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When Rainbow Dash receives the verdict that her final grade is in jeopardy, she enlists the help of most eggheadiest person she knows.

Unfortunately, she encounters a problem. A naked problem.

A very naked problem.

A comedy of the nudist variety.

It brings me great pride to say that this fic inspired the Nudists and Nudity group. Go check it out for all your barebacked needs!

Rated "T" for trigonometry.
Sex tag is for lewd jokes and language, not sex scenes.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 603 )

“Your dog?”
Twilight raised an eyebrow.

Atleast the dog isn't a nudist

A little on the short side, but it's certainly enough to get a reader interested enough to read on further. I can't wait to see how things develop, what with Rainbow Dash needing to get out of those soaking wet clothes before she catches a a cold, or pneumonia, or something else along those lines.

Plus the fact that it's rated T instead of M suggests the story is going to have more going for it than just fucking sessions in between bits of dialogue. I like that.

Interesting!! and fun as hell!!! XD

Which Twilight is this? Because, if she and Shining are the ones from Equestria, they normally wouldn't wear clothes.

“…I still think that’s kind of hot…”

Yeah, that sounds like Dash. :rainbowlaugh: Very fun little story!

I found it interesting :)
I like The Humor, and I'm wondering what's going on next :D

It says "One-Shot", but it also says "Incomplete".

I hate it when teachers say that thing about the bell!! We wouldn't have the bell if it wasn't supposed to dismiss us!
Anyway, this is fun so far. Can't wait to see what's in store. :twilightsmile:

5488811 EqGirls Twilight

5489033 A one-shot can have multiple chapters, but I just changed it to avoid confusion like yours.

I don't really know where I stand on nudists...... Its one of my few gray areas/

I like it, Can't wait to see what happens next.

Something tells me that Rainbow will be joining in soon enough (Either that or she will be stuck in wet clothes.)

Okay, yeah, I like this and am looking forward to more. :moustache:

"Now, I know I’m not supposed to say this, but you’re one of my favorite students."

You sure about that? Less charitable reviewers would tell you that being someone's favorite whatever for no visible reason is a classic MS trait.

So why did Twilight stop mid sentence about the robe? I didn't get the joke.

This is the second story I have found where one of the mane 6's family are nudists. I wonder if there are ones with the others? Great chapter.


The second? I'm surprised there is even a first.

Do you know how long I have been waiting for a nudist story on this site? Too damn long. It seems the stars have finally aligned.

Not gonna lie, I have heard of this subculture, is it for me? No, but i can see why others follow said subculture. I SHALL TRACK THIS WITH GREAT HONOR AND EXCITEMENT!

oh rainbow going to make this one hell of a study and that grin seems like the joker haha

This story inspired me to make a group: Here

~Crystalline Electrostatic~


Good thing too! Otherwise it would look like this.

5489775 Link please?

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Ellen.... how old are you?

Just curious

I'm honest!

I wouldn't mind if this was an exploration of this sub culture, thats fine, but that sex tag... Well it's turning this, what could potentially be a rather good, story into Rainbow finding she has a fetish for nudists. I pray to almighty heavens that it won't turn out that way and this really will just be an exploration fic. you get a track.

So, it isn't complete? I wonder how this joke can be kept fresh through another chapter

Aww. I was really hoping this was about Equestria!Twilight and her natural lack of a nudity taboo, not an entirely mundane explanation which could just as easily be written in a different context. Just another supposed pony fic, in this case, EG fic, which has no reason to be placed in the universe except because the author wills it to be so, not because it feel natural.

So it's kind of like Equestria Girls as a whole, eh?

I'm presuming this is an alternate EqG where the world's original Twilight went to Canterlot High like normal, and there was no cross-dimensional stuff.

I can relate to this. My family wasn't full on nudist, but no one cared if you where naked around the house.

5489775 What was the first?

5490437 5490743 5491015 The story is The Rarest of Them All. I'll not ruin the surprise of who the family is but you probably can guess.

Well, this should prove silly, yet fun.

Kind of hoping we'll get the rest of the Mane 6 involved somehow or another. Or possibly the whole school! Naked time for everybody!

5489577 The implication is that there is only that one robe to wear when answering the door so Shining won't be able to put it on with Twilight wearing it already.

Awesome intro and can't wait for more.

Most Excellent.

So, do normal nudists not having glowing private parts? Was I lied to?


There is (kind of) also (very good IMHO)

Lyra and Bon Bon visit Wales by Admiral Biscuit

Sorry for a spoiler but it can't be avoided

Check link above I can recommend it to everyone.

5491213 Heh, that exact scene is what inspired this one! I was up at eleven pm laughing because of the idea it gave me for this story. :rainbowlaugh:

Of all the things I could imagine someone writing a story about, this... isn't one of them.

Huh. I think my brain just broke.

. . .

Now that I think about it, isn't pretty much every story on this site about nudists? Ponies don't usually wear clothes anyway.

Made it to the featured box! Awesome score!

I like that people are picking apart the "lore" of this story rather than just appreciating it as a well-written comedy. Hey OP, introduce some rule 63 versions of the characters but don't use the established names, i.e. no Rainbow Blitz, Dusk Shine, etc. There is no greater way to induce brony rage.

Holy originality, Batman! Like and fave!

“The bell does not dismiss you. The teacher does.”

Oh go die in a fire

Oh lawdy, I don't know what I'm about to get myself into, but I think I might like where this might go.

5491392 who said they didn't? They are obviously ignorant about how the world works.

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