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This story is a sequel to Lab Horse

I've overcome thieves, crazy name calling, hordes of children, and a mildly drunk professor. I've messed with hardened criminals for the sake of not being bored. I can shapeshift, levitate, and teleport any object I please, and I'm still a mere filly. I think. (I should probably look up the average lifespan of ponies, but there's probably gonna be huge differences.)

Sooo... yeah, surprisingly intelligent sapient tiny horse shenanigans aside, I'm pretty confident in my current quest to find my home.


This sequel is gonna most likely be shorter than Lab Horse, considering as to how it's essentially a bridge story to fill the gap between Lab Horse and the next story. of which I'm still deciding the name of. :scootangel:

Cover art is a combination of the starfield I created for the original cover art, and a drawing of Gadget that Grim_Grin drew for me.

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Good idea I think saves having to go "he said...she said" all the time! No good in book print but OK for here.:twilightsmile:
I gather the capsule punched a hole into the side of the station and is embedded in a room? Not exactly clear.:derpyderp2:

8073752 Yup. It was sent directly into the room though. it was just traveling at such a high speed that it forced the entire thing to pretty much pop. :trollestia:

8073764 Ahh sudden pressure increase, understood.:pinkiehappy:

8073834 Not to mention the fact that it was forcefully ejected from the closing portal at around Mach-9 speeds. :moustache:

Color codes always are great.

8073846 Sure. I'll do that for the Ranell/Gadget chat logs from now on. :scootangel:

TheMajorTechie = automatic upvote and tracking

8073849 I wonder if she we'll meet some Aliens? :pinkiehappy:

I like the colored text

8073864 Ripley meets Gadget

Horses in space, always fun and relevant.

3 weeks > 21 days > 504 hours @ 17,200 mph = 8,668,800 miles or 13,957,000 kilometres roughly. Really racking up the frequent flier mileage!!:rainbowderp: Hope that SpaceLiner isn't part of Space-X.:twilightoops:

8080728 Nah. What I meant when writing the chapter was that they don't have any available ships for the next few weeks.

Though, I personally like your explanation better. orig06.deviantart.net/89bf/f/2013/336/5/7/13860064636854_by_blknblupanther-d6whl0i.gif

8080730 Yeah understood that, just quoting trivial nonsense for any other readers in case they were wondering. 17,200 mph is how fast the station is traveling at in orbit, so in a few weeks the ISS should have traveled that distance doing all those orbits. Gee that would also mean that Gadget is now the fastest pony in Equestria history, chew on that Rainbow Dash. Wonder if NASA has frequent flier membership by now? What other useless trivia can i quote?:twilightsmile: 15.54 orbits a day so a little over 326 orbits in 3 weeks.

Beacon? That's easy just lasso some old sputnik thing flying past if nothing on the station is functional as a beacon.:rainbowlaugh:

8083638 Ranell? I think I remember writing him to be a similar age to Gadget, but also having the same amazing mental capabilities due to his physical disabilities.

8083630 Probably worded that wrong. I meant if the station doesn't have a satisfactory beacon, Gadget could catch a passing satellite in a magic telekinetic net, similar style to the vid, and use it's signal as one.:facehoof:

Now I wonder why the station was abandoned. Considering the cost of getting into orbit those things aren't abandoned till they are beyond repair or deorbiting

8084737 Beyond repair (at the time it was decommissioned.)

Nothing a small magical unicorn can't fix though. :rainbowwild:

8084758 Interesting extremely lucky it had an atmosphere and heat then. Of course it could be a budgetary thing like what almost killed Hubble. It was fixable but the cost to do would've hindered other missions then they found a cheaper altenative

8083907 Gadget could but if you think NASA is having a fit about the Space Station that is mild to whoever' sat She grabs belongs to. Also if the station doesn't have the proper Equipment for the beacon its unlikely all but the last Sats you'd want grabbed would help

And since we've already brought the Z.S.S. I like the name Zombie Space Station)

Missing open bracket

Teriyaki,,,bleghhh...Very Yucky! Burns the esophagus.
8084765 Ehh, it was a doable option down the list if all else failed. By now I 'd bet there are more satellites than they can recover to get the flying space-junk, potential collision dangers out of orbit anyway. The only ones flying at an orbit height close to the ISS are all probably military grade, a lot would be obsolete already. The military of most countries always want the newest toys.

Aaaaand I can't help myself.

8086061 Military grade or belonging to various intelligence organizations. While they both want the latest and greatest neither will be happy with someone snapping up hardware after all they might find a use for it and its probably still classified. You are right about all teh junk floating around. Probably enough Gadget could make another Space station or two at least in mass and volume

8086450 various groups would have a love hate relationship with that. Obviously love her for cleaning up things and hate her because undoubtedly some of the junk is still classified.
Norad has a entire group whose job is to track space junk in case it might endanger various sats and the like

Poor Gadget she needs an education at several thousand miles per hour even dust can be dangerous

8087864 IF she's lucky the dust is mostly ICE or dirt if she's unlucky its something denser

8087945 Who said it wasn't possibly projectile debris from collided satellites? :trollestia:

8088010 Well that would be the very unlucky denser possibility since at the lightest its aluminum the densest a titanium alloy

8088047 But what if it happened to be flecks of uranium from the nuclear reactors used by certain satellites?

8088052 Radiation poisoning for added fun though how bad depends on the age of the flakes. If there is one from a sat odds are more flakes will be of the same material

8088047 This playing card was embedded in this tree from a tornado outside Henryville high school 2012. Those winds were flinging it at only about 150 mph. guess what debris and rock particles will do at the thousands of miles an hour they're travelling at?:twilightoops: Saw in a Youtube video recently of the Joplin tornado where the journos showed us a piece of corrugated cardboard stuck in a fibreboard wall.

8088281 in theory your right fun part is while the particles are traveling at thousands of miles per hour so is Gadget. Also most stations and installations are designed to deal with dust since its a common and ongoing issue its time and the denser materials that get to be an issue

8088305 :pinkiecrazy::trollestia::pinkiecrazy::trollestia:

In Chinese culture, 4 rhymes with doom/death.

8088305 Yes but in the same direction or travelling at nearly dead on towards each other. Even 90° hits would be catastrophic. The solar panels are occasionally replaced on the ISS from micrometeorite hits. Because there are so many on it, 1 or 2 now and again has minimal effect. At least the modern panels are a hell of a lot tougher than the old Skylab panels, they were constantly needing replacements.
Here's a bit on the ISS wall construction designed to handle up to 1 cm diameter bits that can't be tracked.

8088337 Sure while the stations are designed to survive strikes of larger materials suits are designed to deal with dust since its an ongoing issue but you are right direction is a potential issue since it can double the speed of impact if teh station is headed right into the material stream

8088387 It's fine. You haven't spoiled THAT much yet.

I feel for Gadget do nothing die try to thin the junk and maybe die

8090427 if Gadget does nothing they will die. IF she tries to thin the debris around them she could die DARNED if she does darned if she doesn't

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