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This story is a sequel to The Three Sisters: Extended Family

A story of The Three Sisters Universe

Families are like fudge — mostly sweet with a few nuts. ~ Unknown Author

Chrysalis' daughters are serving their community service in Ponyville. Nothing can go wrong. Right?

Unless they all have their own agenda, and surprises keep piling up, complicating matters further. But anything to broker peace between the Changeling Nation and Equestria... right?

Art by the incomparable Conicer!

Now with a TV Tropes page! Warning: Will Contain spoilers.

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Commence read.

A welcomed return.

Silver Spoon will probably need some time to think that over.

Hidden Tale meeting the kids should be fun.

Hidden Tale looks like he's either stoned, or just got hit on the head BY a stone in the cover art.

Like all the designs though. Always nice to have a visual aid for OCs.

Silver Spoon's confession, Acari and Twilight meeting the rulers of the Crystal Empire and daddy redacted visiting his kids!:pinkiegasp:
This is awesome.:rainbowkiss:

This was simple and fun. Nice continuation of the previous events.

I loved the prank on DT by the Crusaders and Thysa and I love the fact Silver Spoon secretly wanted to stop the bullying and be friends. I want this to happen, after all, Friendship is Magic and getting rid of a long standing bit of Disharmony could be a good way to get a Cutie Mark.

Hidden Tale meeting his daughters is going to be interesting :pinkiehappy: Thysa will probably be the most excited and friendly

Yes. Just, so much yes. All the yes. Yes.

Oh hell yes here we go again!

~Skeeter The Lurker

This... Is not going to end well for anyone.

But it will be funny. Very funny...

~Skeeter The Lurker

*muppetflails with GLEE!*

Oh, now this IS a nice surprise!

EDIT: And... I'm not sure who I feel more sorry for, the CMC or Tale. I know Cadance is set just fine...

Man, I'm still not quite sure what Hidden Tale's deal is.

I thought Blueblood got offed in that one story of yours?

So, blueballs is a changling? Did NOT see that coming!

I've always felt Silver was (for the most part) like she was becasue she was around Diamond.
While Diamond is just about every description of a kid from old money, USELESS to everyone including themselves!

Wanderer D i got a question which one in the cover art for this story Changeling Sweetie Belle or dose she not have a form Changeling in the cover art for this story

The empathic personality explains away the part I had the most issue with in the previous one. Good job!

Have a Pinkie!:pinkiehappy:

Much hype seeing this when I got home from wark! Thanks for continuing this universe, brah! /)

what does rarity look like as a changeling i can't find the description in the stories?


Thank the 7 gods of good emotions that he made a 4th storie! Hellayes!

I'm on the edge about checking this out after the last story (at least tat hammered in the importance of editing)

YES!! more!

Love the changling prank and how you explained chrysi gone prankster. This should be a good one :raritystarry:

Nice, a sweet and funny chapter. :pinkiehappy:

She visibly relaxed, sitting on the floor and sighing in contempt. “I’m so glad that’s over.”

I'm not sure, but did you mean contentment instead?

Nice story so far.
Thank you, it's good to be back.

Okay, that was a hilarious start with Thysa. Could we see more of that please? Should be entertaining even if we don't, but that was definitely an interesting way to start the story. I'm loving how this has gone so far; we've got plenty of character development just in the CMC stretch alone, and now we've got promises of more from the other changelings. Should be a good read, so I'll wait for more.

And welcome back to the Three Sisters Universe!

Glad to be back. This is a series of stories I really like.

Great cover! Hidden Tale looks quite bugged, I like him already.:rainbowlaugh:

Can't wait for the next chapter :rainbowlaugh:

Wanderer D

4563803 Fixed! Thanks!

4563526 Which story exactly do you mean?

4563128 Sweetie is not a changeling.

4562983 I never said he was a changeling :raritywink:

4562960 Similar universe, but not exactly the same.

4562934 [REDACTED]

4562723 I think he's wondering what he's doing there in the first place.

Pffft hahaha, love your cover art ( fruit bat deceased is a nice touch). Now, onto reading the actual story.:twilightblush:

YES!!! A new story from the 3 sister's verse.

''Dear Diary, today was a good day.''

4564142 I should've guessed he was ███████ and that he ███████████████.

3 Sisters sequel you say? :pinkiehappy: More sisterly bonding ahoy! :yay:

Well, this is very intriguing. I look forward to seeing what you do with... well, everyone! Silver Spoon, Cadance, the changeling royalty... I even want to see what you do with Blueblood.

Yeah, this going to be good.

Huh, when did blue blood become manageable? :rainbowhuh:

4564142 ok then who is the little Changeling in the cover art for this story

Wanderer, haven't you heard? Writing about things that were on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is just so passe. I'd recommend doing a crossover between Hellboy, Star Wars, a cosplay convention, Pokemon, and the US Air Force, and then sticking it in Equestria when the mods reject it the first three times for being irrelevant. That will get it about 300% more upvotes. :pinkiehappy:

Also I love this series to death. It's one of the only ones I still consider worth reading anymore.


Extended Family- the lack of editing made it hard to understand a lot of what happened in the hive

Wanderer D

4565295 huh. You're the first to say that.


I didn't think so. Maybe you, personally, are just having trouble following it? 8V

You know the drill guys, first draft, no edits/editors on this one!

Well, in that case the single typo I noticed ain't so bad.
they had build behind the school

Or did that mean no edits WILL be made?

Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle were in the middle of loading the barrels onto the catapult they had build ]behind the school when they noticed their despised nemesis and her crony approaching

Probably should be built?

Other from that I like. Continue at your leisure.

how do you cram so much interest into 1 little chapter?
now to wait for the next.

...refresh ...aww.

Wanderer D

4565198 I know right? I'm just trying for retro instead of going with what's in.

Also didn’t know you liked this one, that’s awesome!

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