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She's just the dirty-by-trade tomboy.


The "what-if" sequel has arrived -- Equinophobia: Silvery Lies.

"Equinophobia is a psychological fear of horses"
Sometimes you're lucky, and sometimes you're unlucky. Ryan finds herself the latter as she ends up in a world of sunshine, rainbows, and pure horror.

A story of an out-of-place person learning to adapt to their new environment.

Alternate Universe tag for lack of or changes in Equestria Girls elements and the Crystal Empire's history.

Written as the A-side to A Chromatic Scale. The stories are not related otherwise and can be read separately.

Chapters (25)
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Comments ( 781 )

Damn, poor girl...

On another note, she could have outran Applejack, horses are built for speed but humans are built for endurance. She could have dodged around trees until AJ tired out before running away, though that depends on certain factors like if she was thinking rationally and/or had a decently healthy lifestyle.

Reminds me a someone I know's cousin, she too got trampled by a horse at a very young age and it too stepped on her face. Something like 23 plates on her skull, I can't quite remember though, haven't heard anything for years.

interesting not really sure ware this is going yet but I will keep a eye on it.

4965788 horses weren't entirely built for speed Arabian horses were shaggy-coat horses were made for farmwork


She's also a little girl too, right? Probably not as fast as an adult yet

I WANT MORE:flutterrage:
I mean if you dont mind,maybe:fluttershysad:

hmmm so far an interesting start. Will keep an eye out for more.

Take a phone...to the face.:ajbemused:

Ah, nothing like a concussion to induce an instant overpowering phobia of whatever whacked you in the head.

....soccer balls.......

4967077 That was a flashback in a dream. She's a fully grown woman now.

Applejack turned her head around, looking past the full apple basket set on top of her back. Her ears swiveling in every direction, trying to get a bead on where the noise came from.

Applebloom, looking up at her sister, "What is it Sis?"

Applejack didn't even bother at looking at her Sister, instead she turned around. "I sense a disturbance in the orchard..."

"What kind of disturbance?"

Applejack set down the basket, readjusted her Stetson and began walking off towards the source of the noise. "The thieving kind."

Good story. Keep it up.

*reads description* It's happening. It's actually happening!:pinkiegasp:

I like the idea of this story, but I personally feel it would be more interesting if Ryan was still a child when she went to equestria. She would need a guardian, and being afraid of all possible candidates would be interesting. But you do what you feel is best.

What? A fear of horses story? I've seen one of those before, but it had a different guy, and Time Turner/Dr. Whooves was involved, and yeah.

Well other than the punctuation, the only problem I see is near the end where 'damn' is used when it should be 'dam'. Besides that its a very good start.

MOAR!!! plz.
Fun fact, my own name is Ryan as well. I'm named after the main character of your story! Or is it the other way around?


4975364 The fic you're thinking of is Hippophobia. Hippophobia and equinophobia are both correct, but it doesn't sit well with some people when a Latin prefix (equino) is used with a Greek suffix (phobia). On a semi-related note, hippopotamus is derived from the Greek words for "horse" and "river."

A fear of hores story?

The fear of whores is "cypridophobia," and the term also covers venereal diseases.


4977228 Oh I figured that was the case. I was just on a roll.

I think I've read this before. A reboot? I sure hope so; liked it then, will probably like it now as well. :yay:

but easily came up to Ryan’s height,

Holy shit! You better keep her the fuck away from Celestia then!

Oh god, the moment when she wakes up...


She'll scream and run out; even when the occupants of the town realize why she's scared, they won't know how to deal with it.


I am definitely liking the look of this so far. There was one similar story a while back which was not bad, although it is long dead and did not take as much time with the setup as you are which is a good sign for this story. I also seem to recall the phobia in that one being much more mild than this story which makes the setup here stronger so long as you can keep it going.

That said, I did notice one issue. You made it sound like AJ was about the same height as a human, but that is very much contrary to canon. If you look at the picture below which uses EG for a very tight comparison of human and pony height, it is obvious that the ponies cannot be more than about 3'6" tall to the top of the skull with 3'3"~3'4" being the most likely height. That said, you have given a very solid reason for Ryan to be an unreliable narrator here and AJ was a good distance away so it is very believable that she drastically overestimated her height in this chapter so you can easily correct it later and use it as another little example of her phobia in action.


Anyways, good work so far and I am looking forwards to reading more in the future. :twilightsmile:


I do think this is how she is going to see it :


..Maybe with more incoherent screaming. :raritycry:

Can't wait! :pinkiecrazy:

4980718 Doesn't need to be canon, I think it adds to the story. It plays off her fear to, if its smaller you could just kick it in the face and call it a day. :moustache: remember stay classy

4980491 That would be creepy to see. :moustache: remember stay classy

I feel like she hates horses more then fears them, it would be better then just screaming and running away because that would be irritating. But I do like this story can't wait for it to update! :moustache: remember stay classy

She could almost imagine it listening to her tunes with an evil smirk what with its hat and all.


A mare with glasses? I can only think of two, and one is just a filly while the other wouldn't be prowling around the edge of town, and she doesn't strike me as the curious type that would follow a creature like that.


4980989 No, it really does not add to the story, and that comment tells me you have no idea what a true phobia entails. Size has nothing to do with the situation, a true phobia results in either near-paralyzing fear or a full panic response with no regard for reason.

I once saw someone with a phobia of heights (acrophobia) trying to climb, and he totally froze up as soon as he got a few feet off the ground. It did not matter that a fall from that height would barely hurt or that he was strapped into a safety harness, he could not push past about two feet without major encouragement.

She will most definitely lock up and/or run when confronted with a horse as we saw in this story, just like someone with arachnophobia will lock up and/or run when confronted with a spider. Size means absolutely nothing to someone with a phobia of a specific creature, all that matters is that what she is seeing registers as the object of the phobia in her mind (this frequently includes similar objects such as zebras and horses).

4983302 I have acrophobia and it's hard to get up a ten foot ladder with it, so yeah size is irrelevant.


4983983 I don't know why, but it bothers me to the point where I can't read the story anymore.

4984020 I am honestly sorry to hear that, but it does sometimes happen.


I once knew a girl named Bulimia. Seriously, her parents named her Bulimia. Happily, she changed it when she was old enough.

Seems interesting.


the same parents that would name their daughter "Anita" when their last name is "Cok"

People who don't love their child? Also, would Harry be a good middle name for Anita?

it was easily a foot wide and the length of limousine!

Suuuuuuure you don't want to go to those... hellish creatures, for help? :pinkiecrazy:

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