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The Elements are sent as backup to help solve the mystery of the changeling's purpose in the wasteland that was Flutter Valley.
With Cadence, Shining Armor and a contingent of guardsponies will they be able to sort things out peacefully or will Cadence's resentment of Chrysalis lead to war against thousands of changeling drones?
What of the fabled and long dead sunstone, said to have the ability to radiate warmth and love if only it wasn't cursed right along with the valley itself?

Admittedly it's a bit of a G1 crossover, and my first pony fic besides. Try not to hold that against it. I feel the mythology of the sunstone was inadequately explored and I rather felt that the changelings might make good use of such an item.

This will be four chapters, about 10,000 words each and will NOT be abandoned before completion, Pinkie promise.

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Looking good so far. I'm always intrigued by stories that weave the lore of previous generations of MLP into the ancient history of the current setting, looking forward to seeing where this one's going with all that. And I also like it when Changelings have personality rather than just being mindless drones, so that's promising too.

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Hmm interesting concept, i will write more about it after i read that but right now its look promising, especially no spoilering tags.

Ok after first chapter i must say its pretty good, you didn't make them bland idiots like most of other author make and i like that. Vindicative Cadence is little odd, i mean with that all her applause for mass genocide.
I hope for some interesting action later, like confrontation Chrysalis vs Cadence but confrontation of ideology, or maybe confrontation with single drone. Heh if yea, that single drone would be pissed out of fear probably maybe in that way Cadence will see them less like just parasites (and throw Cadence later in situation of choice: murder or savior, but its just loose proposition).

I hope my english is not that enigmatic xD

I shall look into this later... ze thought of G1 scares me however but i shall not hold it against but interesting concept so for now have some derpy :derpytongue2:

Cadence,really,REALLY hates Changelings.

Hmm... you have an intriguing premise and the characterizations feel on target. Do continue.

Also, Candece, being PTSD about the changelings makes sense. Good to see the reversal. Usually its Shining Armor who is the stubborn one.

Hopefully the pace of story stays quick and doesn't get bogged down.

Well looks like we have stalemate. Without Rainbow the elements can't be used and Chrysy needs the stone and Rocky back.

They didn't get to use the elements on the changelings the first time around.
Doesn't it make you wonder what happens if they use the elements on Chrysalis anyway?
I mean Discord it turned to stone, that's fairly cut and dried.
Nightmare Moon, what did it do? Did it dispell an evil, possessing spirit? Drain away Luna's power and anger? It hinges on whether Luna was actually Nightmare or not, I suppose, but it's a bit ambiguous.
Plus one wonders if their friends have to be in danger to even use them, making a preemptive strike impossible.
If the elements act in different ways according to the situation it implies some sort of guiding sentience to them and that seems like a whole other problem.


Your reading of the elements could work.
I've always figured them as some sort of god level super weapon and that different bearers could be subbed in, in case one died. I just assume nopony has thought to try this. Notice they didn't use the elements on King Sombra.

If the elements could be fired, they would ether change the Queen into a Flutterpony a la Nightmare Moon, turn her to stone, or straight up kill her as she isn't a true immortal/god.

*Squee* :pinkiehappy:
this is really good i want the changelings to win

wow discord is a force times acceleration

Discord did it! Or Gorgor.

Awwwwww... changelings became flutterponies. :raritycry:

...and Rainbow took off to resume the search for Rocky. It was...
i think you mean Breezy

A nice little story. I almost want to watch older generations because of stories like this, almost.

Celestia's contingency plan reminds me of a meme
"when you control the sun, s:yay: gets done"


See, "The end of Fluttervalley" was the last G1 pony thing I watched. What kept happening was that I'd start watching it and I just couldn't do it for the longest time, I find it to be very nearly unwatchable. Then I wrote this and I ended up having to watch it again to see if I screwed up anything too badly and it's twice as hard to watch when you already know the story.
Also the earlier MLP movie (the one with smooze, not the one with Tirek) had the same witches, so for the longest time I didn't even realize it WAS a separate movie.
Anyway, the episodes become endearing after a bit, even though they're rife with animation errors.
Also you can really tell they're pushing product because they call out the line names. Like there's these fillies who've got one tooth and they make a point to call them "Baby First Tooth Ponies" all the time like it's a natural bit of dialogue.
The first movie is good too.
G1's like the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Hate 'em at first (why're they taking episodes from the REAL ponies?) but you get to love them after awhile.

I do not like Cadence in this story, I know this story is meant to let mental trauma get the worse of her, but she act so much out of character, she was not the only one who suffered from changelings invasion, but others take it more lightly, and I agree with Celestia and Luna, changelings managed to live peacefully for hundreds of years, and there is no proves they kidnap ponies, just speculation, to be honest with so little knowledge about changelings, everything ponies say are just speculations, and Cadence have no right to cause genocide on entire race, after all Griffins eat meat, so do they deserve extinction just because they would eat pony if they had a chance, because I do not see them burned out of the planet.

Glad I found this story man! Anytime I find some fic that mixes FiM with G1 I'm automatically flipping about in happiness. All of the OC's are great and I'd love to read more about them in the future.

Excellent idea! Intelligently written, I like that you don't make characters perfect.

hmm are the changelings flutters that have been cursed to not remember what they were?

I thought as much and Queen Rosedust returns. What about the others? Morning Glory? Forget-Me-Not, Peach Blossom? Or are they long dead?

6167907 After such a long time anyone could forget what was. Add the fact dark magic forced a change in them and it's certainly possible that memory was affected. It could also be a sort of "side effect" from a case of withdrawal. They were exposed to love from the start. While it's possible nothing could happen after the sunstones corruption, it's also possible anything could happen. This is just my thoughts on the matter.

1929085 I second everything you said ^^

Dis gon b' gud! (Upvotes) :pinkiehappy:
gets popcorn (tries upvoting again) :pinkiehappy:
darn fimfic is borked, can't upvote again. It's rigged! :pinkiegasp:

Popcorn? :pinkiehappy:

Hate to say it, but Cadence has a point. Chrysalis has shown aspirations towards conquest and sustenance might not be her only goal.

"Chrysalis is a potato?" Pinkie cocked her head, "I guess that explains the green eyes. Eyes? Get it? 'Cuz she's a potato?" She was rewarded with an annoyed silence, "Eh, they can't all be winners, I'll do better next time."

What?? :applejackunsure:

«Ну, это не может быть проклятием, потому что проклятия не существует, Сияние». Сумерки рявкнули на ее брата: «У нас был этот аргумент раньше, у нас был этот аргумент, когда мне было семь лет, когда ты собираешься понять, что проклятий не существует?»

well then let's change the term "curse" to "spell that causes any negative effect on the object of its application."
so best for you Twilight?

I remember reading this ages ago... Let's give it another go.

No, bad Cadance, bad! *water spray*

The sheer f*cking audacity of those *assholes. At least the changelings got Crash.

And now she's not bugbutt but... Butterbutt? Sparkly McBuetterflyFace?

Still better than crayonlings.

Yay ,happy ending.

Over of the early stories I've read here, I still like it.

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