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Princess gets a letter from Twilight bringing up a slightly personal matter. Problems and hilarity occurs along with Spike being caught in the middle somehow. Discord recommends the letters as good pass time for reading.

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...That was... quite the tale.

True story as well.

I'm glad I could make your sun shine brighter.

Well this certainly made me chuckle specially towards the end.

There seems to be something wrong around "Spike choked on this letter as choking on pretty much everything is his special talent."

I get the feeling there's an entire letter from Twilight missing there.

I see what you mean. I'll have to fix that. Thank you.

Princess Celestia gets a letter from Twilight...but it's not quite what she'd like to here


I couldn't stop laughing, especially from the last letter Celestia wrote, it cracked me up. Thanks for the awesome and amazing, and definitely the most serious story I have ever read, in my entire life. This made my day, as Shadowghostalex stated.

That. Was.Funny!
All hail Trolllight!


:duck: you broke Spikey poo
:twilightsheepish: he's like an old fax machine
:twilightsmile: just roll up the paper and...:raritystarry: WUT!
:twilightoops: you should see where the toner goes :raritycry:

:trollestia: You should see where Twilights batteries go she's cordless

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