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Diamond Tiara had recently gotten her fabulous cutie mark, and she absolutely loved rubbing it in the faces of her less fortunate class mates, especially the blank-flanks that went to her school.

With her cute-ceañera just around the corner, she decides to mock them by inviting them to her party, though after teasing Sweetie Belle just a little too much, the unicorn filly's still-developing powers cause Diamond to receive a Double, one with a personality almost completely opposite to hers.

Starts right before "Call of the Cutie"

Chapters (4)
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:ajbemused::ajsleepy: ZzZzZzZzZZZzZzzZzZzZZz:applejackconfused::applejackunsure: whaaaaa

one of the few episodes i did see over here in Germany and i still didn´t see that one. huh.

I hope this wil be like in the Anime call Air Gear where she wear a eye picth over one eye and they shaer that body like when she go put it on the left is all agner and piss like her rule self but and the right side of the eye she an happy little thing

Dat last line. Of course the first thing to enter my mind is: http://youtu.be/iwK21L-zqDM?t=2m24s

Are they gonna start dancing? Please tell me they're gonna start dancing :3

Color me curious as to where this will go.

I'm picturing a sort of seperation of traits, like what happened in Animorphs once when Rachel morphed a starfish and got cut in half. One half of her got Rachel's aggression, but none of her smarts. The other half was timid, but could actually think straight.

Something similar may well have happened here.

Wouldn't a parallel personality be almost the same rather than a nearly opposite one like Royal Blue seems to have? :rainbowhuh:

3324155 Okay, made a big mistake right there. I fixed it.

Thank you.

Why am I thinking of Jackie CHan Adventures except Jackie got two heads one had his Agression and the Other the Jackie we know and Love

No, Sweetie is the dad. Diamond is the mom.

Interesting start to a take on the old 'Evil Twin' shtick or the doppelganger.

3357335 thanks! ZzZzZzZzzzzzzZzZzZzZzZzZZzZz:twilightsmile:

Oh wow, that vector came out awesome! That cutie mark fits her perfectly too. xD

wow I honestly forgot this story. I think I need to borrow a pillow myself.

Nice to see more background ponies being put to some use!

The more I read about this the more I crave. Great. Now I have two stories I'm addicted to. Truly a Royal Blue Farm Diamond. Updates. UPDATES!

I hope this doesn't end on a sad note xD
"Do you like it? I drew it myself!" and then it becomes part of DT's wall. Such fine fine shall never be seen outside that room.

*breaks cookie in half* Trade you for another chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Oh this story is awesome and cute. :yay:
I really can´t wait for the next chapter to happen. Time to fav this. :pinkiehappy:

3921714 Glad you enjoy it. I am trying to get through the next few chapters before I upload again. Got a lot on my plate at the moment.

I wrote this like a day ago and just realized that I forgot to publish it.

I'm stupid.

Hope you don't mind if I point out some errors I spotted.

“I’ve just received your father’s payment. Your dress should dress should be ready to go.”

Extra 'dress should' here.

“You’re new outfit is, like, perfect for the party,” said Silver Spoon.

This is the wrong your. You're means you are; the apostrophe is in place of the space and the a.
You are new outfit is great for the party?

THey made their over to see a unicorn filly standing out in the open, away from everypony else.

Extra capital letter, and missing the word 'way?' They made their way over?

She never met Diamond Tiara up close and personal before, but now she wished she hadn’t.

She had never met Diamond Tiara?

“You’re name is Diamond Tiara, remember?”

Again, wrong your.

“All I know is that she appeared after you got hit by Sweaty Belle’s magic,” said Silver Spoon.

Sweaty Belle?

they ventured back into town.Maybe somepony would have a clue as who she was.

Missing space after town.

That's all I saw reading through it, hope I didn't bother you with this.

Another chapter! :twilightsmile:

There are so many of ponies here!

Extra 'of'?

Ya know, maybe she should-

What would she say that starts with 'she should?' I think maybe 'we should' would be better here.
...Also, if she's a double of Diamond Tiara, would she really say 'ya'?

She literally seemed convinced on this idea.

This is phrased oddly. Maybe something like, "She seemed certain this idea was true." or "She seemed to be sure this was right."

that technically makes were a mom.

Her? Not were?

“Where else was I suppose did I have to go?

I think you started to change this sentence, but then didn't. Should read,
"Where else was I supposed to go?
or "Where else did I have to go?

“We get it,” Diamond Tiara interrupted her.

What, the Royal We? Somehow I doubt this was intentional.
A simple "I get it," would do here :twilightsmile:

I'm stupid. Times two.

Thanks for pointing them out.

Sweaty Belle?

It was an insult.

4350480 Estimated time for next chapter? This is awesome! :rainbowkiss:

again, it bugs me not to point these out when I see them. I don't know if they're easy for you to fix, but at least you'll know they're there?:scootangel:

On Monday, we can go and get your registered for Miss Cheerilee’s class.”

I think you meant 'you' instead of 'your'.

Diamond Tiara did say about showing Royal Blue the town this morning.

Say she would show? Say something about showing?

“First thing’s first,”

First things first,

Diamond Tiara would have to postpone their tour wait until later.

The tour would have to wait until later, or Diamond Tiara would have to postpone their tour until later.

They went passed the front, trotting down the stone path over towards the front door.

Past, not passed. Or they passed the front, instead of going past it.

“Sure~, Blue. Now can we go?”


Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!!! Blue has a cruuuuuuuuuuush! I don't know why but I'm in a shippy mood today. Or at least since I saw Jessie and James dressed up as Ash and Duplica. Two ships in one! Ok I need to get to work on that so I can focus all my shippyness into something. Watch out Tumblr cause here comes Rose Romance!!!!

Just browsing along and suddenly see a story with cover art I drew on the front page :twilightsheepish:

With the 'Sweaty Belle' comment, I assume it was supposed to be an insult, rather than a typo.

Interresting so far.

This needs an Alternate Universe tag. :eeyup::twilightsheepish:

I just love this little blue filly :heart:
Awesome that you wrote a new chapter. :pinkiehappy:

4352736 Will the next chapter come out sooner?

Blue: The most innocent manipulator who will ever be cute at you :)

4353814 I'm like a quarter of the way done with the next chappie, which I want to get done within a week.

So, first impressions. This is a very cute story. Blue steals the show for showing such high energy. The only complaint I have is she's still in the one dimensional stage. I hope you are planning to expand her character, otherwise I might get turned off.

Despite these negativities, Spike approves! :moustache:

4356471 Don't worry. I do have plans for her in the long run.

This is quite a nice story that is going on here. I can't wait until the new chapter is out!:pinkiehappy:

Oh-ho-ho! :duck: Somebody has themselves a little crush on a baby dragon! I gotta wonder if RB is the TRUEST version of Diamond Tiara, the side of herself that she represses to keep an appearance of superiority. Why else would she like the Iron Pony Competition so much?

All I could think reading this;

I am thou...Thou art I...From the sea of thy soul, I come...

Yeah. Sweetie is the Dad. Not Diamond.

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