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Isekai Shenanigan vote results! · 11:41pm Last Friday

Hello everyone! Thank you to all that voted!

Thanks to you, the order of future shenanigans has been decided, and it is as follows:

1) Ahsoka & Kassandra
2) Dani & Ori
3) Lena & Khisanth
4) Wolfwalkers & Khisanth
5) Hudiemon & Ori
6) Khisanth & Freya

I admit, I was surprised by the interest in a Dani and Ori story, lol. But the clear winners were Ahsoka and Kassandra.

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Damn... · 3:43pm 6 days ago

I got older.

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Cast your vote! · 2:27am March 10th

Hello everyone! So, it seems like the Isekai Shenanigans are proving popular! So these take place between regular Isekai chapters, and also keep the flow going. Obviously I'm hitting more MLP-related Isekai visits, but while I coordinate with authors, or even figure out scenarios to do on my own, I do want to keep a the Shenanigans to explore our frequent characters a bit more.

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RIP Leiji Matsumoto · 5:31am February 22nd

I'm just finding out today that the legendary creator, Leiji Matsumoto, passed away. Best known for creating Captain Harlock, my first experience of his work was decades ago, when Arcadia of My Youth came out. There is one particular quote from the movie that I always remember:

This is the Voice of Free Arcadia.
The sun sets, and rises again.
The future does not come to those who don't believe in it.
All who believe have long endured,
and will someday meet up with you.

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Alrighty then... · 5:28am February 8th

I think it's about time I give this another go. It'll probably need a combination of blog summaries and such but... Sweetie has been waiting too long.

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Non-Pony Fic! · 5:03am January 19th

Hey guys, so I was inspired to start writing a non-pony story in between other projects, so just wanted to drop by and, if you're into Horizon: Zero Dawn/Forbidden West, you can find the first chapter here: Hindsight. It's a Time-travel fic, teen-rated with some character shipping thrown in for good measure.

If you like that kind of stuff, well, feel free to drop a comment! :twilightblush: You know I like those.

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Merry Jinglemas! · 6:24am Dec 26th, 2022

So! So! I got a super cool pairing this year. Super cool because the dude that I was going to be writing a secret story for was none other than GapJaxie! I was going to wait to publish mine until later but seeing this here... yeah, no mine comes out now!

Imagine my amazement and complete shock when he published his Jinglemas story at 12AM EST and it was... for me! Jaxie wrote the fantastic Jinglemas story:

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Random Musical Blog · 2:12am Dec 20th, 2022

Not sure why, but I was feeling like some Walkure tonight.

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Welp, it was bound to happen · 4:47am Dec 14th, 2022

So far I hadn't gotten Covid... but the day finally came. My son wasn't feeling great on Sunday we did a home test and he came back positive, then we confirmed via PCR tests that it was the case. I'm awaiting my results still, but considering how I feel and the fact that he kept coughing in my face... yeah, even vaccinated and boosted it's not going to stop that kind of fight of attrition.

It's like he forgot the point of covering his mouth.

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Attending Ponyfest Panels? · 3:34pm Dec 3rd, 2022

Today Ponyfest is hosting a panel with the awesome and legendary Nyronus and Cynewulf!

If you want to watch them talk about world building, this is your chance! Here's the blog post for some more info!

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