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MLP/Terminator Crossover

Since Judgment Day, Humanity has been fighting a costly war against Skynet with millions dying each year. Despite their best chances they continue to lose engagements, and those they win are at a heavy cost.

Parker is a renegade I-950 fighting for the Resistance against the Machines when an operation to destroy a Time Machine sends him to Equestria. But unknown to him, and the ponies that inhabit the peaceful land, he is not the only one from the war who made it through.


Constructive criticism is appreciated.

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 113 )

A rewrite! :pinkiegasp: Looks good, though I did pick up on a few errors:

“That supposed to be a reflected of what I said,”

I'm not really sure what this is supposed to say.

You’re internal systems working?

It should be 'your'.

Fixed, and glad to have someone who tells me stuff

NEW CHAPPY'S! Even if they are re-written.


"Come with me if you want to live..."

Why would they leave that line out???

1391385 lol idonu :rainbowderp: keep up the good work with the stories

ok i just gotta say one critical thing wich you did before the rewrite and i still think its kinda stupid.
hes a machiene right? well you now have to clear atleast one thing up with me. does he have a heart? cause if he does him getting tired and eating will make sense other wise if he is a proper terminator he wouldnt need sleep he wouldnt get hungry and it would take more then a kick to the head to knock him out
so basicly what iim asking is is this a terminator like the one in salvation? with a heart and brain?


He's an I-950. This explains it a lot more clearer than I can: http://terminator.wikia.com/wiki/I-950 :pinkiehappy:

Marcus, on the other hand, is not an I-950

1430542 Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

1430554 aaah so its basicly a human that has undergone massive cybernetic enhancements. well that makes sence now.

She had closed her multiple times..... I think you have missed the word eyes :twilightsmile:

he's getting to easy captured. that's my opinion dock.


Fixed and thanks. Here's a Pinkie Pie: :pinkiehappy:


I love opinions :pinkiesmile:

1432733 I don't know I am supposed to feel insulted or be glad that you answered my comment.

still, I want to see where this is going.

1432889 No, I really do love other people's opinions. It's like criticism, they help me develop as a writer. All I ask is for most people to give honest opinions about how I'm doing so I can make changes when necessary. Please don't feel insulted. :fluttercry:

1432916 no danger. all I was saying was that they captured him to easily. I mean. he's a guy that are a veteran from a global war for survival and he is half machine so i just thought he would put up more of a fight then just get knocked out so easily by Big mac.

you better make up for it by making sure he kick some ass or flank in this case in Canterlot.

1433512 Don't worry. I got lots of ideas for Canterlot :pinkiecrazy:

Left out something important in the last chapter. I put it back in. Don't blame me. :P :pinkiehappy:

Thank, Celestia.

I think you're supposed to remove the comma there.

Nice to see a new revised chapter, and you changed the cover image, too.

Also, "Mane 6" is a fanmade term for them, not actually canon. If you wanted to use a more official term, you would be better off using the Elements of Harmony.

I've been considering it, actually. It's just that Mane Six had a certain ring to it.

Planned to upload two chapters at the same time. Planned to do a double post as a surprise but I wanted to upload this one now. Next chapter is half-way done. I've been working on these two all week. :pinkiehappy:

And also, I've had a long time to think about it but I'm gonna keep using the term "Mane Six". Reason why: It's easier for me to refer to them as, so if you don't like me using the term (which was surprising) I'm sorry, but it's how it is.

You should include Lyra. I wonder what she would think of Parker.

Great story.

I see you kept the little trolling part with the T-X returning to the forrest :trollestia:

Did anyone here manage to catch the little joke I put in?

I'm sorry, which joke? The owl mafia joke? I thought it was clever, but I get the feeling that's not what you're talking about.


After Scootaloo saw the coast was clear, she hurriedly crossed the street to the other side...

Look carefully at what it says

1648071 OH MY FUCKING GOD! HA! Dear god, that made my day.


MAKE TWI PONY INTO UNICORN MEAT!!!!!!!!!@^&%*#$:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Need more need more NEED MORE!!:flutterrage:

Go talk to Lyra. She loves humans.

YES! I do love Terminator and I do love Crossovers.. I'm curious is the 888 from the Sarah TV show? I loved that one it had some pretty neat ideas that would not of worked in the movies.

1714576 T-888's originated from the TV series, which I wished they still showed because I never got a chance to watch it. Sparky my a Terminator OC

This is exciting. I see minimal errors and what errors there are can be simply read over without a second thought. I have always been a fan of the Terminator franchise and when I finally found this, I thought it would be something of a poorly written spin-off. I couldn't have been more wrong. Each chapter brings a new layer to the conflict and each layer brings the action that the Terminator franchise is known for. I will be following this just as, if not more, closely than others that I read. Overall, I like it.


1725757 If you're a fan of Terminator, I made a group dedicated to the series. Though we still need more stories posted

By far my longest chapter yet. Hope you guys like it :pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::pinkiehappy:

A possibly war filled story. But it has Terminators.... not that I like Terminators that much... buttt.... Ponies could make it bawse. I SHALL READ IT!

Holy #@%@##@%#$@#$^%^%^^^%*%^#@$!@

How have I not seen a terminator fic?

I'm embarrassed.

Like the ending there

“It doesn’t bother me much. In fact, this place kinda reminds me of home. We have magic to regulate our lives.”

Do you mean "Don'thave magic to regulate our lives", or is he comparing it to technology or something?

Cliffhanger... oh cliffhangers.... but MOAR :flutterrage:

1758236 Yes, thank you! :pinkiesmile: I hate it when I overlook something like that when I'm editing! :ajbemused:

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