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Cheerilee decided that she would allow each pony in her class to choose what the nature of their homework should be. That was her first mistake.

The second was to think that Scootaloo was serious.

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Resurrecting Sombra? Of course That's a good thing! He can adopt you! Because you HAVE to be an orphan because that's all anypony can think of, apparently! Okay, just kidding. Seriously... Cheerilee, what were you THINKING?! Now I have to get a new seat-belt, as well as buy some popcorn and soda! I don't have money for this stuff! How dare you do something that will end up being entertaining! :twilightangry2:

(Plot twist: he really IS her biological father! :pinkiegasp: Or something.)

This is going to end in God-Empress Scootaloo, isn't it? I look forward to finding out.

This idea… I like it. And it sure escalated quickly! Now we wait to see what Diamond Tiara's plot brings about. And darn it if I don't suddenly want to see AppleSpoon. Silver Apple?

This can only end well

5717270 Uh, less biological father and more illegitimate ancestor, if you want to go down that path. Don't forget that Scootaloo could be anywhere from 8 to 13, and Sombra came back from being sealed and died long after she was born. Though he could have sired one of Scootaloo's many-times great grandmother/father with one of his slaves 1000 years ago.

Scoots is gonna track down all the villains and ancients? Let's fucking go.

Your Antagonist

I always knew that Scootaloo was the evil one of the group.

Oh this is gonna be good...

Way I see it, this can only end well. Also, am I right in guessing this is part of the same continuity as the Three Sisters?

"Hey, don't you find it odd that fillies our age are so well connected with beings of ultimate power?" Applebloom wondered.

The three pondered the thought.


Just about died here, by the way.

This is gonna be GOOD! :pinkiecrazy:

Hahahahaha!!! Yeah, this is gonna turn out badly. Awesome, but bad. Haha. :scootangel:

Scootaloo — Luna, Celestia, Discord, Sombra and Chrysalis dammit!


"Wait," Scootaloo said, standing up, alarmed. "You don't object to what I wrote?"
Cheerilee blinked and looked at the list for a moment before looking up. "Nope! It seems you're very excited about it! It does seem ambitious, but your wording indicates that you are committed to this! I'm very proud of you, Scootaloo!"


"But... Sombra is gone, Chrysalis is..." Applebloom looked at Sweetie Belle.
"I'm sure something can be arranged," Sweetie Belle said.

AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!! ((Scene 0:12 Thunderbolt laugh))

Now you've done it, Scoots! :raritydespair:

I can't wait to see how this ends.

Wanderer D, awesome story you have here.

That comment about having connections with all mighty powerful gods. Loved it.

Whelp. I don't see how anything could possibly go wrong. Have at it young chicken born!

This will be interesting :rainbowlaugh:

Well this is fucking glorious. :twilightoops:

Bonus points if the ending has Cheerilee marking down Scootaloo for not discussing damnation in her essay (or, given the spelling, restrictive hydraulic structures)

My vote is for BloomSpoon.

"I want you to choose apples for a topic."

What ? But whatever shall Applebloom do ? :applecry:
She cannot do anything that doesn't involve apples ! (so as her sister for that matter)
Diamond, you devil you ! What will you do next ?

"Choose apples. I'm going to write down Rainbow Dash."

... Mother of God !

i forgot what i was going to type here.

:applecry: Jewelry craft. . .necklaces a history of. . .B+
:scootangel: Demigods & tyrants. . . Discord Sombra VS Celestria Luna a tag team death match C-
:unsuresweetie: Musical Theatre . . A Dragons song in a bedroom theatre venue :twilightoops: Wut?:raritystarry:Oh my!:moustache:cool XXX F

:rainbowlaugh: musical love scales ! :facehoof:

:derpytongue2: Sorry my bad

"Hey, don't you find it odd that fillies our age are so well connected with beings of ultimate power?" Applebloom wondered.
The three pondered the thought.


Oh...oh my, this is gonna be good!

This going to be fun to read can't wait for next chapter.

I'm kinda disappointed that she didn't put down Tirek. I could see her going to the Gates of Tartarus, taming Cerberus, then just walking up to Tirek and 'interrogating' him for the day.

That's what I call a field trip anyway. :ajsmug:

while I have to pour over thirty six

pore over

Also, I feel for Cheerilee...and English/history/composition/civics/social studies teachers in general. Grading essays has to be hell...

"Hey, Spoon."

Silver Spoon nervously leaned toward her friend. "Yes?"

"I want you to choose apples for a topic."

Silver Spoon blinked. "What?"

"Choose apples. I'm going to write down Rainbow Dash."

:facehoof: There's being a bully, and then there's just being a bitch...

"Are you sure you want to do this? Rainbow Dash is... well... Rainbow Dash."

Diamond Tiara rolled her eyes. "She's the weather pony. What challenge could she possibly be?"

Ignorant filly is ignorant.

"Yes! Somepony... actually, Diamond Tiara chose to write about Rainbow Dash!"

Cheerilee tilted her head and blinked twice. "And what's wrong with that?"

"Yeah," Diamond Tiara teased. "It's not like you own her, right?"

"Of COURSE I own Rainbow Dash! I peed on her and everything!"

Snails — Parallel Trajectories of Heavenly Bodies Snips

Not sure if lazy or gay...

Scootaloo — Luna, Celestia, Discord, Sombra and Chrysalis dammit!



"Hey, don't you find it odd that fillies our age are so well connected with beings of ultimate power?" Applebloom wondered.

The three pondered the thought.



"Well girls," Scootaloo sighed. "I'm off, I need to figure out a way to resurrect King Sombra... and that means the library."


...yyyyeah somepony needs to stop her...

Well, I had fun reading this.
I'll watch it!

"Well that's not going to happen!" Cheerilee replied, smile firmly in place.

"Now, get to writing it," Cheerilee giggled, before bumping Scootaloo's shoulder. "Dammit!"

I think this is going to be my default characterization of Cheerilee from now on: Cheerful and smiling, yet completely out of bucks to give.

Welp, this is going to be glorious.

Wanderer D

5718388 I think having that set of students for enough time would be enough to ensure that!

5718311 5718169 5718125 5718034 5717999 5717935 5717907 5717768 5717743 5717642 5717604 5717506 5717431 5717407 5717379 5717312 5717279 5717270 5718406 Glad you guys are liking it! You'll see soon the sort of craziness Scootaloo is capable of!

5718303 Fixed! And noone will be able to stop the Scoots! And I can tell you and 5717999 both that Diamond Tiara is indeed not the nicest pony... but maybe she bit more than she can chew this time around.

5718208 I always forget that guy, and so does Scootaloo apparently.

5718090 5717852 5717642 5717447 5717394

5718417 Like? LIKE?! I LOVE IT! I knew from your comment in that thread that you were preparing something crazy. I didn't know it was THAT crazy!

5718417 I look forward to it wanderer.


"Of COURSE I own Rainbow Dash! I peed on her and everything!"

If only Issues made comedies. Scootaloo learning that animals and even olden ancestors once used to mark territory with bodily fluids, could lead to some hilarious circumstances in this scenario Scootaloo all but too casually retorted back to the teacher.

Then again, best to leave innuendo and innocent misunderstandings to Yuki to write. xD

Silver Spoon nervously leaned toward her friend. "Yes?"

Yeah, that's the one weird part of the story. Using friend in the same sentence where you feel that Silver feels she's in danger of being hit or made to do something embarrassing in front of the class was the one thing that staved me off from giving this an instant like. Then again I don't normally give likes to setup chapters on incomplete stories with small word counts since you never know if they'll ever really get far.

But, it's Wandy so it'll likely see an end at least.


Fixed! And noone will be able to stop the Scoots! And I can tell you and >> Fernesh both that Diamond Tiara is indeed not the nicest pony... but maybe she bit more than she can chew this time around.

She may not be the nicest to others, but yeah, I'm certainly looking forward to seeing her put up with Rainbow Dash.

Scoots ressurecting Sombra is going to be a bit weird. Inb4 Scootaloo finds Sombra's Horn. :rainbowlaugh:

Say what you will. But I think Chrysalis and Diamond Tiara would probably get along far too well for their own good. Last thing you need is Diamond Tiara organizing her troops and improving on all the lame villain cliches Chrysalis tends to enact in the most inane moments... Seriously, I'm a never let her fictionally live it down, she turned her back on an alicorn of LOVE as she scoffed on WHAT could they possibly do with LOVE? Not enough palms or hooves to faceplant into for that one.

But no, those two's attitudes are too close in nature. Luckily for the rest, Di still a filly so only thinks of Filly level conquest, only executed with true End Boss execution. xD

Anyhow, fun story. Hope we can get at least a chapter a week but we all know how busy you can get. :P

5718417 All those colt & fillies you can have a whole chapter just on a few of the home work / reports.

:raritystarry: Sweetie how could you !

"Simple!" Cheerilee giggled. "I was going to let all of you write an essay on a subject of my choosing for homework!" she started, eliciting a groan from her students. "Now, now, let me finish! You still have to work on the essay, but instead of me telling you what you have to write it on, how about I let each of you decide what to write it on?"

I'm going to write it on paper.


Great story, by the way!

Not bad, I'll put this in tracking. ...Oh wait it's Wanderer D, fav.
So we know Diamond Tiara is going to fail. Trying to learn about Rainbow Dash.
Come to think of it, the CMC have spent more time around Chrysalis as herself then anypony else.

I have had that reaction on the cover art before...
but I have never screwed the pooch on a choose your own assignment that bad though


filly please

Oh, Diamond Tiara... you stupid little filly. You have no idea what AWESOMENESS you've come across. You can't handle it, and you'll get burned. I feel pretty positive about Silver Spoon, though.

Anyways, I'm gonna' guess that Scootaloo's either going to unearth some titanic secret out of Equestria's history, get possessed by Sombra's horn, or get adopted by Sombra. Or all three.


"Of COURSE I own Rainbow Dash! I peed on her and everything!"

*wipes soda off of computer*


(Plot twist: he really IS her biological father! :pinkiegasp: Or something.)

I can buy that.

5718303 I don't get how peeing on someone or somepony makes them your property automatically, but it sounds more like disrespect to a character...

I'm calling that disrespect. Unless you can explain the joke to me?

Your other stuff in that comment was funny though.

Also, I've seen your username before somewhere. Do you play an online game called Runescape, by any chance?

Erm, lots of animals, mammals in particular, urinate on stuff to mark their territory. See the joke now?

5719065 that because animals peed on everything to show that their territory.

5719065 As everyone else says, it's territory marking.

I don't play RuneScape, but I'm relatively well-known on FiMF and have written over sixty stories here. Been in the feature box over a dozen times, too. So that's probably why. :pinkiehappy:


OH! I see now!

So MythrilMoth is a sentient animal that learned to use a computer keyboard?

Dude that is beyond f**king epic! In fact, that's deserving of a Follow! That is brilliant! I wonder if he's a dog, or a cat, or even a dragon!

Dragons are awesome. I mean, Derpy Hooves is badass pony hooves down, but dragons? Dragons are the ultimate creatures of myth and legend.

Thank you both for helping me understand, and for revealing MythrilMoth's secret! I can't believe this! Best thing EVER!

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