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Desperate to be free from Diamond Tiara's bullying, Apple Bloom wishes on a star and escapes to a new Ponyville, filled with strangely familiar colts and stallions. As a filly in a school full of colts, she comes to see a new side to both her friends and her enemies.

Inspired by Conner Cogwork's "On a Cross and Arrow", but not intended to be part of the same world or follow the same story.

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Sounds interesting.

*Adds to read later*

How many more fan-fictions are going to have "The Other Side" as their name? :rainbowlaugh:

A few spelling mistakes that don't really hurt readability and an interesting concept. I'm definitely going to watch this develop. :pinkiesmile:

I am entertained so far. More more more!

A little fast, but I feel good things could come of this fic. :coolphoto:

Rainbow Blitz Fan Club?

Where do I sign up?

Rule 63 Equestria alternate? I'm interested.

Gotta love these kind of stories. Tracked.

MOAR! please?

God damn this is a hell of a story! I LOVE IT! This story is now my cocaine. Thanks. :twilightsmile:

Stay frosty!

Gold Watch and Apple Bloom? GENIOUS!:raritystarry:

A different kind of 63'd story? Intriguing.

You, sir, have peaked my interests. Faved and tracked.

Talk to Scooteroll - he's the club president. I hear Sugar is pretty active in it too.

Thanks for the feedback, everypony! I hope I can keep you entertained in the chapters to come.

Um, Why blue chip?
Also, as the person in charge of the name board, i suggest you go there for the correct (Well, more recognized) names
Diamond Ladle and Golden crown.
You in no way are entitled to fix it, i just think you should know before you write any further.


Thank you for the link, but I found it myself while researching this very topic for this story. I found that many of the names in that list were too literal in their execution and didn't fit my thematic interpretation of the original characters' names. In the particular case of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, their names needed to reflect their personalities and special talents, and it's very important that their identities not be immediately obvious to Apple Bloom.

It didn't hook me immediately, but when the differences started showing up... now that's interesting. Diamond T's counterpart popular and nice? Colt-Scoots being made out to be the bully? I don't think that's just because Apple Bloom was a filly, either, the personalities seem significantly different from those of their female counterparts. Apple Bloom's suddenly split loyalty is a great source of tension, too. Out of Read Later and into Tracking it goes!

> only one way to fix everything
I never got a vibe that supports that in canon, particularly in Big Mac's case - he seems more the type to at least give a problem a fair shot himself before calling anypony else. But it just seemed so right when it happened that I couldn't help bursting out laughing.

Oooh, now this sounds nice! Very much liked what you did, very much curious how you will continue!

Slightly offended, because i make those names, but not your fault. Pretty much every genderswap name is straightforward and literal. Applejack, Applejack, Dusk Shine, Twilight Sparkle.
So it doesnt make sense to have them not fit the straightforward and literal

Interesting. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: I would like to see more. :twilightsmile:

Please continue this!

Hope! You did AWESOME with this~ I REALLY hope you continue! I'm lovin Goldie and BC! :pinkiehappy:

Aww, thank you! I'm really enjoying writing this, too! I'm glad you like what I'm doing with the characters - it's giving me a chance to flesh out my ideas for DT and SS's families and backgrounds without their direct antagonism to Apple Bloom getting in the way.

Thank you to everypony else, too! The feedback for this story has been really encouraging. The next chapter is well underway, and I hope to have it up within a week or two.

I like it! I'll be interested to see more as it develops. Cross and Arrow had most of the ponies keep their personalities, so it's cool to see this one try a different take.
Also, I'm a huge Diamond Tiara fan, so one focusing on her R63 version is right up my alley. I'm going to watch this one for sure. Thanks for writing!

YESH! introspective storytelling!

FINALLY! Another chapter. I was afraid you gave up on this awesome story.

Anyways, good chapter. I really like the dynamic you have here and how you're portraying the characters and setting up some rather interesting backhistory.

Ha! This is a fun thing. Tracking.

Yeah yeah, pipe down in there. You're giving me a headache.
But really, it's a great story. Keep writing!
So...who are the bullies? Gold Watch/Blue Chip or the CMC?
Scooteroll. He fits "The Jock" stereotype.

"who were grinning happily at her and arguing with each other as to whether Rainbow Blitz or Presto was the more "dreamy" of the pair"

Did I just catch a reference to those translated German comics in EqD? :derpytongue2:

Pretty nice writing, love the concept too. Read it in a hurry so I really can't say much more than that. :twilightblush:

I love this story! But just so you know, Trotsworth's original design called for Pinkie Pie's genderbend to be called Bubble Berry, rather than having the words the other way around. Just thought you ought to know: also, it seems a little more catchy than Berry Bubble (plus it's way more fun to say, and just like Pinkie Pie you end up smiling when you say it. Try it out!)

Great job!

Oh God, the Great and Powerful Presto.

The universe...is not ready for such a thing.

Duh hay, is Blue Chip sum sorta queer?

Post MOAR. I want to see this!

Well, this is turning out pretty interesting! I wonder what kind of mess Applebuck's getting himself into right now... :applejackunsure:

Yes. MOAR.

Conner Cogwork's works are purty fine, and I'm happy to see the torch being carried along, although its not how I expected it to go. Lookin' forward to more! :pinkiehappy:

Cool! Glad to see more of this. I'm curious to see what's got both sets of colts feeling like the other ones are the bullies--and what that'll mean for Apple Bloom when she gets back home. And I love the way you've built on the Family Appreciation Day story with Gold and Blue. Awesome work!

595630 I think it is simply an unfortunate misunderstanding.

Multifaceted character development? Continue.

when you wish upon a star, make your fealings truth your are.

Oh my sweet Solaris! I'm so glad I caught wind of this story! It's so amazing and an interesting take on the concept. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Congratz on the feature too!

Hm this was a nice read.
Though i am in a bit of conflict with myself about how it interupts with how Cross and Arrow had the mane 6 going to the other Equestria. Here it hasnt happened and Applebloom does it first

I also can not help but think of all the actions as opposital happenings to Applebuck in other place.
Is he also getting to know what i guess are Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.
Did they too just climb a school bell.
and a bit so forth.

Wonderfully fun beginning chapter. ;D

Awesome second chapter. Loved the back story you gave them two. Would love to see how Applebuck is doing. Can't wait for more. :pinkiesmile:

yay! Not everypony is a one sided character! I can't wait to see more!

>Razzle-Dazzle Sisters
Oh hey, I'd been dissatisfied with all the other genderbend names I've seen for Flim & Flam. This works, though.

The hoofshake's a little girly for colts isn't it? How about something more a long the lines of a semi-elaborate series of brohoofs? That would fit them better I think. Not being a jerk. Just saying.

Very good stuff thus far. I love a good Rule 63 story, and this definitely qualifies. I'm looking forward to more, especially if Apple Bloom applies what's she's learned when she gets back.

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