeing this picture and wanting to read a story about that ship. I can't believe this is the only one so far.

“But of course! You only design costumes for the musical tours in all of Equestria!”

Was there supposed to be a superlative between "the" and "musical"? Like "largest" or "most famous" or something?

Comment posted by Mat2468xk deleted May 10th

Very sweet and cute. Bravo.

5158751 Do you think you could come up with one yourself?

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