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Diamond Tiara goes too far and gets caught, now the Cutiemark Crusaders hold her fate in their hooves. Silver Spoon argues for leniency telling the story of how they met and of how they received their cutiemarks.

An exploration of Diamond Tiara's motivations and her relationship with Silver Spoon.

It'll be under thirty thousand words when it's done, four chapters over two or three weeks.

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I really want to see where this one goes. I'm intrigued.

This is interesting.
I will watch for more.

Close to the type of story I been waiting for. Holy crud DT's POV was the most verbose awesome. I never would of thought of nutmeg in such a perversed way. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Love what you got here, bonus points for not turning the CMC into one-dimensional villains, they still feel very much themselves. Sweetie's kind nature instantly going to Silver's minor injuries speaks volumes in itself. And Apple Bloom's secret exposed and actually bringing old memories that still dredged up feelings about that time, seeming so long ago, sold this story. Even Scoots was really adorable in her practical first aid with that cute resignation of how not right Sweetie was making SS do things. Cute :scootangel:

But dang. Diamond's really gone extra mile to get back at AB. Ending it on such a note was such a tease. Great chapter. Love it. :heart::pinkiehappy::heart:

Wow! Now this story catches my attention. Great work here. Just a few things that need a quick fix:
1. It's Sweetie Belle, not Sweetiebelle
2. There's one part where one sentence switches into first-person, instead of staying third-person.

Sweetiebelle whined as I started to panic.

3. I noticed a couple instances of "it's" instead of "its".

This story has some great potential, and I love your take on Diamond and Silver Spoon. It's a rare gem that I am lucky to have come across. I look forward to seeing how you continue it. Thanks for writing.

I'm really looking forward to this. It's honestly been quite awhile since I've been excited for a fanfic. And a Diamond Tiara / Silver Spoon fic no less! The wording is just fantastic, the characterization is great, and I can tell you put a lot of work into this. I really like your style of writing, I must admit.

Flat teeth rolled the pistachio shell over and over again, one half of the split shell hollow, the other's treasure still wedged tightly inside. Her tongue probed the slick inside of the shell, trying to extricate the nutmeat inside. She labored at the task, hardly aware of the low grade frustration as she attempted to vacate the husk that had been five full minutes in transit from her left cheek, where whole shells were squirreled, still armoring their kernels, to her right, where the interlocked detritus waited to be spit forth en masse.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is called attention to fucking detail. Though in all honesty, this entire scene was a stroke of brilliance; from your description of Diamond Tiara to her inner monologues... just great stuff.

before the horseapples hit the fan.

Added to my vocabulary.

Oh, and by the way, you need a space after an ellipse.

Eagerly looking forward to the next chapter. :heart:

The trouble with all this praise is that now I REALLY hope I don't disappoint. :pinkiecrazy:

I loved this chapter :heart: I can't wait for more!

Was NOT expecting that...keep up the great work

3804551 You haven't yet. Quite the opposite, actually.

This story has not taken the route I suspected it would. But that's a good thing; I like surprises in stories.

a threat is like a promise.

I loved this whole exchange between DT and SS. Brilliance.


I think the ending was alright, if a bit unresolved. I'm also still confused by Paradise's dramatic change of attitude towards Silver Spoon in this chapter. I loved the backstory you gave to DT& SS, but I feel almost like that part could've been a story in of itself; as it took up quite a significant portion of the overall story. But I digress. I think the first chapter is still my favorite. Great character development. Overall, I loved the story.

Great work, my good sir or madam. :eeyup:

I very much enjoyed this story. While SB wasn't played quite as deeply as I like her to be, it's understandable, given that the main characters are SS, DT and AB. Your portrayal of DT and SS was a fascinating read and probably the best of them that I have read so far. I am sure to add this to my list of top stories. Which means it's time for me to write a new recommendation blog.

Thanks for writing this, it was fantastic.

DT was just a plot device in Ponyville Confidential. Not to say that the lack of constant vitriol wasn't refreshing, but you can tell she was toned town for that episode because she had essentially nothing to do with the main conflict, unlike most episodes she shows up in.

I'm still waiting for a proper episode that develops those two. It's season four and they're still just cardboard cutouts in the show, but you can kind of tell that they have a bit of a cult following on this site if you look at review patterns, and it's because they generate an interesting dynamic with the CMC.

Good story.

"Not crazy"?!? Silver Spoon, your loyalty to your friend is admirable but even you have to admit that Diamond Tiara has issues that desperately need treatment!

Yeah, basically that's where it comes from. Apple Bloom was right: Diamond Tiara is terrified that she's ordinary and that she'll never be anything than a shop-keeper's daughter. I wonder if she's considered that those 'nobles' probably have to come crawling to ponies like Filthy Rich for loans of money to keep their ruinously-expensive estates in something approaching good repair? Celestia is probably not going to give them any money; she thinks ponies should look after themselves!

Still it does make sense and it does clear up just how bucked up Diamond's brain actually is. She's attacking Apple Bloom because she represents everything she's scared of being - somepony who is going to have to work all her life to keep body and soul together.

She should tell her father her fears. He'll tell her that such a destiny is no bad thing.

I understand Apple Bloom's reasoning and her feeling of guilt about Diamond; it's always tough when you realise that you've hurt someone without meaning to. More importantly, I think I understand her desire that this whole matter be dealt with privately and not in a public forum. An official investigation and punishment would turn the whole thing into a humiliation that the Apples would never get over and it's beginning to look like Diamond Tiara simply is beyond caring what happens to her anymore so long as she is feared.

It seems that Silver Spoon has realised that something: Diamond Tiara is damaged goods, maybe even a psychotic.

Diamond Tiara had been running all her life it seems. Running from her background and her nature, creating improbable dreams and turning herself into a monster in the hope that it would somehow give her the power to escape who she really is. It was never going to work. Eventually, sooner or later, she would see that.

So is it ever said what DIamond tried to do?

One slur declared 'Apple Bloom is a mud blooded ground pounding bumpkin!' while another few decried the whole earth pony race in general.

0-0 Did she forget THAT SHE IS AN EARTH PONY? Or was she distancing the evidence away from herself?

a gift from her departed grandmother and valuable in their own right, all over the ground. It didn't slow her a bit.

How much of a grip does Diamond Tiara have over her?

(who found the name of their subdivision hilarious with an inane beating-a-dead-horse repetition that made her daughter cringe)

Pegasi or earth ponies?


pejorative concept of the nouveau riche

New words.

I wonder how much of this Diamond means when she says it to Silver Spoon.

, the stucco's falling off the lath, which by the way you're supposed to stucco over stone or something, not just stick it up on whatever ticky tacky you want like they're building a set piece

You sure did a lot of research for this.

Diamond thinks she's better than a normal earth pony, or so she says and it's implied that it's a misdirection as to the culprit, but is it actually some sort of self loathing bubbling up? Well...yes. I expect so.
Diamond pretty well takes whatever opinion seems to make the most convenient tool or weapon at any given point. It points to a certain lack of introspection that might imply that even she doesn't know whether she means the things she says.

Was it Diamond TIara or Silver Spoon who pushed Primerose?

If racism is this rampant, how the hades haven't the windigos descended upon them all?


The joke is the Apples and Riches are basically on equal footing, neither would have succeeded without the other. The Apples just put their bits in maintaining their farm land. Running a farm is not cheap.

And that's a good point about the elites and business ponies like Filthy Rich.

I strangely imagine that after Luna's return, wanting to be recognized more than ever as an equal by her sister but not wanting to be an evil overlord anymore, uses some loop holes or what not to convince the head mistress to basically let the school become Luna's in name. .. ironically Luna's traditionalist attitude would likely go over well with the nobles, and her ruthless attitude towards bullying would likely win her the more numerous lower tier students.


And I wonder if Diamond realizes Silver Spoon is her only actual factual friend. And that Applebloom isn't going to be her lesser, but her BUSINESS PARTNER. If she wants the Apples and Riches stay friends. She's alienating the filly whose going to be in control of her business' exclusive product.

Diamond Tiara is left hoofed?

I want to see this continued.

The start shows how awful Diamond is, doesn't pull punches, and gives us a REASON for why she's so awful.

It also shows that while Diamond Tiara IS a elitist spoiled filly, her BULLYING is something she LEARNED, just like everything.

4264845 yeah although you'd be surprised how many people have been shocked when I remind them that Diamond Tiara is an Earth Pony. For some reason she is constantly confused for a unicorn. Maybe the tiara is mistaken for a horn.:unsuresweetie:

oh and to the author, you forgot Silver Spoon wears glasses. At least you made no mention of them when she fell.

other then that, it's a great beginning to the story and highly descriptive in detail! The likes I have not seen in a long time!:twilightsmile::yay:

"No, they don't look the same at all. The real diamond sparkles more and the facets have sharper edges. I can tell right away which one's fake." She scowled at the mock stone for a moment, "Huh, let's find out if she can tell the difference." Then she carefully worked the real diamond loose and fitted the fake one in it's place. Then she scooped up all the rhinestones with the diamond and dumped them back in the drawer with a giggle.

I know the first one speaking is Diamond Tiara but who says "Huh, let's find out if she can tell the difference."? Is that Diamond or Silver?

and I can only guess that the pony "she" who is making the actual fitting is Silver Spoon since that is her field of expertise. Still it's not clear who had the idea and who executed the swap. Especially since Silver Spoon did try to teach Diamond a little about the craft.

Diamond was fixing her classmate's jewelry, swapping rhinestones for real stones as the opportunity presented itself. Once she had five of them of a suitable size she quit working on the other student's things and started bending and soldering a delicate frame of pure silver barstock.

now wouldn't that be swapping real stones for rhinestones? Because the real stones are the primary focus and are being replaced with fakes. Minor detail. And that Diamond is the one crafting her own tiara is not clear because of the frequent use of "she".

And isn't this technically grande larceny, stealing 5 diamonds and swapping them for rhinestones?

"No. It's true enough that the tiara on her flank's the same one she made and the same one she wears..."
"Full o' stolen diamonds." Apple Bloom interjected.

Thank you, AB! :pinkiehappy:

Is Diamond Tiara's mother dead, or just left town or what? I don't know and it's also possible Silver Spoon wouldn't either.

my guess would be no she is not dead, rather just left them or gotten a formal divorce. The butler told Silver Spoon "since her mother departed us". This statement of indifference would elude to the fact that she is not "dearly departed" of this Earth but rather that she has only departed the premises and the company of her husband, child, and servants. Which DT would probably be better off if Spoiled Rich did the same.:unsuresweetie:
4434232 I think it's obvious that Diamond Tiara (if any pony did) was the one who pushed Primrose. It could have been (as Prim claims) just an accident or it could have been a deliberate attack. Either way Silver Spoon (since the story is mostly from her perspective) doesn't know and therefore neither do we.

but even if Silver did know for sure, do you really think she would tell the CMC that either she or Diamond Tiara committed such a violent act?

I gotta say i am disappointed Silver Spoon was not involved here.

This was a perfect chance for her convictions to shine through. Say Applebloom showed up at her mansion and asked "just how far ar yah willin tah go tah set things right and keep Diamon's fanny outa the fire?" i would have loved to see Silver Spoon get her hooves dirty to save her friend.:applecry:

but upon reading the next chapter I see it was more fun for the CMC to torture Silver Spoon with the whole class having knowledge she didn't.
still a great story and so very well written. And I love that :twistnerd: was so crucial to the whole operation.:twilightsmile:

Silver Spoon nuzzled her surprised friend, than moved to leave, but with a grin she said,"Now smile, say thank you and eat your bucking soup."
"Thank you." Diamond Tiara said, and found that she meant it.

EXCELLENT! The student has become the teacher!:pinkiehappy:


Probably no more than a week later Diamond Tiara would revert to being a spoiled bitch again, eh but maybe it could stick, who knows?

It's amazing how one episode can change one's opinion on a character:
If I had read this story when it came out, I'd have thought that there was no way DT would NOT end up having a relapse.
However, reading it now, several months after Crusaders of the Lost Mark, I feel confident in saying that her change of heart in this story is practically guaranteed to stick.

"Plus, how are you going to feel having to pass that everyday before school? I know I wouldn't like it."


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