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This story is a sequel to Pony Age: Origins

With the defeat of the Archdemon, Twilight Sparkle, new Arlessa of Amarethine, must assemble a new team of Grey Wardens to defeat the threat of the ponyspawn. Her friendships will be challenged by a cunning new foe while betrayal and deception lurks behind every corner.

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Wow, I'm liking Lyra in here! She so freaking hilarious!:rainbowlaugh:

And also, nice way to show how the ponyspawn in this story are more intelligent than their counterparts from the last story. I'm kinda curious to see who you chose for as Nathaniel, since he was my favorite character at awakening.:pinkiesmile:

Next chapter I can see oghren ,

"If it isn't the recruit with a great plot"

Loved that line in the game.

Not even fifty views or thirty likes, and yet it's already hit the featured box. I don't even... :rainbowhuh:

Lyra is best Anders. Time for another wild ride in the world of Ponyage.

Don't Darkspawn heal by themselves? Isn't that why wardens always try to burn them after every battle? That would make them healing each other odd... I haven't played the game in years and I could be full of bull but...

The Ponyspawn are back, "great," and they are getting smart too. And I just know that it's just the tip of the iceberg. Good thing Twilight Sparkle, the grey warden is back. Daisy Flowers is awesome, but I love Lyra, she kicks plot already. I like to see how this goes.

Lyra not obsessed with hands?


I died last night didn't I? I died, went to heaven and found this. YEAH MORE PONY AGE!!!!!

Only question I want answered is, is Daisy still a red-shirt?

Blasphemy, this was posted at 3am (my timezone) in the morning! I failed to imply how awesome Lyra was:fluttercry: Either way, you had me squeeing for joy when I realised Lyra was in here with all her badassery. Now the only problem for me is... I failed to play Catalyst:derpytongue2:

Edit: Well... This just dongs my bells as I really need to make more time to check after you edit.

Together, they conspired to escape the clutches of the Imperium and the
Chantry altogether, and live in peace and harmony with each other

All right, volatile political situation
while Daisy took the chain it attached to in her mouth
Grey mattere poured

1. You accidentally added an extra spacing for this line making it separate when it was supposed to be together.
2. Alright. (Dang similar words)
3. Took the chain it was attached to.
4. Matter. (you forgot to take out the e)

Double edit: I forgot to mention how awkward it's going to be for Lyra to meet Applejack for she is 3 things.
1. A hot mare.
2. The queen of Equestria.
3. A templar that knows how to use anti-magic.

I'm sure Lyra would be giddy with the first two (assuming she sees all mares as walking beauties... oh god, the image of her meeting Rarity is insane) but not so much with the third. Who knows? She might still make a move on her anyways

The sequel is there! :yay:
I am eager to see how this pony-made-alicorn is related to the ponyspawns.

Thank you very much.

I try not to talk about that much. Also never got Gavin or Davin or what have you. Against my "No Day 1 DLC policy."

I am glad Lyra is liked. I was worried, considering the popularization (and in my opinion, supersaturation) of her "hands and humans" character, this portrayal would not be popular. As for the ponyspawn, I hope I can still portray them as savage monsters who are just now getting their own sentience and working with it.

Wouldn't leave out the resident Destroyer Donkey with the sweet beard.

If it helps, I don't even either.

Hope you brought a seatbelt.

Whatever healing factor ponyspawn or darkspawn have, I find it negligible in the scale of a high-pitched battle. I consider the healing of magic to much more immediate and life saving. The important part is that for the past thousands of years, nopony has ever seen another ponyspawn heal another. It's just not done.

Glad you like how things are going so far.

This was the idea and the point of contention. In the end "stop with the hand obsession" was unanimous.

I like the vote of confidence. I hope not to disappoint.

Now you are just confusing me. Good thing I like ya.

1) Alright is not a word, at least not in the same English school as I was taught. The correct form is All Right. This is a matter of preference.
2) Everything else fixed.
As for Lyra meeting AJ, yes that will happen. It shall be brief but interesting.

It's a brief but important point that only patience will discover.

Not a red shirt at all.

OMG :pinkiehappy: I had this picture before you posted this story :pinkiehappy:

Why am i not informed! Teaches me to follow you unorthodox-ly... Have a follow, like, favorite and immediate reading (well right after some sleep, been exhausting day... but as soon as I wake up!). :pinkiecrazy::applejackconfused:

Just so happy you continued the story... :fluttercry::yay:

It's not a vote of confidence, it's a statement of quality.


3828359 I'm not even half way through the first one and you're already on another! Good God, I've got some reading to do!

Derpy would be a fantastic grey warden

delivering things, saving people, stopping baddies, fighting darklings, rescuing towns, personally killing the archdemon, ceasing to exist.

Lyra is now my favorite character. Lyra and Twilight, in THIS story, is my new favorite ship. :rainbowwild:

Now I suddenly want to go and play the expansion pack/technically second game of Dragon Age! Or rather, play through the first game so I have a character that I can play through the expansion with.

First I would like to say "YAY!!! MORE PONY AGE!!!"

I will have to say that with the absurdly ecstatic Lyra seen in the show
I could easily see her in the role of Anders. Also congrats on not having "Handy Lyra" and making it work. The only other non-hands Lyra I've liked so far has been Background Pony Lyra.

If this is even near the same level of the previous Pony Age I feel safe in presumptively saying I LOVE THIS BUCKING FIC!

3832256 Yay more Lycra pics!


Wait... Doh!:twilightblush:

Just wow! Superbly written! Just a few minor grammar glitches, but no stressing. I'll leave it to the pro's to handle. Excellent take on the introduction. I know you do things different than the game: DA:Awakening, you always fill in such great detail and scenarios prior and during a resemblance scene. I respect you for that.

Surprised about Lyra being your choice. The characterization and personality adds a certain flair to the newly dubbed "Battlemage". I almost wonder if Daisy is really going to be pushing daisies... (dies of The Joining).

Massive fan here and finished all Dragon Ages not even a month ago. So yay, happy memories! Keep up the interesting / exciting work!

poor daisy, she'll never get her dream.

HMMMMM! Mention of a mysterious alicorn slain and tossed into the deep roads...and a certain Queen on the cover art...

In the immortal words of M. Bison, words that we can all agree with,

*hasn't read the story yet*

But is faving because Ponyage Origins was awesome, and there's no way this can't be glorious!!!

Okay, this is a good chapter. I think I spotted a thing or two that were errors, I'll give it a reread later to double check.

Okay, while I like the personification of Lyra (read: I ABSOLUTELY BUCKING ADORE IT!! CAN'T STOP LAUGHING) I do have two problems here.

1-Twilight trying to show mercy to the Ponyspawn seems...a tad much. I think it needs scaled back a bit, her starting to think that perhaps they aren't quite the evil horrible beasts she thought they were. While they may no longer be tied to an Archdemon, the Blight still took Spike from her, and I would think that it would be rather difficult even for the element of Magic to be this friendly towards the Ponyspawn. Confused and curious at their change in behavior yes, but wanting to be merciful...eh...its a stretch to me.

2-Maybe your just not implying she's doing such, but has she completely forgotten about the fact she doesn't have to draw upon the fade to use magic? She can do so, but she can also draw from her inner magic as well. Which, combined, should allow her to be a very potent force on the battlefield.

Also, as a side note, something I remember reading from a Codex (perhaps in DA2) is that, technically, Blood Magic is safer to use than drawing on magic from the fade. Blood Magic uses the energy of life itself, and therefore does not draw upon the fade for power.

Me and my army supports this story:pinkiesmile:

Okay everyone, It's time for another round of breaking the the story down bit by bit.

First of we have the characters so far introduced.
Daisy aka the eager recruit read to join: In truth I'm not really going to get attached to her seeing how I've played Awakening (or Catalyst if that what it is called elsewhere) and I know what happens. I should have put a spoilers warning there. Anyways good work making this character act as the helper in bring Twi and the readers up to speed on current events. She is as much as that poor gal from DA:A than I would like, main reason why I said that was because I would have preferred to make it seem like I would really care for her. That's what I get for reading crossovers though so somethings might change. meh. One problem though is her weapon of choice. Its not a typical weapon people use in the standard army and it has clear disadvantages as we saw in this chapter. Plus it ruins her ability to tank for the team as she has to bring the weapon up to speed for it be effective when a sword and shield can be pull easily and be ready for a fight quickly.
Lyra aka the Battlemage of Cool: This depiction of, quite frankly, my favorite character in Awakening (Not DA2 because they made him a depressed sob) is very good and is by far better than Anders was. I do believe though Anders didn't break his vial before the game started because I remember doing a quest for him regarding that. Her being a Pyro rather than a Cryro/healer is a bit confusing but I think I can get to liking it.
Oghren: We all know he is coming back so there shouldn't really need to be a recap so mainly just keep him to his game counterpart and he should be just fine. (I know he hasn't shown up yet but that is next chap at the least.)

Next up is the setting: It's holding up good with a few minor problems here and there. I know someone brought up that the Darkspawn Heal over time so their is that. Then there is the problem of them setting a trap at the gate. The darkspawn where still a bit mindless in the game while the only one that seemed smart and able to control them was the speaking darkspawn. I know you can get around what you did here as that talking spawn thought it up but they really didn't have much thought powers during that time. You're smart enough to get around most of the problems brought up in the piece and make it all fit nicely in the story I'll leave this alone.

Now for the finally: The characters to be.
Oh boy how am I going to try and cast these two (maybe three, don't as you don't have her face here as well). In the cover of this piece you put Chrys and Shinning in, and we can assume that Cadance will be talked about sooner or later so it's our job to predict where you as the author could put them. *Spoilers warning if you haven't played the game*. Let's start with the queen. As we can see from the cover image Chrys's role might be the "Mother", or the broodmother with the power of thought. This works really well as it fits with her being the changeling queen in the show. Next is Shinning who has at least two places that could work for him. The first is the Warden Commander's assistant. Even though unicorns are hated in this world, it could still work as he is smart tactual and you can make it work that he has been in the Wardens almost as long as Ducan and was sent to help Twilight build the wardens in Equestria. BUT! Going off your prelude, the second position he could play as is the one I support more. The Architect. I might be running out of room to write so the short of it is that it would allow the use of Cadance to be that "alicorn" that was created and both of them became darkspawn with our pour princess becoming Chrysie. Scary right?"
So then comes to the other 4 party memebers.
Justice: This one is also another role Shinning could play as, but it's the weakest. Seeing how you've line up roles with races in the last one. Earth pony warriors, pegasus rouges and unicorn mages. This only could work through character not race. other than that I got nothing.
The dwarf rouge: If you have cranky play as oghren (Which I supported) then i would say Matilda would have fill this role best. Seeing how you didn't, you'll be making up a donkey for us then.
The elf Keeper: This might be a problem. Seeing how the only pegasus that could cast spells in this series made a pact with a demon, I'm worry how you're doing this role. The best bet would make it so that the pegasus in question can use make use of weather better than Rainbow and Fluttershy who are just learning it, and have so that she can weaponize it much like a mage could with spells. There is no pony better than Rainbow at weather keeping in the show so the best next thing would be either one of "helpers" like Cloud chaser or Blossom forth. I would have suggest a Wonderbolt or Derpy but you used them already.
Nate the son of the Prick: Okay, I must say thing as it would probably work the best. Bon Bon. Just think about it. It works all to well. That or you can make a custom character for him.

This has been Burning Wick and good night.

That poster image and intro possibly tell quite a lot despite their brevity. If I'd were to venture a guess, I'd say that the Imperium-made artificial alicorn (let's call her "Cadence" for short) was perhaps not quite dead when they threw her down to The Pits. The ponyspawn find her but do not kill her, since an Alicorn mare falling right into their hooves is simply a godsend. Instead they turn her into a broodmare, quite possibly feeding her the corpse of her Imperial Battlemage guardian and lover (let's call him "Shining Armour" for the heck of it), which likely made merry hell of her sanity and temper. This creates something absolutely unique: a broodmare that gives birth to a new strain of ponyspawn, one capable of both flight and magic: The Children. Needless to say, this is absolutely horrible news to absolutely everyone.

If true that would be grimly amusing, since it's a complete 180 from "A Canterlot Wedding". Instead of Chryssalis turning into Candence, Candence instead turns into Chryssalis.

Now then, about the ponyspawn's white-hot fury at Twilight, I wonder if it's like in Awakening, where the Mother was pissed at loosing her purpose and being made smart enough to realize what kind of abomination she had become, or if it's something else. Perhaps the fledging Queen saw in the Archdemon the ways to bring bloody vengeance to the Imperium and the world and she is cross at Twilight for taking that away from her.

I won't make any predictions based on Awakening's story though. Though there are enough similarities between the two to make it feel recognizable and familiar, the later half of Pony Age: Origins clearly shows Pony Age is its own story.

On a sidenote, I like Daisy's magic chakram, though I find it hard to picture it used in my mind's eye. My best guess is that it works like Applejack's lasso only choppier.


"Like Applejack's lasso, only choppier."

I like this. I'ma use it.

Comment posted by Grif_Bladefeather deleted Feb 4th, 2014

Another good chapter. Oghren is as cool as ever, and I'll admit, I'm kinda anxious to see who you have in the role of Nathaniel. I only have one little nitpick though...:unsuresweetie:

I kinda agree with what Rainbow Sparkle said in his/her comment in the last chapter. I can understand Twilight wanting peace, but her trying to show mercy to the ones responsible for Spike's death is kinda hard for me to buy. I'm predicting that one ponyspawn will mock her for being unable to save Spike, and then she'll lose it.:pinkiecrazy:

Aside from that minor nitpick, I still liked this chapter.:scootangel:

their gone? I assume Fluttershy is in Fileis (erm I forgot how to spell it but I think you know what I mean. Orlais), Pinkie and Rainbow are heading to (why am I having such a hard time remembering these names I just finished reading this last week!) Gekwall? (Kirkwall), and Trixie and Shale should be in the Mages Tower. No clue where Rarity is so really Applejack should be able to get in touch with and visit easily is Trixie right? I know she might not be the closest with Trixie but they still should somewhat be friends? Or maybe she was just meaning in the Mane 6...

By the way, I do hope you follow Pinkie and Dash in a different story one day. I'd love to read that.

Great chapter again! I can't wait to see the next part of the best MLP/Heroic Fantasy crossover series there is on this website.

SO are we going to see a pony very of Nathaniel Howe? Also why did you change the name of the Keep?

And now Twilight faces a threat even greater then the ponyspawn. Scheming nobles and politics!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, and again, and again.


:fluttershysad:I'm worried about "The Joining." Daisy, Oghren and Lyra want to become Grey Wardens, which has very little hope of happening. How good are their chances?


I hope so too. Pinkie and Rainbow Dash's dynamic was my favorite part of the last story and I want to see how the author will adapt DA2.

The excitement and tears! Almost cried there for a minute, almost. Keep up the great writing.

while a few where immediately overtaken by fire
her hoofs clutched to her bloody side

1. Were.
2. Hooves.

I’m getting sloppy in my old age

Yes Oghren, so am I it seems... I need to enlarge the text to at least 36 maybe to properly see now:pinkiesad2:


I assume that if the all mighty author (not sarcasm) chooses to create that it will be much like Dragon Age 2. Since Pony Age Origins was similar to Dragon Age Origins and this is similar to Awakening, so far at least. I do enjoy how the plots don't follow the games completely and sometimes choose options the game doesn't allow (i.e. Shale and Oghrens choice for Orzammars king wasn't available in game). The only gripe I do have is that I would like to see a romance somewhere. Though with my luck I wouldn't like the pairing for it :rainbowlaugh:

I agree with that I did enjoy the Pie/Dash interactions. They just work so well together. Plus who doesn't love Pinkie!


Yes it will be based on DA2 but there will have to be certain changes to the story for instance Pinkie is Hawke but she is separated from her family completely and we assume they have already made it to safety but not what the consequences are (think of what would happen in the game if the main character is not there). Also Dash was used as Zevran in the Origins adaption. In terms of her usage will she just be an added character or would she be a gestalt of zevran and some other character (sort of like how Pinkie is a gestalt of Sten and Hawke where she does aspects of Stens story but is actually based round Hawke).

The story could be fairly different in the details and I am unsure what way the author will go. As for a romance there is a distinct possibility for that in the DA2 story but we will have to wait and see.

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