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In searching through the genealogical records, Pinkie discovers an irregularity amongst the royal lineage and it's not Prince Blueblood.

Honestly, it turns into a stripped down origin story.

Written from an EQD prompt, so it's kind of a quick, somewhat unpolished thing due to the short turn around.

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I thought it was good.

It's actually a nice little one shot. I thought of trying my hand, but couldn't come up with a good idea for this prompt.

Maybe next time.

And I bet Blueblood doesn't know.

Waitasec... what about Cadence?

Thanks for reading and thanks for the support everyone! :pinkiehappy:


Actually, I'm pretty sure Cadence is adopted. There's a book out that had her origin story, but I haven't read it, but I really do feel the need to.

I'm not sure why I decided to do the EQD prompts. It's fun and all, but it's like two and a half days is hardly long enough to write a story and have it come out to be anything. I'm assuming it's a short lived thing, because if it's one for every single episode for very long I'm pretty likely to stop. Also, it appears that I get more of the views before the EQD post comes up anyway, so it's kind of a suckers bet racing the clock on that account.

This story is sweet and adorable, and I love what you did with Celestia's and Luna's natures; it's just that there's a bunch of grammar mistakes in it that are bugging me.
I think that in my most recent blog entry, there's a bunch of stuff about punctuating dialogue correctly; but I'm not going to go demand that someone check out my profile or anything, just that if you want to check it out on your own time, it's there.

At least I correctly guessed Celly was adopted.

Coulda done without the dirty jokes though.

3789890 So could your comment dude.

My face fell, a deep a sullen sadness overtook me, "Oh, Spike. Twilight never told you that she's not your real mother did she?"

*covers Spike's....green fin thingies on the side of his head*

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