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Our World is in peril, and Gaia, the spirit of the Earth can no longer stand the amount of pollution plaguing her planet. So she created 5 magic rings each to be wielded by five youn-
Wait a minute........Where did they go?

When 2 teleportation spells interfere with each other, Gaia's chosen gang of Earth's protectors along with their super-powered guardian being find themselves off of Earth and into the magical land of Equestria. And when a malevolent alien spirit plans to destroy Equestria, it's up to Captain Planet, he Planeteers, and the Elements of Harmony to stop him.

Chapters (9)
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1st comment [And a Captain Planet Crossover Sweet!!!]


I didit to overcome sheer nostalgia. And the fact that no one had crossed this over yet.

Captain Planet.


I can't wait for a new chapter:ajsmug::ajsmug::twilightblush::pinkiehappy::raritystarry::yay::moustache:

Well all we need now is GI Joe and Swat Kats.

Him being the most outspoken and aggressive of the five, who else? I'm planning to use him a lot.

1666015 That's true he was a total hothead [Knowing him we will end up saying fire]

And if you ever watched the show, you noticed he was the only one with emotions and depth. the others were just smarter, but dull and flat.
That's why I liked Wheeler the most.

1666131 same with me actually that's why I liked him the most as well

[I also found this thing from robot Chicken that is Captain Planet related [

Will Captain Planet retain his normal form or is he going to be pony shaped as well?

you'll find out eventually. I'm not spoiling anything just yet.

1669590 Awwwww! But I hate surprises. Fine I'll wait but it isn't going to be patiently.

Sorry this took a little longer. I felt chapters 3 and 4 were too short, and took the time to introduce the ring powers.

I also wished this story got more views.

Captain Planets meets Ponies?! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS STORY! THANK YOU! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

:ajsmug: earth
:rainbowdetermined2: fire
:flutterrage: wind
:raritystarry: water
:pinkiehappy: heart
By your powers combined I am :twilightsheepish:

Sorry about the delay

This is my first fic, and I have no idea how to write a fight scene. Or how to clean up oil.

why does no one comment? (not being an attention whore)

I dunno. This story is good though.

That part where you have the eco-villains just hanging out playing cards was funny.

I had to do something.
If the Planeteers end up being gone for weeks, you'd think they'd do something like recreate Chernobyl for the fun of it in their absence.

1967959 I love this chapter a lot and the planetters can't wait for u to upload more chapters to this story I'll b waiting my friend

keep the chapters coming I'm loving this story a lot

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