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We are a small group of friends trying to express our love of fandoms through the only way we know how. Being as stupid and silly as we possibly can. Our intention is to do what we like to call anti-dramatic readings. Instead of spending many painstaking hours to create true masterpieces of voice acting excellence, we get into a Skype call for an hour and scream the lines till your ears fall off, laughing and having fun till the end. We hope that we are entertaining enough to have you laugh along with us. So help us celebrate such amazing talented people, and such loving and friendly fandoms by laughing with us.

Who are we?

We are Fanfics Anonymous

Note: Have some questions, want your fanfic removed? Perhaps you'd just like to meet us and read along in an episode. Just send us a message we'll hopefully reply before the end of the world. After all we're gonna try to update weekly.

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