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Suri Polomare tries to use her former assistant, Coco Pommel as a shill to acquire a stockpile of Rarity's unique fabric, though she's warned against it and her duplicitous dealings stand to get the better of her. In the end, a pony gets out of Manehattan just what they put into it.

From the EQD story prompt which comprises the first line.

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Another great Suri fic! I liked it.

Such thick-headedness, and not over the top. Very believable.

A very nice, very believable little story. Well done.

And as they say... there's no outrunning karma...

Thanks! I'm actually really looking forward to all the inevitable Suri and Coco fics that'll come from that EQD prompt and get posted tomorrow. They're characters with a lot of potential, I thought.

Well, Rarity got payed, that's more or less all I care about.
Nice story mate, loved the idea of Suri's original name being Buttons.

Suri learned all the wrong lessons, and then they blew up in her face.

Yeah, I've seen a lot of people get their comeuppance in my time. Seems that near every one of them had some reason it was everybody's fault but their own, even when the same thing kept happening to them over and over.
It always makes me wonder if deep down inside they know the truth.
I usually do when I'm on that end of things.
Not that I'd ever admit to it aloud.:trixieshiftright:


That line she told Rarity when Rarity found out about her betrayal. About it taking some country ponies longer to learn than others. IMHO, that implies Suri didn't become the monster she was until AFTER Manehatten turned her dreams into dust.

www.fimfiction.net/story/158467/the-embroiders-new-cloth I imagine this as Suri's past, as much as your fic is her future.

And then to top it all off the rainbow didn't give her magic back when Tirek was defeated. So she along with the similarly afflicted Lightning Dust would spend the rest of their lives wandering the countryside as outcasts.


That didn't make much sense.


He's saying that, for some reason, those two never regained their magic after Tirek's defeat by the Mane Six wielding Rainbow Power.

Turns out, you can interrupt a letter. Who knew?:rainbowderp:

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