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A centuries old project started by Princess Celestia, is finally near completing its goal with mixed feelings from Princess Luna.

This package includes:

Action fainting Luna
Trans dimensional bubbles
Action sequence # 7
The starship Enterprise
and much more

Chapters (10)
Comments ( 152 )

aw sounds cute and interesting! I like how it's called "making foals with SCIENCE and magic..." :twilightsmile:

Thank you,:fluttercry: I was kind of worried I would get blasted out of the water or something, I am kind of going to try and update often with short stories until I kind of have a better feel for where I am going with this.

Now that's some real science right there! Just throw some shit together on a logical basis and see what comes out.

this is an entertaining read, then again mad science is the best type of science, you never know what will happen.:pinkiehappy:

also, gotta love the "We're just throwing science at the wall to see what sticks" attitude.

plzplzplzplz make more chapters!

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

This story definitely needs to be on EQD, again great job on the story.

Nice story! One question though: what does a "doctorerate" mean? I am glad you listened to us and made chapters longer - around 1000 words is IMHO the shortest you should post. I will refrain from giving it a mark just yet as I want to see how you develop the story after easy chapters. So far so good, so MOAR!

Even as a Pegasus Johnny Bravo just can't catch a break!

I just noticed, in the newest episode Applebloom spoke french, and Breaburn spoke french. Coincidence:trixieshiftright: yes hilarious definetly!:rainbowlaugh:


i know this is bad,

but you just MUST have twi be the unicorn

you could even make twi looking like a man jokes!!!!!

it would be perfect!!!!!!!!! :facehoof:

:moustache: spike gusta

The Scientist...they are just throwing science at the wall here to see what sticks, NO IDEA what it will do.

Probably nothing...best case scenario you might some superpowers, worst case some tumors which they will cut out.

"Hair posing some intelligence is occasionally able to shout situation appropriate phrases and advice, unfortunately for everyone hair is much too quite for anyone to hear so their advice goes largely unheard."

This line made my day AWESOME!

:derpytongue2: that mental image at luna doing the boyyy thing

Thanks again everyone:rainbowkiss:, I've been having a bad couple days:pinkiesad2: and looking at all of these positive comments really helps me when I am down.:ajsmug:

31336 I couldn't say it better! M O A R !!! This is starting to be EPICALLY good!

that part with derpy was great lol

pinkie stop breaking the forth wall and phisics!:twilightangry2:

I really can't help but smile while reading this story, wicked awesome.

"It's not fair, I try and go do something and all I can think of is you wonderful people being so nice to me, then I end up imagining you guys as Applebloom asking "aren't you gonna post another chapter?" ahhaggggg"

Don't feel forced to write us readers can wait aint that right bronies?

Bronies: NO!!!

Well this is random, and this could end quite funny. In b4 Bravo somehow corrupts the samples that will be used to make the foal.

PS:Did you get permission to use Dusk?

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

Dusk has a weird thought process. Anyways, funny so far. Keep going!

I had confused expression when his thought process started, but once I figured it out it made a hilarious amount of sense. :rainbowlaugh:
I eagerly await more of this story :pinkiehappy:

:twilightsheepish:Was it the list or the Star ship Enterprise part that was confusing? I don't want to confuse anyone unless I mean to.

that star treck reference was hilarious. i can almost picture it :rainbowlaugh:

I laughed so hard on the thought process part. That my good sir was pure genious.:rainbowlaugh:

Agreed, the transition into his thought was a bit confusing. That aside its still a solid chapter

Sooo is this part when a crazy guy with a strange mustache pops up and says "What a Twist" :moustache: :pinkiecrazy:

BOB, do you like bananas?
well, i cant say i
you DO!!!!???
umm ok
you arent afraid
im not afraid cuz my name is BOB :D

"Bob?" said Luna
"Bob?" questioned Celestia.
"Bob?" whispered Fluttershy.

this was hilarious, but it was even funnier with twilight's idea :rainbowlaugh:
"Excelsior?" blurped Twilight.
sounds like she blurted and burped at the same time :rainbowkiss:

It is obvious that the royal prince will be named Abacus.

Wow Celly is kind of old-school when it come to foal-care.

I approve of Celestia's old school foal care methods. It was whiskey in my house hold, or Guinness which to an Irishman is pretty much mother's milk

if you name the foal bob i will stop reading this xD jk but you will lose my respect :/

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