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I now await comments calling me a douche.

2817924 Douche

EDIT: I rike.

Very interesting, I always like changeling espionage stories. I've read many with the undercover romance aspect of it, but I'm actually curious to see how it might be for Rhino in this case. A spy-hardened Changeling disguised as a shy innocent pony, I have to say the persona switches are just great!
Definately will be looking forward to this, if you want any critizim right now I could only say small bit on the formatting. I'm still rusty on editing so if you make more chapters I should throw together something of a review a bit more adequately.
So uh... happy hunting? :trollestia:

I can see this will turn out well. :moustache: I await more!

Fantastic as ever! I look forward to seeing how an alternate timeline with new characters and new possibilities can turn out!!:pinkiehappy:

This is really good. Gel is an interesting character and I love how you implemented your own character in as well. I await more. :pinkiehappy:

2818245 Glad you enjoyed it! I find Gel very interesting too!

2819189 Indeed, truly was this an unprecedented day. Also, thank you for the warmth your comment gave me with its praise.

Interesting I'm looking forward to more of this.

Wow that was great! You should definately stick with this. It has a lot of promise and you are a great writer! Keep doing what you're doing!

2822012 Thanks! That means a lot!

I am really liking the character development :pinkiehappy:

2822907 Then you shall remain happy!

I can expect her having kinky dreams about Rhino in three chapters time, and why is it that the adult section is in the basement? So far, Gel has met two of the elements, wonder how she will meet the rest?...15 bits she meats Rarity to talk about the outfit for work.

And are you doing this story as an experiment of sorts? Somehow, I can see them sleeping together in 5 days time, but thats just me.

Ooh the more that is added the more I love Gel as a character. Her speech is like Fluttershy's enough that it is cute but not to the point of it being dull.
Keep them coming man this is getting interesting real quick.

2824054 Experiment? Not sure, mostly this is just fun.

I want more.

Looks like she has the right idea about this story :raritywink:

Ooh. With each story this gets more and more interesting. I love how you have Gel sort of wondering what Angel is doing at some times instead of her being in complete control. *leans closer. Keep going

Wait he's a vet?!? Can I please use Rhino in my story?

2828082 Sure thing, want to let me know more details in a PM? I literally have an absurd amount of detail for him.

Yeah may take a bit though because I'm stuck without my laptop so I will as soon as I get the chance.

I can arleady say that Gel is my favorite changeling OC, it's may be a little because of my soft spot for shy charachters. :twilightblush:

2833458 Yep. Though some of that might be her playing Angel's character, one can see that at least part of it is how she actually acts.

Well done so far!

Why is it that I enjoy seeing stories explaining/expanding on a villain's character, indicating they aren't as bad as they seem? :rainbowhuh:

Anyone can make a villain look bad but it takes skill to make you like a villain. :pinkiehappy:

Nice this is turning out pretty well.

Nah, I thought about it, and I think it's because I like the idea of there being a likeable, decent creature under all the aparent nastiness.


Okay, truth is I like the idea of someone seeing the kind, decent person under my strange, perverted psyche. :pinkiecrazy:

So you like the stories that break the stereotypes of how they are viewed? With you there dude.

Yep! I mean, just because by nature they have to suck the love out of somepony, doesn't mean they're a bad being, just that they have some rather strange dietary needs. I think my favorite real life version is vampire bats. They actually do need to drink blood to survive, but they don't kill, and they're saliva has an anesthetic in it. Also, they need a rather minute amount of it to survive.

This fic is so good and interesting that I make a batch of popcorn to eat when I enjoy reading the updates
Continue my good sir, Rhino! :moustache:

Still amazing, and somehow getting better. That shouldn't be possible, and yet it is. Keep 'em coming please! :heart:

2847855>>2847844 Awww, thanks you guys! It really means a lot to know all of you are enjoying this!

There is something that makes me wonder. If Gel is blushing while on her disguise, does that mean that her disguise is magicly connected to her normal form, regestering every body change that she has? Because this makes me question wherever she is actually just acting to try and get love from Rhino, or are her emotions real and she just doesnt know it yet?

In a nut shell. Can she love or is it only a lie?

And also, Is this story gonna be a short one, or do you think you can expand it in the future? Seeing as how the events are transpiering, and that each day is about 3 chapters long, it seems like this may have either 6, 9, 15 or if there may be time skips, 50 (or less, I can see reaching up to 2 weeks time) chapters left.

2850208 You underestimate this story. Time skips are a possibility, but probably not long ones, maybe a few days. But we have plans for this to go on for at least a few months of in-story time.

"at least a few months of story time"

2850891 That sounds good then, better for this to last even longer!
Oh, and I don't know if you are having someone make your cover art for the story, so until its done, you can use this one, seeing as E didn't show it to you.

"...yeah, I already showed it to him. There's just one small issue I have with it...her eyes just seem...off. Especially since her eyes don't exactly have pupils. Still, you did a great job, otherwise!"

2853880 I can do a quick change, the whole picture has like 64 layers, and I have separated ones for the eyes.

2855284 That'd be great then. Her eyes are like normal
Changeling eyes, except you know, bluer.

2855352 Well here is the new version.
And just wondering, who was gonna work on the cover first?

2856068 I've got a DA artist working on something.

This just officially became my favorite fic. Paintball? Against Dash? HELLZ YEAH!!! :rainbowdetermined2:

Is she afraid of swimming? That may be understandable. I don't know why, but I want this to move on already, I want them pour out their feels, clop is just a small bonus, what I want is to see their love development on a critical moment. Don't know if I'm making sense, so I'll say it like this, less character development, more romantic interaction.

Now I know I'm getting hate replies for saying that -_-. But either way, can't wait for moar!

2860321 Heheh, trust me, you aren't the only one anxious for that. It'll come soon enough.

2860347 I think I might know what may happen... (though all of this is completely hypothetical and I don't want to ruin anything if it is)
But uh... are/are'nt Changelings water-resistant? Because they use the green flame change magic and the... you know... water>fire, pokemon... yeah, I'll just sit here patiently while being anxious in my analysis for the next chapter:trixieshiftright:

I think the character development is good, some people want something to happen since the tension is all well and good.

She's not getting laid until he realizes she's a changeling, is she? :facehoof:

"What makes you say that, dude?"

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