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She's just the dirty-by-trade tomboy.


"You" profess your love for the most beautiful mare you've ever known, but in the game of love, not everything ends happily ever after.

I suppose I should give some explanation for this story...
It's not meant to be taken too seriously. I would describe it as a parody of happy-go-lucky second person fics but with a serious tone. I never expected this story to end up as heavy as it is, and I think that will cause people to miss the purpose of this story.
In short, it's a response to second person fics rather than one in itself. When I say "response," I don't mean I'm mocking them. I'm commenting on the typical scenario most have.

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A girl made a mistake.

Now she talks to her sister about it.

Since people are being put off by the title, I'll say it here. The title is not directly related to the fic's contents. Don't be expecting a story about someone dying. It's metaphorical, not literal.

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Sometimes you just need to scream. Fluttershy knows this.

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Rainbow Dash develops an acquired taste.

At least, that's what everyone thinks.

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She is the light in the darkness. The giver to the poor. The strength to the weak.

She is Scootaloo, the orphan that Ponyville deserves.

And no swarm of evil will ever stop her from doing her duty.

Despite similarities, this story is not related to The Magic of Orphan Cookies.

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Princess Celestia's been dealing with some rather embrassing issues for as long as she can remember, and she decides it's finally time to do something about it.

Fortunately, she just so happens to have a sister and a student that are more than willing to lend a helping hoof.

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This story is a "what-if" sequel of Equinophobia. Prior reading of the linked story is recommended.

Equinophobia was the psychological fear of horses. Now it's gone along with the remnants of her person.

In her desperate and broken state of mind, Ryan had made the faux offer of being integrated into Equestrian society. She never realized the sun goddess would agree with her.

Memories stripped and replaced as she's morphed into a new form, the woman formerly known as Ryan becomes the mare known as Silverbolt.

However, not all the remains of her past can be so easily erased.

Ryan's "offer" takes place in the beginning of chapter twenty-one of the original story in case you don't recall.

Alternate universe tag for changes to Equestria Girls elements and the Crystal Empire's history.

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