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Scootaloo brings a box of chocolate deliciousness to school.

Unfortuantely, she'll only share under one condition...

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I don't get it.

Now I want cookies. :scootangel:

Yyyyeah...this would've been a cute little fluff piece if not for the whole Orphan Scootaloo thing. It's done to death and there's absolutely nothing to substantiate it.

5572570 The point is sharing is caring, especially if you don't have much to share and are sharing with someone who has everything.

Cute very cute! Thanks for sharing!

Are they made with real orphans?

Is what MythrilMoth said true?

5572743 How do you know that?

5572743 There's sadly nothing to rebuttal it either. Still a cute fluff piece regardless on what fence people are with the whole orphan or not fanon. I'm just slightly disappointed we didn't get more Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom reaction. Can't have it all I guess. ;3

I don't know. I think that I would like to see a sequel of sorts, probably one where Diamond tries to tempt everyone with cookies and turns to Scoots for help when things don't go as planned. :scootangel:
It might be nice.

Also, now I need some milk. Thanks a lot. :facehoof:

Also- embarrassment should say embarrass. Just... noticed it.

It's a pretty sneaky plan if you think about it. If they accept the cookies, then they acknowledge Scootaloo's generosity, hence the whole friendship thing Juniper is going for. But if they don't, then the rest of the class will be mad at Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon for not acquiescing to something so simple. It'll dismantle the whole power structure the two bullies have. :pinkiegasp:

It's a really creative idea, but it's not really a story story. Oh well.


Little confused about what was going on there. I liked the constraint that no one gets cookies unless DT does something, but that something shoul've been something substantiative. Was the ending supposed to be a twist? Your title is "orphan cookies."

I liked it.
Nice job! :heart:

5573632 Additionally, if they didn't take them, and if I happened to be one of the foals in attendance Diamond Tiara would be going home with a black eye. STAND NOT BETWEEN THE CHANGELING AND A SNACK! ... Hold on I don't eat cookies... :raritycry:

I don't get why the term orphan was used in the title..

It's a nice idea with some potential. But honestly, I'd expect Diamond to simply go: "Finally, some respect!"

After all, she's very used to getting what she wants and actually expects privileged treatment. Besides, it's not like she's antagonistic out of pure spite. Diamond actually seems to be pretty pragmatic about who she associates with as long as there is a profit in it for her. (As seen in One Bad Apple and Twilight Time.)

Something like this might confuse her a bit since it's so unexpected, but she'd probably just assume Scootaloo was trying to bribe her in a roundabout way.


The orphan thing? It's mostly a very common fanon that hasn't been jossed yet, in that we haven't actually seen her parents in canon. I prefer to think she has a pretty normal family, personally, but I don't mind Orphan Scootaloo stories if they are written well.

On the other hand, I'm glad season 4 established that she at least isn't homeless. That fanon never made sense to me.

5573754 But these are grandma cookies! Baked with love!

5574184 I know! It's horrible that I can't have any- hold on... *poofs to unicorn and face hooves* D'oh!

i.gyazo.com/b36b4e453bc61c828b5d635fc62bc204.jpg I made a meme for this story cause it's 2am and I'm bored.

Yes cookies are nice. But chocolate cake is even better! This story was like chocolate cake.

D'awww. What a sweet story. :twilightsmile: The bullies get kicked in their flanks without anypony getting hurt and the classmates get cookies. Genius, and adorable in execution. :raritywink:

Though...Scoots doesn't have any particular ulterior motives with this plan of hers...right?

Pity that if this were anywhere near realistic, Diamond Tiara would kick Scootaloo in the face and walk off with the cookies, and everypony else would be afraid to do anything.

Does it make me a bad person that I was expecting the cookies to be made out of orphans like that short on the simpsons?

Ah well. this is sweet too, I guess.

5574855 What? DT using physical violent to get her way? Hmm... Interesting, unique head canon you got going there. And of course, totally contrary to reality... For a start, the Hasbro censors would be having a nervous breakdown if that was every written into a script. AND, on a more character based level, why would DT need to resort to kicking? She is the wealthiest filly in her class... And I would imagine, thinks of herself as being beneath such base behaviour. Still, as I said, if you want to ever write an alternative universe fic for this vision of DT you have as an unrepentant slugger, I'd be VERY interested in reading it...

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Well written! I did not encounter an error that jogged me from imagining the whole story from beginning to end! Oh, how I wish I could write like this!

Beautiful masterpiece, Mr./Ms Author!

Thumbs up. Shelving, and downloading!

>>MythrilMoth Where did it say that?

This was both cute and hilarious. Heck, the cover art alone earns this one-shot a like in my book! Thanks for the delightful read!!! :twilightsmile:

5572743 I still don't get it.

I was kind of hoping those first cookies would have laxatives or something and then Scoots would hand out regular ones to the rest of the kids—would have been an awesome prank (courtesy of Rainbow Dash's demented mind)— but you can't have everything, I guess.
Frankly, I don't care either way about the Orphan Scootaloo fanon. While I do agree with some people that it's a bit overplayed, I've read a few stories that utilize the idea quite well (having edited one of them, I guess I'm a bit biased, though), while I've also read some where she has a known parent or parents (also written quite well).
Anyway, 'twas still a nice fluff piece, in my opinion. Like from me. :twilightsmile:

5575777 I thought that they could only have the cookies if they killed their parents.

Hello everyone

5575784 I am a horrible person for laughing at that, and I claim you to be a horrible (but genius) person for thinking of it. Then again, that would mean all those who went through with it could join the SSOC! (See link in my first comment)

5575733 An orphan doesn't exactly have much to give, right? So receiving something and then sharing it with others who have more than you is a lesson in generosity and being a good person and all...it's a little preachy.

5575807 ...I mean in regards to the story, not some bullshit hidden meaning. The flow of events needs to make sense, that kind of goal is ridiculous.

5575867 I agree, this story doesn't really stand on its own or deliver its moral in any meaningful way. It's obvious what the message is...it's just not handled very well.


Well written though not really my cup of tea. I am not a fan of Orphen Scootaloo stories. Still good premise even if it is a light read.

The young pegasus cracked open her eyes as she made out the sight her best friends heading her way, eyeing the box on her desk as much as everyone else.

Should be "of her best friends."

5573157 Yes! This is the comment I was looking for when I saw the title. I wonder if I've been watching Llamas with Hats too much...Nah.

Well, that could've been a lot worse. I thought the condition might be "kill your parents." Only orphans get orphan cookies.

Really, the Orphanloo bit was completely extraneous. Juniper could've just as easily been Scootaloo's biological mom giving her the advice and cookies as opposed to a caretaker who seems to be doing a fine job as a mother.

Still, there's a fair amount to like, especially Silver Spoon's eagerness for cookies. If we could actually see the plan come to fruition, as opposed to an "As you know" discussion that ties up the story in a neat bow, I think it would be a lot better.

Not bad. It needs some work, but not bad.

5572743 if it's done right the orphan scootaloo is good.

Not bad.
I was wondering what was gonna happen, and I'm satisfied.

This reminds me of the kids book Enemy Pie.
Despite the cover, the plots are very similar.

I was imagining something like Eric's chili con carne festival where he killed scott tenorman's parents and fed them to him in a chili, wendy's style

glad to be wrong. his name is filthy rich for a reason:pinkiesick:


So long as you're not eating hands or murdering old couples for taking all the crescent rolls, you're fine.

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