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Chrysalis hungers, and she has captured her next meal. Unfortunately for her prey, the Queen of the Changelings enjoys playing with her food...

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Yet another short inspired by ponychan's /fic/. I hope you enjoy. Thanks go to TiredFoal, Ezn, Ardor, and Grif for their help.


I have to say, I knew it was going to be something like that, but I still laughed myself stupid.

The reader is a ham and cheese sandwich?


I guess it's funny in retrospect.

A story to be savored, just like the morsel she is about to enjoy...:rainbowlaugh:

That... Was hilarious. Thought it was going to be something dark, but no. HAAAAAAAM.

You had me going, I'll give you that much.

Master troll fic :D

The best part is the call for a change in govt and her response.


she loves to talk to her food that one!

So many trolled. :twilightsmile:

I bucking wish I was a ham and cheese sandwich.

So Chrysalis loves grilled ham and cheese sandwiches too, eh? We share the same tastes then.


This was silly... and also it made me hungry for a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.

I can just imagine Chrysalis has let herself go since the wedding and is now hundred of pounds, eating all day, indulging in the only thing that makes her happy. Greenthumbed.

Oh Chrysey, u so sensual.

I was actually starting to blush before I hit that last paragraph.
And then, well.
The facepalm was audible.

All that for a cheese sandwich, huh?


You ever have that perfect cheese sammich with the melted cheddar and smoked ham and...

Now I'm hungry...

Well foreplay has nothin on samichplay here :derpytongue2:

1681561 not as kinky as shitting sand into oatmeal then eating it... :twistnerd:

4525239 quite
man that comment is 80 weeks old
i feel old

Do you enjoy my hoof trailing down your spine?

I bucking love ham and cheese sandwiches.


6560221 confusing eh?

A classic example of the rarely seen "food vore" genre.

The uncut side of the roll, I guess? I don't know.

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