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At home, aware that her sister is out there—beyond her grasp and beyond her ability to help—Rarity waits and despairs despite the support of her friends. And then... one day... Sweetie returns home.

Note: This is a side story to The Sweetie Chronicles: Fragments. It is not intended to be read on its own. (I mean, no one will stop you, but you will be confused.)

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...Huh. This is going to be interesting.

Oh my. This is going to hurt, isn't it? Still, I find myself looking forward to more.

Ooooohhh...I am looking forward to this. :pinkiegasp:

...Clearly, Rarity took Sweeite's absence even worse than I first thought...:unsuresweetie:

Well, I certainly didn't expect this. It feels like this is coming like five years early.

i just had a heart attack



had to check to make sure i didnt miss the ending to the other somehow

6414854 I think hurt is going to be an understatement :raritydespair:

Arad #8 · Sep 11th, 2015 · · 1 ·

Meanwhile, in a place not unlike the world that Rarity knew, an ancient and ageless being observed the events of Ponyville. "My gift has been delivered as intended. My debt is repaid in full," the shapeless creature said to the filly who was no longer there.

But, Fragments isn't over yet. Isn't a sequel too early when the first book isn't done?

Wrong universe. This one also has a Sweetie world hopping somewhere.


No, read that description. I'm calling it- some kind of interdimensional creature trying to take her place. might not even know it ISN'T her. Either way, I doubt that this would be released now if it was done- Fragments hasn't finished up yet. I bet you around the time Fragments finishes, the real Sweetie will show up, to fight this thing.


Oh damn. This is gonna be a fun one...

~Skeeter The Lurker

Hmm, I wonder what Wanderer D is playing at here.

But is it HER Sweetie Belle?

I think....
I think this is what happened to the Heart of Change Sweetie after Hopper Sweetie inadvertently stole her body.

No...no that couldn't work, it remembered the glamour.... the fake Sweetie created in Backwards through the mirror then?

Another Mendacity experiment? That one still has pt.1 in the the title, so it's not a stand alone like heart of change or immortal game.

I haven't read the story yet, but I've literally (and I mean literally) said "What?" at least 15 times. :applejackconfused: Sweetie is back, but this is a sequel and a side story? :applejackconfused: :applejackconfused:

Okay, I read it and ended with one last "Whaaat?!" for good measure. :pinkiecrazy:

Thank you for finally explaining what happened to Rarity. I've been wondering for years now. Crazy, huh? :rainbowlaugh: At the same time though, you're still introducing more questions than answers. Loving every minute of it. :pinkiehappy:

So.... how many years has it been?

the fan theories abound

6415693 He just put out a blog a bit ago stating that it is not a sequel, just a side story, and that it only says "sequel" because that's the only mechanism to link one story directly to another.

As I'm typing this it occurs to me that maybe he should just add them to a Sweetie Chronicles group? :trixieshiftright: I'm not really sure the mechanics of that would be any better as I've never fully investigated that aspect of this site. :unsuresweetie:

Wait, that gem in the book... Sweetie isn't home yet, she's just stopping by for a fragment, isn't she.

Jomp #22 · Sep 12th, 2015 · · 1 ·

For now, I'll assume this is taking place after Fragments and won't have too many spoilers about the rest of the main story. That said, I eagerly await the next update for both stories.

Hmmm... I'm calling it. That is not 'our' Sweetie Belle.

This is going to be intriguing...

Reese #25 · Sep 12th, 2015 · · 1 ·

...Innnnnteresting. Hypothesis: Fracture Sweetie (for lack of a better name) is from a different universe where similar events transpired and is in Fragments Sweetie's universe looking for a piece of Fracture Twilight. There some improbability in this, but a: this ...story universe's universe/multiverse? could be large enough for this to be pretty much certain to crop up somewhere, and we're just looking at the somewhere, and b: it looks like Discord might be involved.

And that creature...was Gummy. :pinkiecrazy:

There is no reaction suitable to describe the awesomeness of this.

Seriously, especially since you gave us snippets of Rarity's life back in the home dimension, I've been wanting to learn more about what it's been like for her. This is amazing.

You have my full attention. :coolphoto::pinkiehappy:

Maybe this is that other Sweetie Belle that was tossed off the clock tower thing which thought she was the original.

6415557 Besides, if you read the rest of Heart of Change, you find out Fragment Sweetie didn't steal the local Sweetie's body at all.

6416180 That was along what I was thinking. When it comes to the multiverse, you're eventually going to get to the point where only small variations exist. We already see this when most universes follow the first season of the show to the point, then deviate.

She gazed at it, eyes widening when she realized who it was supposed to be. "But... Discord? Isn't he still trapped in stone?"

Order from chaos.
The universe slowed down. The memories rushed back in, with the fears, insecurities, hopes, denials... she batted the rest away. She did not want to do what the rest wanted. She was herself! She was nopony else! She was not to be controlled!

Oo! Oooo! It's the Sweetie Belle from SilentBelle's Scion of Chaos/Heart of Change universe that's travelled to The Sweetie Chronicles Sweetie Belle's universe to look for shards of her Discord's 'heart' because... reasons. :pinkiehappy:

6416235 Ah. I see.
I should get around to reading that series, but it's just too far buried on my 'to read' list.


Who is going through downvoting every comment?

Why do you have limited amount of likes on comments but an infinite amout of dislikes?

6416319 It's really worth bumping it up a few pages in that list. It's actually the story that got me into Fragments. All of a sudden, my story was interrupted by a dimension hopping badass who I knew nothing about. I just had to know more.

I've been trying to keep up with Traveler Sweetie's stories, but I'm burned out with This Platinum Crown. Just too much to take in.

6416347 I've read a few of the stories she's visited before they were reached.
Cross and Arrow, Pink Eyes, Immortal Game, but I haven't really been sucked into the others enough to really want to read them. Heart of Change intrigued me...but yeah I'm too invested in other stories, like the Austraeoh saga, to pick up anything new right now.

Wow D. Who'd you make mad enough to go off on a baseless down vote spree? Damn, I need to catch up on fragments so I can read this one.

I'm calling 'True Sight'-ception and TSC:F-ception for this plot. There is no way this is the real TSC Sweetie's actual world; AB said it herself, I believe.

That, or this is simply a possible ending for TSC in the works.

6416347 TPC rather is The Big One. I keep catching up, then not wanting to read the new chapter, then there's too many new chapters... And then I catch up again, and the cycle repeats.

If I recall correctly, Sweetie's fetch from BTtM believed it was the real Sweetie and was never permanently dealt with. In fact, I believe she fell off the tower right before Sweetie left that world.

Breaking glass. Torn, crackling steel beams. Vertigo. Rushing air... Pain!

Looks like a pretty strong theory.

6415239 Or, you know, its another Sweetie that has been dimension hopping.


The fetch theory seems plausible. But no- where's the arc or adventure if its just a different sweetie? Pretty likely a fake.

you arn't the only one man.

Wanderer D

6416389 Probably some useless scum. I mean, petty much?

I'm currently working through the platinum crown before reading the most recent chapters of the sweetie chronicles. Do you think I should avoid this too?

Wanderer D

6417575 This should be fine. It's self-contained, and you have enough knowledge to follow it.

Rad, thanks.


Wow, looks like you really pissed someone off, to the point that they're trying to frame you for the downvotes. Talk about dedication.

Or you're actually downvoting everyone, but that strikes me as exceedingly unlikely.

Arad #47 · Sep 12th, 2015 · · 4 ·


What in God's name would warrant a downvo trial e in this comment?

Wanderer D

6417812 I'm not sure if they're pissed at me, or just think it's funny.


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Maybe this poor person is red-green colour-blind and lives in Australia so everything is upside down?

fik, I see you. don't think I don't.

also hi.

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