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One day, Applejack was petrified by a cockatrice in the Everfree forest.
It was a long time before she was ever revived.

A story of moving through lives and the bonds forged in-between.

Was begun before the season four finale, so disregard anything in canon relating to Tirek. He does not exist in this story's timeline.

Thanks to Discord Kantus for prereading.

Now with a reading by Terminal Velocity. Click here to view.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 456 )

5433724 Mine, too.

Consider this Faved and on Tracking.

Can't wait to see what happens next, and what AJ's reaction is going to be once she's "awakened".

interesting, now i wonder how much time aj has spend as celestia lawn ornament candidate

I haven't read it, but I like the idea.

I'm wondering how she was not missed? but will read.

5433856 I shall Track this too. But I will wait one or two more chapters before I favorite or "Like" it.

5434596 That's my question, too, as well as how long it's been since she has, as shinikage so eloquently put it, "spend as celestia lawn ornament candidate".:applejackconfused::twilightoops:

I guess we'll just have to wait and see, huh?:raritywink:

5434712 Cool.

And that is your prerogative.:raritywink:

5434596 I don't think it was said that she wasn't missed.

She being a statue just means that nobody found her.

Ooooh, I'm excited for this one. Can't wait to see more!

5436796 then she must have been in a really off area to be missed in a search.

not bad will will track to see what happens also found this.
Darning a grin, [Dawning] ?

5437402 Nope, darning. Which may or may not have much logical sense. :derpytongue2:

My only issue with this story is the plot itself. Care to explain why Aj wasn't found ever? If this was in the everfree forest, with Twilight having been petrified before, wouldn't they search all they could for Aj? Plus, Twilight, Celestia, any powerful being (discord comes to mind) could have likely just tracked her down. So at least some explanation would be nice.

I agree. I think this might've worked with an Applejack-like OC from a century prior or something, but not AJ herself.

5438065 No need to worry, I've had that in mind. That's a point that will be actually be addressed in the story. :twilightsmile:

5438095 Funny you should say that, cause there's a story similar to that somewhere on the site (can't remember the name). The premise of that one was actually the inspiration for this.

Loving it so far, Skylight reminds me of Rainbow and Twilight mixed into one. Cant wait till next chapter! :yay:

Loving it so far, the story has a lot of potential. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the next chapter.

I'll be watching.

Like a stalker.

5440103 until somebody stalks you and assassinate you like in Assassins Creed :P

I have a feeling that this is going to be an amazing story. I can't wait! :pinkiehappy:

Apache: At ease, cowgirl! Look, I'm sorry about that little show back there, but we thought it best to break it to you slowly.
AppleJack: Break what?
Pache: You've been a statue, AJ. For almost 1000 years... You gonna be okay?
Applejack: Yeah. Yeah, I just... I had a date with some friends.

5441035 5440103 In the Internet ,we are all stalkers :pinkiecrazy::applejackconfused:

I wonder if twilight being an Alicorn princess will make her immortal. i'm sure twilight would love to see AJ again, spike would too.

It have potential, please continue:scootangel:

"So you have been a stature for a few thousand years."

" 'Kay. See ya!"

"Want some cookies?"

please sir, may I have some more? :scootangel:

Interesting premise...

Apart from a few grammar issues (which I auto-correct as I read, so I couldn't find them if I tried) it's sound writing!
Please, good sir, may I have another?

Ouch. I feel bad for AJ right now

Interesting premise. I will add this one to my read later list and comment once I finish it. Love a good AJ story.


I can't tell what Apache you are talking about, but I have a feeling it's the software company.


I think this might've worked with an Applejack-like OC from a century prior or something, but not AJ herself.


Funny you should say that, cause there's a story similar to that somewhere on the site (can't remember the name). The premise of that one was actually the inspiration for this.

I think you guys might be referring to Twilight and the Spartan Stallion by Aegis Shield?

Aj sure is taking this well. I'd usually expect her to flip her sh*t when she found out she's been petrified.

This reminds me of Futurama.
I like it.


5452891 True, how could I he so insensitive? I'm sorry AJ!

If this story takes place before the S04 finale, does that mean AJ is now in the Tirek Empire?

Well I like where it is going, and I mean I don't want to make assumptions so early; however I have a bad feeling about how you're gonna do this, regarding the emphasis on history. Just try not to make it incredibly retarded.

5451933 No, I actually looked up the story. Turns out, it's also called Set in Stone. Pure coincidence, I swear!

5453773 Allow me to clarify. It takes place before the finale, but Tirek's deal never happened, what with the episode not having aired when this was started and all.

5451861 A century too far, my friend. :ajsmug:


Wasn't there another story similar to this one? Not accusing you of stealing, just it seems to run into the same vein of "somepony gets turned into a statue by a cockatrice" as that other one.

Oh dear...this is not good... :fluttershyouch:

I know she's remaining calm despite the circumstances, but...when she fully realizes how far away in the future she actually may be, AJ most likely ain't gonna take it well...

Continue, please. You're doing a good job. :twilightsmile:

5452018 She probably hasn't gotten to that phase yet.


Actually you are correct, though in that one it was a distant Apple Family relative, and was discovered by the crusaders in the Everfree. THIS story is about what would happen if one of the Elements was turned to stone (And unfound for some time) Not the mere short while Twilight endured in the show.

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