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I'm sorry, what?

This probably wouldn't happen, but it's still hilarious.

This is weird enough that I have to track to see what happens.

I can't wait to see how this plays out. Possibly a flea bath....

:trollestia:"Get in."
:twilightangry2:I'm not a dog!"
:trollestia:"Come again?"
:trollestia:"That's what I thought."

:moustache:"Thank goodness for my scales, otherwise I'd be in that situation."
:trollestia:"Better safe than sorry."

Silly enough that you have my attention, let see were this goes.

You are an insane woman, eLLen.

Don't change that.

All right, I'll bite. I guess I can stick with this.

Oh I am looking forward to seeing where this goes! How long a story will this probably be?

That didn't so much escalate as EXPLODE. :rainbowderp:

Tracking for now out of sheer morbid curiosity.

Qué? :rainbowhuh:

Tracked and liked anyways. Let's see where this crazy rabbit hole leads.

Knowing eLLen, probably to Tartarus and back.

I'd give you some wats, but the box was emptied from eLLen's last fic so... :twilightblush:

Can't stop the bu~u~ugs...

And now that I've dated myself, it's time to get some sleep. Actually it was time for that eight hours ago.

great....a war i hope nothing gone bad

For the love of Celestia, Celestia's hair isn't rainbow! :facehoof: You're the 2nd author to say her hair is "rainbow" instead of "multi-colored", or even "the colors of the Aurora Borealis"! :fluttershysad: Just sayin'. :pinkiesmile: I love this story, btw. :yay:


Might it be safe to assume they would release Twilight after a while, once the fleas are gone?

Well this a thing... that happened...

Hm... it won't end well. I've seen enough Pony Fiction to know where this is heading.

Only one chapter? Awwwww :raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair:
And we were just getting to the good part - well the best part of this summary of very good parts.

I really hope you will continue this one day in the not so far future. :twilightsmile:

Hey! This sounds like the perfect setup for a clopfic! :pinkiehappy:

:trollestia: Spike kill it with fire!

Twilight sat naked watching her fur in a pile erupt into flames in the center of the room

:ajsmug: You're done here Thanks Spike fer checkin "I have no fleas on me!"

:duck: Spikey I'm next. . .:twilightoops: That's your 3rd time! :raritystarry: It's so wonderful ! I might give up on the spa all together !

:moustache: claws ! :raritywink:

...Why does it not surprise me that this could actually happen in Equestria?

“Um, girls?” Fluttershy said, still huddled in her chair. Between her hooves sat the flea Twilight had held in her magic. “Are you sure we had to do that? I know the last flea epidemic kinda sent Ponyville into a civil war between the infected and the pure that ended in bloody anarchy... but was this really necessary?”


Fuck, just use one of those Canterlot precautions! She has magic, she can deflea herself!

I was hoping for this to continue, because the ending has got a hook that only really pays off if things keep getting more extreme. With it just sitting as it does, I feel it's a little too... abrupt to warrant a like.

Wait, so when Twilight teleports she takes fleas with her?! Oh gods.... THE IN-BETWEEN IS INFESTED!! ALL WORLDS NOW ARE DOOMED!!!!!



Get ahold of yourself soldier! We made flea collars for just this purpose!

Welp.Better go take shelter in my anti-flea raid shelter.:applejackunsure:

Then a war battered future Twilight's pins her down and covers her in flea powder and WD-40.

6221978 "Auroral" is a proper descriptive word.

6239339 Thanks. :twilightsmile: You learn something every day. :pinkiesmile: 'Cause "Auroral" didn't even exist every time I looked up "Aurora Borealis". :applejackunsure: My point was, her hair is not the colors of the rainbow. :ajbemused:


Wait a second did molestia make an appearance or did celestia just kill off sparkle-butt? :rainbowderp::rainbowderp::rainbowderp::rainbowderp:


6256077 She was supposed to quarantine Twilight and stuff in the next chapter.

6256102 oh that makes allot more sense (DARN I WANTED THAT TO HAPPEN) :fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry: JK


6256117 Nice profile pic btw. :derpytongue2:

6256282 Thanks I made it myself BY COMBINING ARRODACTYLE AND MARROWARK TO MAKE SOMTHING EPIC :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:


The more times I scroll past that coverart, on my bookshelf, the funnier it gets.

I really have no idea what I've just read... Whatever. Have a fav~

here I'll write the next chapter for you

"Please don't kill me princess Celestia!!!!!" :twilightoops:
"I said quarantine. Quarantine, you stupid horse!"
"Oh... what exactly does quarantine entail?" :twilightblush:
"House arrest, and a flea treatment, for any residents."
"I was going to do that already?"
"Also you need to dust and vacuum all carpets and upholstry. I've taken the liberty of acquiring a pest control expert."
"It was two days before my retirement!"
"Ah thought I just made that up!" :applecry:
And so once again the day was saved by everypony taking a bath.

“My eyes!” Pinkie screeched as smoke starting spewing from her burning sockets.

Ahahahahaha! I like it when authors write how crazy and random Pinkie Pie is. Anyway, it seems like Pinkie's been watching too much SpongeBob Squarepants. Great story, btw!

~Professor Jones~

They are all Terrified of fleas and Twilight finds one on her fur. Rainbow responds by flying towards Twilight so she is within inches of her and then hits her twice for flinching before condemning her for having fleas and other decide to tackle her and use a regularly handled rope to restrain her before Celestia comes in to take care of the problem. :trixieshiftleft:

There needs to be a sequel where the others all get fleas and its Twilight's turn for revenge. Nice story though.

And then Twilight was shaved bald, her Mane and fur burned, and she was deloused.

My house has a mouse problem, which means my house has a flea problem at least once, sometimes twice, per year.

I speak from experience when I say: fleas are serious business.

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